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What Could You Imagine With Lego's New Architecture Kit?
"building ideas. With 1,210 all-white blocks at your disposal, it's OK to think big... something architecture nerds can finally geek out on. Lego has launched its Architecture... popular Architecture series. Unlike other kits in the series, which let users build... their own architecture. It's geared toward ages 16 and up, and the hope is that young... studying architecture or design can use it for creating design prototypes and models..."
Explore Jim Olson's Art in Architecture
"architect's ideas about space, perception, and the experience of living with nature... approach to architecture. His approach has made him one of the Pacific Northwest's most... Art in Architecture runs through June 9, 2013, at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham... residential architecture is the focus of another ideabook.) Accompanying the exhibition... of the ideas and influences spanning the first 50 years of his career. This ideabook..."
Architectural Elements of a Perfect Coastal Florida Home
"design ideas from a Floridian architect... Some good ideas for coastal Florida design! Keep 'em coming. Living in the Florida Keys... Need good ideas for what can be done artistically on ground floor of a V flood zone!... different architectural styles for homes. but the best ones take advantage of our hot..."
Love Your Living Room: Boost Interest With Architectural Details
"Ideas for working with trim, textures and walls to give your living room more visual... room's architectural details. It doesn't matter if your home's architecture is co... adding architectural details, then my suggestion to homeowners is: hire a professional... modern architectural styles, I prefer simple designs on walls. A useful note to help... are they architectural details? (my 70 yo mother-in-law house) Pretty nice designs..."
What's the Big Idea? In Architecture, It's the Parti Pris
"design's big idea. It signifies an architect's overall guiding idea for a design. As such... other architectural issues. While not every design starts with a parti pris, it's... guiding idea, or departure point, can strengthen the final outcome, as the design won't... from, in architecture context. Here is what I found: "A Parti or Parti pris/ from the... the big idea , is the chief organizing thought or decision behind an architect's design..."
Architecture: How Details Can Make All the Difference
"of the idea, how Wright carried his architectural idea (materials, rhythms, geometries)... design’s idea must be thoroughly and consistently represented through the entire fabric... interesting architecture. She had stumbled upon one of the homes designed by my architecture... terrific idea for a story (has potential) but if written with poor character development... successful architecture. I will keep this article in my notes for future reference...."
Why Authenticity in Architecture Matters
"world by Architectural Digest. Between us, sitting proudly on the table, was a model... work of architecture of the last 50 years. Mr. Johnson listened quietly while he... very good ideas. Unfortunately, you've stuck them all together into one design. The... piece of architecture suffered from multiple personalities — there was no single idea... wonderful architecture? Let's look at six examples of authentic interiors and exteriors..."
Efficient Architecture Suggests a New Future for Design
"applied the idea of efficiency to design when he sought to get rid of anything that wasn't... The idea of an efficient home has grown in popularity over the last decade, largely... Meaningful architecture and efficiency is typical design practice of many Eichler remodels... to be architecturally significant far exceeds that of standard built dwellings..... another architectural trend for the wealthy; sprawling second or third homes that do..."
8 Wonders of Imagination in Architecture
"soaring architectural vision has a chance to fly... added to architecture, an ordinary design idea becomes Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, frozen... eight architectural projects and one landscape exhibit great imagination in space... (create architecture) is with four walls and a flat ceiling: a box. Through applied... these idea. I might have some ideas which base on natural material. "The wall also... Great ideas come to life that way. How inspiring! Unfortunately, building regulations..."
Computer-Rendered Architecture Dares to Dream
"fantastic architecture can seem real with computer-aided design... fantastical ideas, either for a client or as hypothetical proposals. This photo-realism... other ideas, I think a taser might be appropriate. curious as to how you achieve... Blanda Architecture + Interiors, adopts the "decorated shed" idea defined by Robert... g via architecture, as opposed to "ducks," where form attempts to convey meaning... real.More:Architectural Images: Truth or Fiction? Interiors can be just as fantastical..."
Design Practice: How to Start Your Architecture Business
"Get your architecture or design practice out of your daydreams and into reality with... opening an architecture or design practice is more accessible than ever. It takes surprisingly... from the idea of opening a firm to following through and actually doing it. Each one... my own architecture business actually meant that I would leave architecture and start... go into architecture as business. Do you see anyone investing in an architectural practice..."
Simplicity vs. Simpleness in Architecture — and Why You Should Care
"only in architecture but also in other forms of design. Apple, for example, has refined... convey the idea, in which the painter uses just the right amount of color, making it... paintings or architecture, shares this quality. Let's explore the characteristics of... beautiful architecture with simplicity, an essential ingredient to beautiful design.... like the idea of 'simple' though as well as 'simplicity' - an idea that is often leading..."
Design Icons: Le Corbusier, Pioneer of Modern Architecture
"taking his ideas in directions (housing projects, for example) that have made his con... a New Architecture. With the exception of Behrens influence, many of these ideas... from his architecture, ideas and ambitions, but also important was the evolution of... cases the architecture and urban plans were united in idea and conception. The Unité... of his architecture from International-style modernism in the 1920s and '30s to ex..."
Roots of Style: Ranch Architecture Roams Across the U.S.
"colonial architecture in California promoted the idea of rambling floor plans with wide... colonial architecture. The Prairie style established a long, low and horizontal elevation... with ideas. All is not lost! There is hope for these sad little houses! Hurrah... styles of architecture (spanish or craftsman) that, while in some cases are considerably... modern architecture where all ornament has been taken away and the function and beauty..."
'In Praise of Shadows' Finds Relevance in Today's Architecture
"Japanese architecture and design, written by Junichiro Tanizaki and published in 1933... Tanizaki's ideas, providing an opportunity to quote the author and discuss his essay in... Tanizaki's ideas, translated into today's light and shadows. So refreshing! In many parts... thinking architecture and started thinking B&W photography. I look forward to reading... photos and ideas. So nice to see some shadow appreciation on Houzz, I know it's a minority..."
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