71 hazard mitigation assistance Stories

Houzz Tour: A Texas Home Gets a Healthy, Fresh Start
"Potential hazards lurk in paint, fibers, electronics — you name it. No one knows this... Weapons, assisted the homeowners in finding a sustainable, nontoxic finish...."
How to Find the Right Native Plants for Your Yard
"n and mitigated runoff. Native plants are adapted to local climate and soil conditions... required to assist with the running of the conference by helping to set up and tear down... s for assistants to attend presentations and workshops. Awardees will be responsible..."
8 Reasons to Plant a Great Tree
"Trees help mitigate heat-island effects by providing shade for streets and parking areas... truly a hazard. There are overhead wires, another problem. But our neighborhood is... make it a hazard.Next: More Houzz guides to growing trees..."
11 Area Rug Rules and How to Break Them
"options will assist you in determining what size rug provides the visual effect you desire... tripping hazard. Pathways should be all on, or all off the rug. The front of a seat... a trip hazard. Beview, I find cork under furniture legs works well. It protects floors..."
What's the Deal With Radon?
"radon mitigation specialists. The contractor installed a mitigation pipe system... health hazard trigger the "Fix it or I'm outta here in 10 days" clause in the laws... costs for mitigation systems of those that commented are low. Here in NC sellers are... for a mitigation systems. Make sure the professional you hire comes highly recommended... how much mitigation would cost! Does adding a geothermal heating and cooling system..."
Houzz Call: Show Us Your Garage Conversion
"about mitigating the residual pollution and carcinogens in the rafters, walls, floor... to an assisted living situation, would eat that amount of money up much quicker within... which is a hazard as well as looking very tacky. The extra space that the converted garage... move into assisted listing (I live n the inlaw and are their full time caregiver). Moving..."
What a Landscape Architect Wants You to Know About What They Do
"tripping hazards that the city has to come out and repair on a regular basis! Now I... could have mitigated the summer heat without making the home interior feel like a cave... we can assist in taking the guessing out and do our due-diligents for you. I hate... here to assist and advise and keep them from getting in trouble. The second is that..."
The Case for Losing the Traditional Lawn
"creating a hazardous allergy condition for my children/grandchildren. Wild, uncontained... amount of assistance would come from selecting shrubs that certain species of seed-eating... done to mitigate seed dispersal in your situation. this is a system that nature has..."
Kitchen of the Week: Classic Style for a Southern Belle
"have been mitigated given a little color tint in cabinet paint - stealing a complimentary... homeowners, assisted by our company. The wife Beverly oversaw every aspect of this home... any fire hazards, per National Kitchen and Bath Association guidelines.)The porcelain..."
How to Give Your Driveway and Front Walk More Curb Appeal
"tripping hazards and uneven surfaces, old bones, and joints, cyclists, and joggers,... It is hazardous to walk on. We've not been great about upkeep, mostly just patching... tripping hazards, if installed properly. Real cobblestones are another story. They can... n-off mitigation included? We had a landscape designer, but he focused on plantings... and fall hazards for our elderly friends (us before we know it. Lol). And don't see..."
8 Tips for Peaceful Bedroom Sharing With Baby
"safety hazard. AAP and many safety groups recommended getting rid of them several... safety hazards and many sources recommend against them. (Consumer Reports, etc.)... safety hazard as well as the bumper. Design a room that is safe for the baby. Failed... anything hazardous in, or near, a crib. Bumper pads, and curtains near the crib, are... safety hazards, etc. @Jennifer Louise Interiors. Your comment made me smile, when..."
11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel
"ty to assist them in getting as close to possible to that end weaving all the factors... advice and assistance. He has never once left a wrapper or his tools in disarray. We have... GREATLY assist in leading us to a real SOLUTION in finding a good contractor. Attached... way to mitigate that, do avail yourself of it. Great Article hitting many over looked..."
Aging-in-Place Resolutions for the New Year
"questions and assist with ideas for Houzz members seeking information. Just email me at... a trip hazard. Scatter rugs can also present trip hazards, so consider eliminating... will also assist you should an older relative with mobility issues move in, or if you... relocating to assisted living.If you're building a custom multi-level home you intend to... reduce trip hazards in my home.Table lamps are elegant additions to a living room and a..."
Houzz Tour: Sturdy Enough for a Tsunami
"change-related hazards, I think one should be prepared.... My question about the Tsunami house:... this to mitigate their exposure imho, They then can charge much higher premiums or... environmental hazard conditions in mind, first and foremost, whether tsunami, earthquake..."
8 Reasons to Jump Off the DIY Bandwagon
"of as hazardous waste. Thanks, Freya! The other half is the hazardous waste created... how to mitigate risks. If you can't figure out the wiring in your house because it's..."
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