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9 Ways to Boost Winter Curb Appeal
"tricks (add pots of fresh flowers; landscape) don’t apply. That’s why I’ve rounded up nine... Special pots, or sculpture, they can be put on the porch but the material cannot be... so I hang ornaments from ribbon on the bare branches...looks like a huge...maybe... add big pots of boxwood for a dose of green on your porch or front steps. Crisply trimmed... inns, a hanging lantern on a post is as charming as can be. If you don’t want to bother..."
Trees: Bringing Nature into your Home
"home as potted plants. I also like looking into ways to add elements of trees to the... curtains or hanging art would. The box was built to cover the top of the half wall, the... lot of potted trees are too big for the house, though. I like this option which is..."
Greenhouses Bring Gardens in From the Cold
"truckloads of pots and fruit trees galore. Until then, I will satisfy my need to grow plants... fairies hanging at different levels from the ceiling. Thanks for sharing these. Thank... using hanging baskets and trellises. Greenhouse space is prime real estate, so use..."
7 Ways to Create a Gorgeous Outdoor Room
"Art, potted plants, sculpture, lanterns. This is a room; decorate it. I also advocate... unless I hang it to dry when it rains, the deck underneath stays wet for a long time... These hanging lanterns look festive and help create a sense of a room in this mostly..."
Let Spontaneity Loose for Abundance in the Landscape
"ceramic pot among a shade garden's bank of ferns or adding a tiny figure perched on... screening with hanging planters on them for my backyard. I like abundance and spontaneous..."
Great Design Plant: Toyon
"holidays — potted pointsettas, evergreen garlands and trees decorate the house annually... I'm hanging onto the old adage, at first they sleep, then they creep, then they..."
My Houzz: Artistry and Personality Color a London Flat
"type of pots and pans to buy, let alone how to choose stuff like work surfaces and... do the hanging and fixing and Mom would help with decorating!! I really miss their..."
How to Expand Your Art Collection on a Tight Budget
"off-the-rack frames so that you can use them and avoid costly custom jobs. Good sources... they look hanging together! The identical frames bring them together. Wall decals are..."
Wash Up: Designing a Friendly, Efficient Laundry Room
"drying rack and ironing board at the same time. Plus, I'm always on the lookout for... like to hang out in. Plus, as un-modernist as they are, I have a soft spot for those..."
So Your Style Is: Eclectic
"of sale-rack finds. Your iTunes mix skips from Bach to Bob Marley to the Black Keys... could just hang more artwork, mount colorful window treatments and throw down a vibrant..."
Your First Apartment: Where to Begin?
"start racking up debt right out of the gate. I feel I should add...My One Personal... space, hang them up like this and enjoy them. Keep your eye out for fun posters and..."
Discover the Rug Type Everyone Wants
"display racks at the High Point Market in spring 2013, and I've seen new versions ready... means it hangs on to less dander and dust, making it a great fit for kids with allergies..."
So Your Style Is: Tropical
"melting pot of indigenous materials, relaxed elegance, exotic overtones and a sunny-side-up... ready-made hanging bug nets on the market. Style Secret: Strong PrintsDitch the prim florals... panels to hang. If you're really unsure, you could simply start with natural rugs in... tundra. Use potted versions to breathe vigor and vibrancy into your home — you can stick... you can hang a hammock and call it a day. Style Secret: Bermuda ShuttersOh, so that's..."
My Houzz: Country-Chic Farmhouse in North Carolina
"to the pot-bellied pigs. Thanks for sharing your home with us! Thanks! Love that Daisy... without the pot belly pigs. How cculd I get a floor plan of this house? I don't really... Daisy, two pot-bellied pigs who still live with them (outside only!) on the four-acre... couple's boys hangs on the back wall. Charette chose a color palette of whites and neutrals... home, hangs in the living room. The antique pie chest to its right is a reminder..."
Spring Has Sprung: Windowboxes and Container Gardens
"simple pot stuck out on the ledge, hemmed in by a red geranium plant on either side... and the hanging plants certainly help make it so! Charlottesville, Virginia. This is... adorable potting shed out in the country. She's also got an airstream trailer and a... thanks to potted plants galore. Venice Beach, California. This little garden on a busy... are in pots. It's just part of the Venice Beach funk; the chain link doesn't even..."
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