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Stop That Draft: 8 Ways to Keep Winter Chills Out
"wind-blocking hedges and reviving the lost art of portieres to using windows with the tightest... at ways to batten down the hatches. From adding an interior vestibule, planting wi... warmth out, so we need to find a way to keep it in.... I had an energy audit done... wants to comment, I found I had to go to houzz.com and find the article there to... reluctant to hang a big curtain to block the hall to the rarely used portion of the house..."
Great Garden Combo: 3 Wonderful Plants for a Deer-Resistant Screen
"privacy and keep deer at bay with a planting trio that turns a problem garden area into... layers seem to require too much effort for the deer to penetrate, and they wander elsewhere... will want to look at. In rural gardens deer can cause considerable damage and try the... approach is to select plants that are generally considered deer resistant. I have also... planting can keep the deer away from some plants that might otherwise be considered caviar..."
These Hedges Can Add Interest to Your Winter Garden
"light, hedging can provide that extra bit of seasonal interest. Evergreens, such... traditional hedging plants, can help hold a larger garden’s structure together in the winter... design. Hedging can also create informal and colorful boundaries when other shrubs... See how hedges can improve your winter garden.... planting hedges for wildlife, then it is best to plant species native to your region... trying to come up with something to plant along the front porch and you have given..."
How Low Can Hedges Go? Discover Unusual Garden Borders
"enough to step over, high enough to be a stretch ... check out these radically different... different hedge styles and tell us your opinion... makes a hedge, but I see it as a linear planting kept regularly trimmed, compact and... clipping to maintain a continuous barrier. If we consider this definition, does this... of as a hedge? They are as old as the hills and a common feature of the landscape... countries; hedges are one of the most influential design features of our gardens. Tra..."
10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While You're Traveling
"the time to go through a few extra steps to ensure that your house is well cared for... can do to make sure that your home is safe and sound, and you can enjoy your trip... addition to the above, I use an IP camera system and some alarms to keep things secure... neighbors - we keep each other posted when we'll be out of town so we can watch out for each... you go out. A little extra wariness will help you to keep your property and belongings..."
9 Low-Growing Hedges That Make Good Neighbors
"of low hedges — such as "step over" hedges. Step-over hedges are low hedges, usually... low-growing hedges, we're most likely to think of boxwood (box) hedging, Buxus spp, used... traditional hedging can. This low hedging can also be used as a feature within other plantings... naturalistic hedging we are used to. Many shrubs are suitable, but for optimum step-over... *Happy to be planted close to other shrubs *Disease resistant I think you can see in..."
Top 12 Summer-Blooming Perennials for Deer-Resistant Drama
"hungry deer afoot? These beauties say yes... hardy to zones 3 and 4. The aim is for the plants to bring drama to the garden, not... rying to outwit the deer is a lifelong challenge for those of us who live in deer... tags. Deer always seem to eat the most expensive specimens. Let’s be clear — there... levels of deer resistance. There are plants that will get eaten to the ground every year;... according to region and the age of deer (young ones really will try anything). I live..."
7 Deer-Resistant Flowers for Your Summer Containers
"beauty — deer might not like them, but everyone else will... tempted to give up gardening entirely, consider planting a few deer-resistant flowers... flowers to defend your more delicate plantings. Plants considered deer resistant also... also tend to be rabbit and squirrel resistant, too. Deer resistant doesn't mean deerproof... found that deer didn't eat these plants. But there's no guarantee. The truth is, deer..."
6 Ways to Deal With a Bad View Out the Window
"can come out from behind the closed curtains now. These strategies let in the light... similar to a potato bin to cover the meters, but still have access to them.. or maybe... difficult not to be drawn to look by any activity close to my double window on the neighbor's... back up to the top to close for night time to give another layer of insulating "dead... better to live in a shack and look out at a palace than to live in the palace and..."
Budget Decorator: 10 Ways to Deck Out Your Patio
"don’t need to spend a lot to make a big difference in the way your outdoor rooms look... gazing out at your backyard, wishing you could spruce up your hangout space? You don’t... cost more to get a certified electrician to run a 220 line to the hot tub then it did... prices to switch out throughout the year and add color or warmth. I also buy replacement... would have to fill with planting. 2. Follow Coco Channel's advice to remove one thing..."
Great Design Plant: Deer Grass
"ourselves to blame for the rampant spread of many undesirable plants, deer grass reminds... good too. Deer grass (Muhlenbergia rigens) is a no-brainer: native, adaptable, wildlife... attributed to Native Americans, who among other things wove its foliage into baskets and... easiest to manage. Consider this unthirsty, easygoing native your free pass; it can... intense sun to drought and seasonal flooding.... reminder to keep in mind. If you're looking for gardening by region, however, do check..."
Oh Deer! Antler-Inspired Décor for the Holidays and More
"beauty of deer at home — no taxidermy needed... spotting deer as I go to and from my home. There is something so calming for me in seeing... contribution to holiday decorating everywhere. But I think all-things-deer add a lovely... touch to your home any time of year. My personal preference is very anti-taxidermy... hunters to take the older deer as game, it turns out the herd will be overpopulated... Thank you to everyone who took time out of their Christmas to enjoy my ideabook. Merry..."
Don’t Let These Excuses Keep You From Gardening
"I’m here to give you a few reasons to stop blaming your black thumb and give it another... tried to grow tomatoes with disastrous results, or maybe just because you don’t think... free time to make a garden happen. Whatever your reason for being a plantaphobe, I’m... don't want to put up a 12 ft. fence to keep them out. Can you please do an article on... quite wise to figure out if you are going to water once a month (buy very hardy cacti..."
8 Backyard Ideas to Delight Your Dog
"ideas will keep your pooch safe, happy and well exercised outdoors... your dog out in the yard and hoping for the best. Take the time to make sure your yard... Something to keep them occupied like ball etc.The most important is to keep the area... being able to get out. As for plants, I had to spray everything with bitter apple spray... of room to roam. It only took our Lab one day to learn to avoid the fence line...the..."
10 Great Ways to Unplug and Tune In to Nature
"pledge to camp out or just promise yourself a stroll, these ideas will help you heed... Campout aims to get kids outside and to connect people with nature, both near and far. From... pledge to camp out for the 10th annual Great American Backyard Campout. It invites... everyone to commit to spending one night — today, tomorrow or next year — outside and... one way to get involved, but there are plenty of other ways to get outside too. “Keep..."
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