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Houzz Tour: 12 Years of Tinkering Produce an Amazingly Artful Loft
"had a hand in every aspect of her home’s design, from welding window dressings to... skilled hands to pull it off...and a busy physician and mom...I stand in awe! would... bathroom! Hands down, the most interesting and inspiring place I have ever seen on Houzz... amount of hands-on work to something (adding one egg to the cake mix), we take more pride... (seeing the hand of the craftsperson), an appreciation of irregularity (as nature comes..."
7 Tips to Get With a New Minimalist Mentality
"immediately handed us a big, fat check to start over soberly and responsibly, without Legos... other hand we are actively creating new memories now. I wouldn't wish on anyone what... likes to hand things down. My house was chock full of wonderful items that weren't my... pans (handed down) that I saved because maybe my eldest kids could use them. I had... right at hand. I didn't even stop to put on shoes or fetch my purse, and I was so thankful..."
My Houzz: Modernism Takes a Natural Turn in Pennsylvania
"burned by hand before installation, emulating a traditional Japanese technique.... other hand, want to feel like I am OUTSIDE, while being INSIDE, protected from the... tradition handed down to me. @dstasa You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing... When life hands you lemons.... :-) Very nice! You're so lucky to have reasonable build... involving hand burning wood. The burnt part acts as a protective coating on the wood..."
Houzz Interview: Mary's Little Red House
"second hand. It has beautiful carving on the frame and legs, and is upholstered in... that goes hand in hand with a little red house. I can see why Mary's such an inspiration... second-hand, and I think it may be 75-100 years old, if not older. :)..."
8 Natural Home Materials That Can't Be Beat
"batch of hand-mixed stucco and sawn wood board contributes to the story about you and... flooring and hand hewn beams for a residential project. Months later, the buyers contacted... costs. Hand-mixed stucco, natural stone, clay roof tile, even wood (sometimes) are... shipping) are hands down the best building materials one can use in and out of their home..."
12 Antique Store Finds to Nab Now, Place Later
"are a handful of objects that I always buy if I find them. These objects are on the... fixtures, hand carved wooden bowls, nice tall apothecary jars, (I could really go on... Native Hands, Woven Treasures from the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. and at Three Pines... wicker, hand-carved wood bowls and spoons, anything Shaker-made, interesting cast iron..."
Meet the New Super Toilets
"the left hand side ( that's a muslim thing: use left hand for dirty things and right... just how "hands on" a bidet is and there are clients I can't steer away from those bourgeois... helping hand (something other than a fellow human) brings a little privacy to the table... before hand I had to upgrade the supply line and run electrical... Totally worth it... has a hand held spray that works well for getting soap out when washing long hair..."
Escape the Inheritance Trap: What to Do With Sentimental Pieces
"I see handed down aren't in great shape because they were, in fact, used. I'm re... may be handed down may not seem ideal to all, but as the saying goes, "one man's trash... board is hand painted with roses - and embossed with the maker's name. I know my children... off your hands. It's a beautiful piece and I have been looking for a piano for my daughters... who was hand washing and drying a platter I admired "May I have that when you die?"..."
Kitchen Counters: Concrete, the Nearly Indestructible Option
"all by hand, and every hand is going to do it a different way. If you're getting... in the hands of a talented artist. Its in the hands of the unexperienced that it gets... that, by hand" and I think that's incredibly important in a home. It's almost a lost... their own hands - but it was a very real concern for them, and cost us an insane amount... other hand, like I said in that post earlier, concrete is fickle, and it is entirely..."
Bring in da Funk: How Humble Touches Give a Home Soul
"prefer hand crafted, one of a kind items (including ones collected in my travels)... second-hand stores are extremely rare - there's an almost obsessive shying-away from... second-hand items in Japan, patatas! Hm! Are homes less cluttered there than here... empty handed, and with nearer relations who tossed their own "oldies" as they were... screen door hand-wrought metal latch---good thing as the new owners ripped off ALL of the..."
8 Kitchen Organizing Ideas for Messy Cooks
"pots at hand, so a lot of glass cannisters for basic ingredients and few cabinet doors... washing by hand. An organized pantry never hurts! This pantry would take up ALL my kitchen... other hand I am probably one of the few Manhattan residents who does actually use... dishes by hand...I use my dish washer for storage which is limited and there is only... dishes by hand and gain the storage room. Looking for used commercial stainless steel..."
Budget Decorating: How to Decorate Smart and Slow
"second hand shop and online in this part of the county. I'm still learning to be creative... have on hand and gain more skills. I love to buy vintage wooden frame and paint it... second hand stores, and I stay far away from Targets and cheap/trendy design stores... second hand stores first, because I am helping a charity, but also not giving my money... second hand stores. Thanks to houzz (not brown nosing) I've learned things that..."
Pearls of Wisdom From a Real-Life Kitchen Remodel
"other hand, my granite is still in mint condition. I have just completed my kitchen... on my hands and knees to pull things out of the back of the cupboard. Hi Wendy, I... in the handful of years I had it before we moved, and I never regretted that choice... put your hands in, with gloves on, use the scrubby side of the sponge and scrub a little... use one hand to adjust flow and temperature. 6. A tile backsplash behind the stove..."
A Single-Wall Kitchen May Be the Single Best Choice
"right-handed. I am a "leftie" and instinctively move from right to left. Help... I'm left-handed too, and it's definitely a consideration! Statistically, most people... right-handed, so it follows that, statistically, most kitchen layouts are unconsciously... right-handed. In our design that I describe above, working from left to right, I'll... also left handed - the common kitchen configurations mean, for example, that at my sink..."
5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid
"And the hand-held shower attachment. Try to limit your palette, so many people fall... powder, hand creme etc. Shouldn't there be a sink in the toilet room to wash your... your hands prior to touching a doorknob? Every time I see one of these recommendations... washing my hands! Kitchen Master Inc. agree that the niches are de rigeur but they need... multiple hand held tech devices.... and still insist on having huge master baths with..."
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