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6 Sound Solutions for the iPhone Home
"up: An iPhone and one of these stylish audio systems let your music look as good as... embrace iPhone music accessories that double as functional or decorative elements of... Nowadays, our phones serve as the central location for music, podcasts and other audio e... Unfortunately, phones have tiny speakers. And who wants to wear headphones around the house... for the iPhone 5, I'd hate to end up with an obsolete $15,000 iTree. I would still..."
Inside Houzz: Explore the Houzz App’s New Features and Cleaner Look
"app for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® to get more of what you love... articles. I'm not sure if this works on the iPhone app and I haven't downloaded the new... devices? I would LOVE this! I'd love to see a shuffle feature where I can see photos... update? I went to App Store but I found only the app I already have. Please help.... Windows Phone app. Yours is the only email and website that I look forward to every..."
Inside Houzz: See the Houzz App’s Latest Features
"app for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® for your new profile page, enhanced searching... where I left off. Fantastic app! I got my son hooked too. I love the house app... app! I'm so happy I found it by accident while browsing the internet. I will only use... though I think I've spent more time playing with those than looking at the pictures... btw, and I noticed a few other friends "liked" it. Now I'm hooked! Vatrvler, stay tuned..."
Guest Picks: An Apple a Day
"help your iPad, iPhone and other Apple gadgets feel right at home... you - I just ordered the cuff links. Fathers' Day is taken care of! I want half... items! I just want to get more Apple stock..... This Apple Computer Pet Bed is an... these iPhone replica cuff links geek chic! A perfect way for the iPhone owner to... think this iPhone/iPod Touch alarm clock would look great sitting on a bedside table.... charge your iPhones and iPods. We think this doormat is a fun way to greet your techie..."
Steampunk for the Powder Room
"in the iPhone age. Here's how to celebrate its glories at home... what I call "design." I suppose I may be the only blogger to say this but I absolutely... (BTW, I don't know them at all. Just been a fan since I saw them at an art show years... tart. I'm liking the 'steampunk' look. I'm willing to bet that high tank hides a... this. I love the gears and all that copper. I especially love the kitchen. The only... stopped up? I couldn't live there but I admire how whimsical and creative this space is..."
Gadget Watch: What's New for the High-Tech Home
"solar-powered iPhone charger and other hot home gadgets... Janet! I may have to agree with Lily on the mint floor cleaner. I am considering getting... cool, but I think what my house really needs is the floor cleaner. The price might be... your own iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) to function as both the monitor and... from your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad or PC with a wireless signal. There’s no word on..."
Switch On the Phone-Controlled Home
"use your phone as a control device... smart phone–controlled device. The great thing about smart phone–controlled stuff... smart phone revolution, however, it’s now possible for controls to be on the person... mobile phone. I'm not impressed though I'm still waiting for the one that can make... build. I just turned it on in my master bathroom with my iPhone about five minutes... And your iPhone information is stored in the cloud so when you replace your phone it's..."
Pro Secrets for Taking Fantastic Travel Photos With Your Phone
"it’s your phone, because it’s right in your pocket. Travel photography has never been... with your phone on the go, capturing memories effectively and creating stories to share... on my I pad! Went to the Grand Canyon and I used my iPhone to take pictures. I was... from my iPad while I'm taking a call on my iPhone! Thank you Steve Jobs for creating... Hawaii my iPhone camera was a real gem for taking photos. Oh yes, I go to the Denver..."
Smart Phones Hold the Keys to Front Doors
"smart phone has become the mother of all electronic devices for one very simple reason:... why a phone is a great place to put all the stuff related to your door. For example... on your phone to be used from anywhere over the Internet. There are major advantages... junk when I bought them; d) I forgot the phone in the house when I went to the car so... ideas... I just want a physical backup for when a) I lost the phone and just now figured..."
Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Home Security System
"putting your phone and some new gadgets to work... to your phone. That's why it's a great idea to integrate smart phones into your home... smart phones have all the electronics used in major security systems — both on the... side. And phones are a lot cheaper than dedicated security systems. Plus, the best monitoring... integrate phones into home security. Here are a few examples.... The I-zone works amazingly well - I keep track of the dog walker etc while I'm..."
Coming Soon: Furniture That Charges Your Phone
"for some phones, such as the iPhone, which gives it wireless charging capability.... mobile phone users — you don’t have to actually plug in a phone to charge it. The... of the phone and electrifies an internal charger, thus charging the phone. The feature... of the phone handsets that support it. It’s also possible to buy an external case... charge your phone. Just setting it down on a kitchen table, bedside table, coffee table..."
Unlock Your Smart Phone's Front-Door Powers
"Maybe when I upgrade to the new iPhone with thumbprint technology I won't worry so much... Eric -- I can just about phone and text! I'd have to go back to work to get to a computer... Hmm. I'm about as techy as they get, but I have to say the last thing I want to... it... I think at this point I need to add a disclaimer that I do NOT represent Kwikset... great I don't think I'll be an early adopter, I'll wait for the bugs to get worked..."
Dial Into Old Phones for Decor With Character
"“Pay phones were once an everyday part of life,” says Wiltfong, a vintage phone... d pay phones brings something to an interior that no other phone, no matter how smart... old pay phone just to buy back a bit of their childhood.” The character of wall-mounted... , and I think my customers feel the same way.”... phones. I wish I had enough rooms to grow my collection because I only collect functioning... 1980? I started collecting old phones when I began working for Sprint, here in Kansas..."
Be a TV Star With Your Video Phone Calls
"video phone, which showed up as a standard element of daily life in things like 2001:... video phone experience is afforded through a big-screen TV, for an obvious reason:... I am certain this is great for many. I just question whether I really want... outfit I don when I come home: The gigantic mens cashmere atop the slightly shredded... even the phone is an annoyance, and no it doesn't matter if I have seen that episode..."
You Said It: 'Don't Use Your Phone' and Other Tips of the Week
"But I think I figured out what the issue is. If I search a paint color name, the... true! If I had a swing hanging from the ceiling, I'd never leave. Thanks for the quotes... their phone!! I bought my 87 year old grandfather (the man who has EVERYTHING and... ago. I got a "This is an interesting item" out of him, which is how I know they... - but I don't get to find out. What gives? @broquet - totally agree. I have not seen..."
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