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Cool-Season Vegetables: How to Grow Salad Greens
"gardens. See how to start growing them now... arugula to radicchio, greens have taken a top spot on the table and in fall and winter... More: How to grow cool-season vegetables... they’re easy to grow and long lasting in the cool-season garden. These greens are great... compared to wheat products. Ironically, I now pay a premium to have ploye mix (how spoiled... lucky to live in peaceful times and Iink the taste to wonderful memories and smells..."
How to Update Cozy Wood Paneling
"See how to give fresh life to once-retro woodsy wall coverings... examples of how to bring the texture and feel of the natural outdoors into your home by... guides on how to paint wood so here it is..http://oisinbutler.ie/how-to-paint-wood-a... advice on how to design a modern room while making the best of the existing 1970's vertical... accessories to the room to give it a newer feel. We bought a small 1930 one-bedroom cottage..."
Smart Shopper: How to Judge Antique Furniture Quality
"learning how to evaluate antiques and what questions to ask... perform to assess its quality. According to Seattle antiques dealer Richard Rhoda,... proportional to the cost, then you should buy it. But if the item is costly and you're... willing to spend 30 minutes inspecting a potential purchase.... is made to be used. Chairs to be sat on, tables to be eaten from or to hold lamps... an hour to think about it and come back. If I don't feel the urge to return to get..."
How to Hire the Right Architect
"Here’s how to find good candidates — and what to ask at that first interview... choice to be right. The suggestions that follow will help you analyze the personality... you want to find the architect who’s right for your situation, for your budget and for... turned out to be. I think an idea for a great article to talk about how to deal with the... women need to work together to deliver a home able to handle the needs of todays larger..."
Color Guide: How to Work With Red
"Here's how to use its boldness to make your rooms come alive... modern to country cute, but it's a dramatic color and to use it in a space is to make... linked to heroism. In Western cultures it also hints at sex, deviance and shame.... in it) to scarlet, crimson and vermillion. In decorating, bright, vibrant reds are... faded to pink. Does anyone know how to keep the red from fading to pink? Varnishing... worth it to you, take it to a place that paints boats, they'll know exactly what to..."
Design Practice: How to Pick the Right Drawing Software
"and what to do if you’re on the fence... Mylar to run through a blueprint machine. At least, I hope so. Drawings remain the... ideas to the craftspeople who will manifest them into tangible structures, just as... continue to. But no matter what, the way you put a set of drawings together — the line... choose to draw and what you leave out, the unspoken gestures of delineation and r... going to invest the time and money to bring myself up to speed with the digital age..."
How to Design a Kitchen Island
"here's how to clear up the kitchen island confusion... spaces to design in a house — and figuring out how to design an island can be confusing... help on how to decide on a kitchen island size. While there's no set formula for... figuring out how to size an island, some measurement guidelines can help. Kitchen designers... would like to use for a kitchen island but Im at a loss as to where or how to start..... for it to be. In summary, how one decides to 'divide and conquer' their Island..."
From the Artist: How to Make a Real Mobile
"shows how to create a Calder-inspired installation of your own... like to explain how to make a real mobile. By a “real” mobile, I mean one in which... objects to a coat hanger or a horizontal circle. There are a number of how-to articles... explain how the balance structure of a real mobile works. I’d like to provide you with... specific to a season or a holiday, or some midcentury modern shapes.... would like to remove them. Do you have any advise how to go about solving this? 1..."
How to Get a Claw-Foot Tub for Your Bathroom
"what to know about buying vintage or new — and how to refurbish a classic... you need to know to refurbish a claw-foot tub.... which to soak, play and dream. More than just a tub, it may recall a romantic getaway... always want to stick to your body. We tried to remedy this with magnets on the hem- but... as easy to clean around as a built in tub. I had to get on hands and knees to clean... safer to use such a shower to rinse off while sitting than to take a shower in a..."
Contractor Tips: How to Shop for Your Remodel
"add up to huge cost overruns. Here's how to get things right the first time... it's best to buy well-tested quality materials from trusted local vendors and to install... it pays to be mindful of potential pitfalls. If you're a DIYer, avoiding some minor... hints as to how to deal politely with contracted work that doesn't make the grade. A... "knows" how to paint) I suggested to him that he might be better off hiring someone..."
How to Combine Area Rugs in an Open Floor Plan
"you know how to avoid the dreaded clash... secret is to know when it's OK to mix things up and how to do it right.... important to consider how they’ll look together. The easiest solution is to use matching... meant to roam free. Furniture? Not so much. Without something to contain it, furniture... walls to distinguish one space or function from another. That’s why area rugs are... I need to know how to coordinate different patterns, pattern sizes, colors etc for..."
Designing Your Kitchen: How to Configure the Sink?
"Look to how you prep and clean in the kitchen when choosing among a one-, two- or... material and how it will be mounted, but have you thought about how many bowls you need... consideration how you use your kitchen. Your cooking and cleaning preferences will dictate... dictate how many bowls you need. As far as cost goes, two or more separate sinks are... going to be the most expensive setup — for the extra plumbing fixtures as well as..."
Design Practice: How to Get Hired
"Pro to pro: Strategies for winning a client’s trust and getting work that supports... begin to net inquiries, what the marketing world calls leads. Converting those leads... matters to a client. Clients will be investing a significant amount of time and money... future to please do not hesitate to call. We find this to actually leads to work in... about how to differentiate yourself as a designer and how to function as a consu..."
Design Dilemma: How to Make a Bedroom Workspace Fit
"here's how to mix a good day's work with a good night's sleep... trying to figure out how to set up a home office area in her bedroom; she has just... tend to be fewer. The trick, of course, is to create an office that doesn't disrupt... managed to come up with a happy middle ground. Take a look at how they made it work... closet to work with. Although feng shui followers may disagree, I think few other... themselves to hosting a workspace as well as bedrooms. Unlike in a kitchen, a living..."
How to Childproof Your Bathroom
"dangers to a child greatly increase. Learn how to keep wee ones safe during bath time... let’s move to the bathroom, where the presence of water makes everything a lot more dangerous... seems to be a difficult space to access in the bathroom it seems to fill up with... came time to plan I planned a water heater to be tucked in there. We are renovating a... closet to reach the cabinets. Children will not be able to reach, even with my stool..."
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