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Indoor Stars Light Winter Nights
"night sky indoors with twinkling lanterns, star charts, clever curtains and more... inside to light up your home.... problem of lighting an island, I find lights that make me say, 'Yeah, I can see how those... 'Found my lights!' Ditto the light over the front door - nothing else will make the... pendant light in one of our bedrooms (white glass, silver colored metal), and a large... reality with light, rather than paint. Do you have any more information on installing a..."
Midsummer Night's Dream: Starry Indoor Lighting
"dreamy look indoors all year with multi-light strands and repetitive fixtures. They offer... twinkle lights and stars. You don't have to be left with a longing feeling for those... hard-wired lighting or even with tea-light holders, giving your room an inviting glow... Dream look indoors. More: Browse lighting ideas in the Products section... multi-light fixture that requires nothing more than a little elbow grease and some..."
A Surefire Way to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors
"y let light ruin your furniture, floors and artwork, when the solution could be as... says UV light does not reflect. Visible light reflects. Just google for an explanation... color of light coming in to the rooms? that would be a disaster for paint color, furniture... get the light they need if that film is on the windows. My interior plants have always... iolet-light-your-home All I'm seeing is how UV *is* reflected by various m..."
My Houzz: Dive Into a Cajun Country Home With an Indoor Pool
"glass-encased indoor pool with a retractable roof that sent sunlight into nearly every room... natural light was being muted by too-bold colors inside. Hoyt, the owner of Comit... abundant light and cool architecture. And since all the glass surrounding water was... respond on indoor poosl or are trying to reach me or to learn more about an indoor pool... wicked indoor pool! Jealously sitting in chilly Pennsylvania admiring all the natural..."
How to Create an Indoor Landscape
"enjoyed indoors as much as out. Many of us might be holed up over winter or don’t have... invigorating indoor landscape with houseplants, whether you have only a windowsill to work... success indoors. Placed and cared for properly, indoor plants can thrive while offering... out for indoor plants. I feel homes without a few indoor plants just lack spirit... plants indoors. Plants will survive indoors if you choose the right ones to begin..."
Indoor Gardens: Duplicate Nature Inside
"garden indoors and enjoy the calming beauty of plants all year long... enough light and get creative; there are many ways to exhibit and enjoy a garden indoors... indoors. Plants are not only visually pleasing and soothing, they also refresh... cube of light is the main design element of this house. Everything else was created... inside this indoor garden allow an uninterrupted view to other parts of the house. For..."
11 Ways to Create Indoor-Outdoor Connections
"between indoors and outdoors can make your home feel more expansive and light filled... between indoor and outdoor rooms. You would be hard pressed to find another design... bridging indoors and out are a good place to start.... outside lights by the doors. They use this one light every year. They never bother... connect your indoor and outdoor spaces try Valverdi indoor-outdoor tiles. There are coordinating... strong indoor-outdoor connection. Subsequently, the house we had built in the 1990..."
Indoors Looking Out
"natural light it's about as close as one can get to being outside, while still remaining... LOVE light and windows, but I am puzzled by what, exactly, the builders were thinking... get the light without the view: http://www.houzz.com/photos/92361/Decorative-Windo... of the light-filled space. Even the smallest of sunrooms can make a major impact,... time? A light-filled conservatory makes the perfect spot to enjoy a prolonged sunny..."
Indoor Winter Gardens for Cheerier Days
"cleaner indoor air and protection for your greenery... to an indoor garden? You can move in some outdoor potted plants that wouldn’t make... the air indoors, and it will surely lift your spirits. Here are some tips for bringing... plants indoors for winter and picking new plants to add to your winter garden, and... lower light by moving them gradually from higher to lower light.) Here's a good... entire Indoor Garden but we LOVE this idea! This post is an excellent reference on..."
8 Essentials for Healthy Indoor Plants
"having my indoor plants refreshed, repotted and repositioned, ready for a new year ahead... your indoor plants can live and thrive this year. Here are eight things to keep... that my indoor plants can STAY indoor. The worst trouble I've had with them is... like more light, some less; some like more water, some less. If they like more light... in low light conditions. It will need light, as ALL plants do, but can get by very..."
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden
"a tube light. Tube lights are generally indirect light, like partial shade if you... natural light for sun-loving plants? @koleng - I think a a low to medium light plant... enough light for you to read comfortably, low and medium light plants will be happy... KOLONEG, the light from your skylight is probably plenty for medium light plants. To see... that high light; if the shadow has blurry outlines, you have medium light; if there's..."
Clear the Air: A Guide to Indoor Air Purifiers
"have a light. After repeated high ground water and a bedroom closet mildew/mold scare... noise, light and cold air I can't sleep through it. I can use it in an adjoining room... lot more indoor time, dry air, and little ventilation (especially for us condo dwellers)... purifiy indoor air and looks like a regular plant in a plant pot on a stand so you... from indoor air before we breathe them in. A medical solution only becomes important..."
16 Dream Indoor Pools Swimming in Grandeur
"ulent indoor pools to keep swimmers splashing through the winter and provide a visual... These indoor pools, all spectacularly over the top, transform the simple act of swimming... have an indoor- indoor pool as opposed to and indoor-outdoor pool, I love a grotto... purple lights. it is fantastic The Mediterranean-Italian enclosed courtyard pool reminds... change the light bulbs, though:) I like some of them, but many of them just feel like..."
10 Top Plants to Grow Indoors
"welcoming. Indoor plants also help purify the air, creating a healthier home. If you feel... artificial light I have 5 cats all indoors and none of them has ever tried to eat my plants... lots of light to a 1966 Ranch with small windows and a lot less light (and space) and... thriving indoors. I've killed ivy, every succulent I've owned has gotten 'leggy', etc... little light as it's so easy to grow. I had one in my office years ago provided by..."
For the Kids: Secret Forts Indoors
"more time indoors this time of year, and they need their own space. My brother and I... like the indoor forts that are either totally whimsical or hidden away. These are a... build an indoor fort with towers of food. lol This is really fun! Beautiful! I would... twinkle lights and bean bags and drew on the walls and had a radio. It was our little... bit of light, then we'd get flashlights and tell spooky stories. Or just slide down..."
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