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Meet a Long-Lasting Houseplant With a Forgiving Heart
Relatively new on the houseplant scene, the Zee Zee plant, or the ZZ plant, zamioculcas zamiifolia, is an exotic yet easygoing houseplant that is forgiving if you forget to water it, can survive in low light and rarely needs fertilizing....
Hip Home Gyms Get Hearts Pumping
If weather, distance and high membership fees keep you away from the gym, try setting up your very own right at home. Don't worry — you don't need a ton of professional equipment to make it work. Setting up an inspirational space with a yoga mat or...
Guest Picks: Wintery Accents to Warm Your Heart
The crisp beauty of the snowy season can be brought into your home without adding a chill. Include a few of these lovely winter touches as simple ways to celebrate wintertime and to brighten gray days. — Darlene from Fieldstone...
My Houzz: Tudor Cottage in the Heart of Texas
With three days to find a home for her new life in Dallas, Rhonda Blair made her list of must-haves short and sweet. "I told my realtor I wanted three things: flow, light and hardwood floors," she says. Luck favors the brave, and a quick search landed...
Bicycle-Inspired Decor to Make Your Heart Race
At our house July means watching the Tour de France. We do follow other races throughout the year, but this is the pinnacle event. Admittedly the race, starting July 5 this year, has gone through more than its share...
Guest Picks: Heartbeats for Home
"well-placed hearts in art, kitchen tools and accessories... lovely hearts? [Heart] your home by adding some Valentine's Day fun with these little... tokens of heart love. — Darlene from Fieldstone Hill Design... Hearts are so much fun. I like the Paris candle and the heart cutting board, but... love the heart strings art here. there are so many twists to the heart these days. here's... tripe-heart-pillow-orange-and-pinks?ga_search_query=heart One of my favorite Valentine's..."
New Southern Style for the Kitchen
"bless its heart, but Southern kitchens are welcoming in modern updates too... bless our hearts." Sugah, this sentence is more Southern than okra! :) As a quilter... Bless your heart, Tamara, I like your style! Love these kitchens! How refreshing. I consider... bless your heart" Add some Southern Charm to your kitchen with an Armstrong Ceiling or... "Bless your heart". hey, comments are made to have an opinion - we don't all have to like..."
My Houzz: An Animal Lover's Texas Sanctuary
"wonderful heart you have!! Really great ideas - thanks for sharing!! And I agree, thanks... beautiful hearts! Thanks on behalf of the animals. In March we moved from the Bavarian... a big heart. Beautiful home - really like the swimming pool. If anyone needs any... So heartful and wonderful. I hope you enjoy it in good health for years and years... generous heart you have in caring for your animals and fostering the others until they..."
Our Big Book of 50 Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas
"Your Heart on a Wall, Table, Bed, Bench, Pillow, Shelf or Shade... red, hearts: It's February, and l'amour is officially in the air. If you're looking... collection of heart inspired decorating. Fantastic collection job. LOVE it! To lyamainu:... either love hearts or you don't, and I DO! I love this post! The polaroid collage shaped... into a heart is so fun! What fun ideas to celebrate this lovely holiday with! I..."
Tell Us: Why Did You Fall in Love With Your House?
"made your heart flutter? Share your photo, and it could make the Houzz homepage... made my heart flutter. For my dad, it was the window seat in the front living room... put our heart and soul into it (and countless hours of building that kitchen ourselves... harmed my heart! ...because this is what you see when you walk into the entry. And we... won my heart in our previous house. We redesigned it, and it was perfect for us My..."
Houzz Tour: Personal and Plaid
"wears his heart on his tartan sash... caused his heart to beat faster as a teenager. “I call the style baronial,” he says. “It’s... caused his heart to beat faster as a teenager" - PERFECT! gorgeous home, love all the... still my heart! I LOVE this home! So well done and looks like it would be such a cozy... make your heart sing, it shouldn't be in your home. I recently had my couch cut in half... my own heart! Love everything he has done. I am especially interested in knowing the..."
Tell a Story With Design for a More Meaningful Home
"at its heart, for a more rewarding experience... warmed my heart to hear her say "home". We talked about heart to heart talks we would... mind (heart and soul). I have been doing this forever! One of my houses was "Children..."
My Houzz: A Woodsy Home Welcomes Animals and Plants
"open-hearted couple builds a home in the forest that shows a love of the land and... beautiful heart. What a great home and piece of property. So cozy and I love the use... warms my heart. Thank you for sharing this home and story. love your home. what kind... Beautiful heart Beautiful pets. Warm loving and evolving So relaxing - I can feel my..."
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