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Handmade Home: How to Style Your Bookcase
"transform a bookcase into an artful display... house to create a new, fresh look, but I don't always have a lot of money to do so... restyling your bookcases is an easy and inexpensive way to change up the look of your room... bound to see beautifully styled bookcases and shelves. You could start by gathering... useful is how to style your bookcase with BOOKS. I can but laugh when I see a bookcase... wow, how wonderful to have such a talented husband! And your styling is great! Thank..."
How to Create a Secret Doorway Behind a Bookcase
"going to cut it. Enter the hidden doorway behind the bookcase. This cool concept... something to hide. Cash, documents, jewels, guns, clutter — these are things that earn... having to use your entire body to shove coats aside to find an inch or two to get... compared to the rest of the basement. As to what to do with the space...Wine cellar... doors to lead to closet space. Thanks a million for the idea. iafd, good to think..."
Budget Decorator: How to Save When You Don’t DIY
"don’t have to be crafty to decorate your home inexpensively. Here are other ways to stretch... your way to a beautiful home on a budget. But what if you don’t want to DIY? Here are... smart ways to save money while decorating your home — with nary a staple gun or stencil... happy to give to me. I of course make sure to ask! I've been able to get some furniture... from a decorative wooden ladder to street signs to a vintage sewing machine to a World..."
When Your Tastes Clash: How to Design and Decorate as a Couple
"Want to keep the peace? Work with both of your styles when remodeling, decorating... matter how long two people have been together or how much they've endured in their... compare to the challenges they face when it comes to redesigning the house. You may... alarming. To put it bluntly, if you aren’t the only inhabitant of your house, yours isn’t... mum got to decorate how she wanted, but she had to kowtow on price and it took forever..."
4 Classic Decorating Themes — and How to Work Them Just Right
"these decorating ideas that steer for subtlety... would like to incorporate favorite finds from your travels or decor featuring a motif... Decorating themes sometimes get a bad rap for being cheesy or overdone. But when... ideas to try at home, along with tips that will come in handy no matter what the... you have to have a connection to a theme, not pick it at whim or because it is current... vitality to your house, otherwise it's just decor. The best themes are the ones you..."
How to Have a Little More Fun With Your Decor
"raise your decorating game in 2015... easy to go for tried and tested decor, but giving your home an offbeat twist can... you’re new to adventurous interiors, you can dip a toe in the water by focusing on little... going to love it and someone else is going to hate it...so always decorate with what... proved to be too itchy to sit on in the summer.. later I added a lacy curtain to make... fun ways to decorate. My house is brand new in the Alberta Arts area so I had to find..."
How to Create a Delightful Nursery for Less
"natural to want the best one possible. But that doesn't mean you need to overspend... stressing less to boot. Here are 20 ideas to get you started.... Decorating a nursery that will be a safe, nurturing spot for welcoming your new little... yourself out to do it. You can create a beautiful, creative, stylish nursery on a tight... learned is to make it a flexible space. Kids like to change their decor often and as..."
Divide and Conquer: How to Furnish a Long, Narrow Room
"Learn decorating and layout tricks to create intimacy, distinguish areas and work... you know how challenging it can be to decorate a long, narrow space. How do you fill... apart? How do you prevent normal-size furniture from looking dwarfed? And how do you... you want to take place in that room," suggests interior designer Amy Luff at Margaret... point for how you might break up the room."... having to dodge furniture? I would love to see idea on how to arrange an L shaped..."
How to Get That Modern Scandinavian Look
"Scandinavian decorating is surprisingly warm and ventures well beyond white... you need to decorate like a Scandinavian: 1. Wood. There is no such thing as wall-to-wall... together. How do we achieve that warm but clean look? Here are a few pointers. What... wall-to-wall carpet in Sweden. Warmth comes from wood and area rugs, and shoes are never... we want to cover the floor with carpets, decorators want us to use too saturated colors..."
Color Guide: How to Work With Red
"Here's how to use its boldness to make your rooms come alive... in it) to scarlet, crimson and vermillion. In decorating, bright, vibrant reds are... sorts of decorating styles, from sleek modern to country cute, but it's a dramatic color... color and to use it in a space is to make a statement. A red room is a fearless room... linked to heroism. In Western cultures it also hints at sex, deviance and shame.... faded to pink. Does anyone know how to keep the red from fading to pink? Varnishing..."
How to Design and Lay Out a Small Living Room
"tips to arrange a compact living room for the comfort, seating options and style... tricky. How do you strike a balance between making the room feel as spacious as possible... small bookcase, small end table. Have to walk through to get to the wee kit. which... about how to decorate small rooms. The first one is gorgeous and inviting. Some... justice to what I've posted due to angles. You'll have to trust me. Suggestion..."
How to Get Your Window Treatment Right
"lingo to know to get the draperies you really want... noticed how much I sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher when talking to clients about... draperies. To me, they’re all compelling, but to others it’s like sitting through a t... saving up to have a wall of windows draped or ready to place an order with a local workroom... matriarchs to macho men, attention spans stop where talk of fabric choices end and pleats..."
How to Use Marsala, Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year
"are ways to make it work in your home... needs to be partnered with colors that have a bit more life to them to keep the palette... in home decor, Pantone’s choice is meant for broader application, such as in the field... group to tell us what color to decorate with 'this year.' How did this... anyone have to listen to them? It seems to me the height of absurdity that the world needs... too hard to accept it...a colour that's this hard to adjust to and reason with..."
How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right
"rules to get a polished, pulled-together look in any room... where to put things, where not to put things and how to prioritize the choices you... many ways to fill it, how do you know where to start? I've taken some of the basic rules... help you to achieve professional-looking results with a minimum of stress.... enough to figure out how to find Planner 5D to download it. Do you just google it... comes to the room to view and still have a nice arrangement for a small group to visit..."
How to Plan a Just-Right Living Room Layout
"living room to enjoy happily ever after... would like to have my place more inviting, but I don't know how to do it. Please help... trying to sort out what to buy in order to meet our needs and that will fit and function... no idea how to arrange furniture in this room. I need to buy new sofas but I'm afraid... travel to a new home, it is much more difficult to re-arrange a room at will as they... about more decorative accent settees.... I speak of the match to the sofa in a shorter..."
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