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How to Help Your Town’s Beneficial Birds and Bugs
"for the birds. Leave them uncut until goldfinches and other birds benefit from the... this! Our bird and bug friends need our help! Pay it forward Fargo! omg tsudhonimh this... dining table. But the wasps come and go like as if they own the space! I wish I'd... habitats. Birds and insects in the suburbs may have threatened habitats as well. Even... have it hanging on a picture frame! Neatest thing to witness! Glad I live rural!..."
Guest Picks: 20 Ways to Play Garden Host to Birds and Bees
"not the birds. The best things you can do for birds, bees, and other pollinators... don't feed birds in spring-summer-fall time, they have to do their job -eat mosquitoes... to make bird feeders as we did! We get plenty visitors on this sapota/mud apple/chickoo... for the birds! If something is on a fence, it's too easy for predators to get there... & baby birds! The responsible thing to do is read up on where to place feeders safely..."
Create Your Own Shangri-la With Bird of Paradise Plants
"known as bird of paradise, won't disappoint. While it's often incorrectly referred to... orange bird of paradise flowers; it also has a dwarf version, on which the leaves... black bird of paradise flowers; it's less likely to be sold as a houseplant, though... which bird of paradise has been used in a variety of settings, and I've added some... on the bird-of-paradise in the last photograph, a technique I use while waiting for..."
Reader Photos: A Holiday Table for the Birds
"backyard birds a Christmas table of their own... setting for birds? More: 50 Amazing Holiday Decorations... on the table : )) That is so cute! So cute. I would only worry about birds descending... And the birds are happy about it too! Thanks for the post-- Nikki DirectBuy Birdy nom... picnic table when it's set for us humans! lol... gives the birds a secure ridge to stand on. Candles light the scene at night when the..."
Get a Tropical Splash With a Bird's Nest Fern
"Bird's nest ferns have lower humidity requirements than most ferns, grow best in... not a birds nest fern, it is birds nest anthirium. if you look closely you can see... I LOVE Birds Nest ferns! The first floral shop I worked in had a plant section and... healthy bird's nest fern. While a large bird's nest fern looks lovely on this window... shows a bird's nest frond close up in its natural environment. Bird's nest fern has..."
Look Up While You Eat: 10 Things To Hang Over Your Dining Room Table
"you can hang above your dining area as well. You can be functional and hang your dishes... above the table. You can be romantic and hang a shelf of candles. Or you can fill the... on the tables where we dine. Some of us are concerned about home decor and care a... what the table looks like as well. But how many people care about what it looks like... from the table at the space above where you are dining? If you're smart about home decor..."
Hang the Perfect Light Over Your Holiday Table
"overhead table lighting. The right light makes everything look better! So lets review... with your table. 1) Half the width of your table 2) 1/2 to 3/4 the width of your table... your table) 4) If doing double chandeliers, have them be 1/3 the width of the table 5)... round table would need a 60" light fixture? Seems excessive and difficult to find... apply to a table of this size? What great timing, as I've been trying to figure out the..."
Nursery Looks Hang on Mobiles
"flying-bird decals in the background, and its orange color ties in with the room’s... cranes hanging gracefully on nearly invisible strings. In a true complement to the... look. Birds are commonly used in mobiles, but this Baby Jives design stands out.... changing table. This mobile offers a modern punch. Here’s another simple Flensted mobile..."
Feed the Birds: 6 Plants for Abundant Winter Berries
"foods that birds have been dining on have become scarce. Many of us pick up the slack... feeding the birds, and they depend on our supplemental food to get them through lean times... foods birds can eat. Berries are usually full of sugar, and some are high in fat... calories birds need to keep their body temperatures up so they don’t freeze to death... fruit hangs on and ripens in the late fall and winter, when wildlife creatures have..."
A Quick-Start Guide to Bird-Watching for Fun and Learning
"guide. Bird-watching is an easy, entertaining and educational activity for the whole... Bird-watching is a great hobby that increases patience and concentration, and inspires... need is a bird feeder and some quality seed. Here’s how to get started.... varieties of birds we have. The best thing about bird feeders? Anywhere birds gather,... about birds? My friend makes beautiful stained glass bird houses and bird feeders:..."
Bring on the Birds: Natural Habitat Ideas for Gardens of All Sizes
"watch the birds flock on over... abundance of bird feeders. Instead, attempts are made to offer safe spaces where birds... amount of birds fluttering around in the treetops from dawn until dusk. We took many... for the birds. I was struck by the natural look of these habitats as opposed to an... for the birds, and design met function in a perfect dance. When creating a natural... rescue bird operations and found them charming and fascinating. Here are a few pointers..."
Keep Your Big Windows — and Save Birds Too
"educe bird strikes on windows with everything from architectural solutions to a new... bad for birds. Deaths of birds striking glass buildings is in the range of 100 million... attention on bird strikes is given to high-rises, relative to the paths of migratory birds... outside. Bird strikes happen primarily for three reasons: *Glass is reflective, particularly... migrating birds flying at night, especially at tall heights. This ideabook presents some..."
Get a Bird's-Eye View of America's Housing Patterns
"make a “table”, the other had roaches roaming the countertops. More recently, a cousin’s... here: birds & bugs, hawks, weather, raccoons & opossums, feral cats, trees, chickens... coffee table book that is filled with her aerial art!! Wonderful!! The book is called... another bird's eye look at suburban housing see Sarah McKenzie's oil paitings at..."
In Honor of Portlandia, Put a Bird on It!
"putting birds on things pokes fun at the ubiquity of birds in décor ("what a sad little... put a bird on it!"). But, admits Carrie Brownstein, the actress who plays Lisa, "I... stuff with birds on it. It's too hard not to!" It's true. Make fun of how pervasive... can put birds on things at home. (In case you missed out on the joke last year, see... Put-a-Bird-On-It- I'm fine with birds - except the black birds - they're very ominous..."
Guest Picks: Birds of a Feather
""Birds of a feather" will definitely be flocking together when they see all of these... Put a bird on it! Great Ideabook with lovely products! We carry some beautiful bird... to the table when they fly in to visit their "friend." I will never look at bird baths... adorable birds chirping at each other as they perch on the beautiful white branches... tabletop bird feeder is just so beautiful. I would even use it as a decorative accessory..."
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