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Great Design Plant: Hibiscus Syriacus ‘Sugar Tip’
"‘Sugar Tip’ has layers of pink that catch the eyes of butterflies... to the garden and certainly doesn’t merit a place in my containers. Hibiscus syriacus... ‘Sugar Tip’ has completely changed all that. The delicate, soft green and creamy-white... clean and healthy looking, while the abundant ruffled, double pink flowers are as... 'white garden' and this shrub was used throughout the garden. If you like white flowers..."
Edible Gardening Essentials: Tips for Traditional Hand Watering
"expense and hassle of a complicated garden system with a simple watering can or inexpensive... consuming and not water efficient. Those concerns are valid, and a drip system is certainly... edible gardens. However, these systems take time to set up and, in the case of irrigation... or you garden primarily in containers, and you aren’t ready or can’t commit to a more... elaborate drip and irrigation systems, it can be easy to dismiss old-fashioned watering by..."
9 Tips for Creating an Artful Container Garden
"texture and depth to your outdoor space. But creating a beautiful container garden... are nine tips for creating a truly artful container garden.... planters and cedar fence boards and old tin roofing makes nice planters. This is my... cutting garden for a client. The left pot contains an artichoke plant and parsley,... atrium garden and I always thought that something is missing - now I know that I need... information and ideas. Thanks so much. And actually: art·ful adjective \ˈärt-fəl\ : done..."
10 Expert Tips for Growing Edibles in Containers
"veggies and fruits on your patio with a pro’s guidance — including his personal recipe... Bay Area gardening consultant and edible-garden designer Steve Masley shares 10 great... containers, and in some cases even prefer them. For gardeners with poor soil, or no soil... container gardening can be a way to create the edible garden your landscape wouldn’t... great tips to growing the edibles in containers.... fungi) and anything old and painted, since paint can flake off and you don't know..."
10 Tips to Start a Garden — Can-Do Ideas for Beginners
"money and knowledge, with these manageable steps for first-time gardeners... became a gardener 17 years ago when we bought our first home, a north-facing ranch set... of the homes faced east or west. We had a small front yard and two side yards. To... of our home from our neighbor's driveway. There and on the west side, there was no... shrubs and a bit of ground cover. Half the lawn was thick and luxuriant, but the other..."
You Said It: Imagine It Empty and More Tips of the Week
"Home projects from the past week can help you break through a creative block... closets and a dresser and under a bed. The sense of accomplishment of cleaning up... week, and it’s panic-inducing. So I stared at the screen for a few days, adding a... laptop down and attack a closet. This turned into a four-hour project; I cleaned out three... up and clearing out so much stuff overrode the disturbing realization that I am a..."
Edible Gardening Essentials: Watering Tips Worth Soaking Up
"of your garden and look for varieties that thrive in naturally arid regions. While... broccoli and beans can be water hogs, peppers, squash, Swiss chard and tomatoes, especially... thyme and lavender are staples of a drought-tolerant garden. Or maybe this is the... edible garden. Most edibles require regular watering. If you live where summer rainstorms... ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Burbank Slicing’, can handle less-than-regular watering once they’re..."
You Said It: ‘Stay Humble’ and More of the Week’s Tips and Ideas
"inspiration and observations that struck a chord this week... canoe and the swimming towels, slather on the SPF, pack picnics, hang the swing and... and spend maximum time enjoying the outdoors. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.... article and especially for mentioning our work! Simple and subtle designs are the best... again and much success from Landscape d.o.o. Slovenia, Tina and Gregor Vreš. I love... crazy and hectic world. We are really happy to see that our work is seen as 'one..."
5 Tips for Choosing a Primary Outdoor Color
"from your home to all the parts of your property that surround it... of your home's interior design, and color is an element that can easily be carried... textures and colors provide a sense of place that's uniquely you. Your outdoor living... accents and, of course, plants. By using a dominant signature color, you can create... pondering and will continue to. French colonial pink brick home on a heavily wooded lot..."
7 Tips to Get With a New Minimalist Mentality
"simplify and keep just what you need and love at home... little and our home was awash in toys, laundry and papers — to name the top three... or two and several cupboards, but I knew with fire you can’t be so choosy, and I found... soberly and responsibly, without Legos and stuffed animals. This daydreaming came... studs and installed new cabinets, counters, appliances and floors. After this, the... exhausted and entirely beleaguered, I would imagine our house burning down. I really..."
12 House-Hunting Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice
"organized and focused on your quest for a new home, to make the search easier and avoid... away by a home's most charming details (a gracious front porch) and play down the important... priorities and streamline the house-hunting process early on, and you can breathe easier... breaths and make a plan before diving in — you'll be glad you did. These 12 tips can... budget). And if you are touring multiple open houses each weekend, keeping everything..."
9 Urban Gardening Tips From Hong Kong Rooftops
"designs and ideas to help you increase your urban home's square footage beautifully... dense and filled with towering skyscrapers. Hong Kong's rooftops can become the perfect... city, and those with plant life can help better the air quality too. Whether you... private garden area. This is a pic of our roof garden in Switzerland. As a word of... insulation, and is lightweight. Great use of space and lovely places to enjoy. What is..."
6 Tips From Great Urban Gardens
"but gardening is my second love. We did all the gardening design and work ourselves... Michigan and we're about to embark on reinvigorating the small garden of our city place... spring, and it just seemed to take forever to get going. I'm a kitchen designer, but... Urban gardens have their own challenges: often their smaller size, lack of sunlight... sunlight, and extensive amount of hard surfaces. Here are a few spaces that make the most..."
Sell Your Home Fast: 21 Staging Tips
"selling your home quickly and at the best price. From cleaning to styling, these tips can... these 21 tips for styling and upgrading your home, and see results — fast.... sell your home as quickly as possible and get your asking price. Set the stage for success... through this and thinking, 'This is how I want my (future) home to look for ME and for MY... hard work and how we'd want our home to look like on a daily basis. Great post and comments..."
6 Tips From a Nearly Zero-Waste Home
"output and increase your quality of life with these ideas from a mom who did it to... year, and in the process created a home that was easy to live in and maintain.... -foot home to a 1,400-square-foot one in Mill Valley, California, she set her goals... Waste Home, she details how her family cut their trash down to just a quart per year... ambition and persistence on Johnson’s part. But by adopting even a few elements of a..."
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