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7 Finishing Touches for a Thoughtful Front Yard
"great ideas, but if the project doesn't include some important finishing touches... That goes for the outside of your house as well as the inside. And when you're talking... , bad for pets and people. Thanks for the great article. I love planning the details... Thanks for your help, I've been scouring the web looking for suggestions. Oh, and... specifications for birdhouses for specific species of birds. I love this guy! So unique..."
Texture Talk: 4 Foliage Types for Distinctive Gardens
"textures for plants that stand out and a landscape that draws you in... items; for gardeners that means plants in the landscape. Foliage texture is what... Jocelyn for featuring Bliss photos in your article! Wonderful ideas, thank you! In... lovely ideas but please include zone information for each plant Very nice!... Thanks for breaking it down to the basics. I'm going to refer to this many times,... landscaping for my new home. I also love the black and white photo trick and the way it..."
A Great Spring Plant Combo for Dappled Shade
"can work for my Canadian garden but I can dream. PS...I love your book for all the... tics. For example if this iris didn't work you might look for a very vertical grass... too big for me to work with anymore. Smaller can be better! Thank you for all the... great ideas! Japanese Forest Grass has been one of my garden favorites for several... Thank you for this information! Karen, you hit on some of my personal favorites in my..."
Inside Houzz: A Waterfront Property Ditches the Grass for a Garden
"designer for this project. “I had no idea how to start,” she says. She wanted a vegetable... place for watching the sunset, among other things, but she didn’t know how to pick... these ideas together. After discovering local landscape designer Eileen Kelly’s profile... paradise for the homeowners to enjoy. And to share my ideas for lawn replacement and... spark some ideas for homeowners in California and beyond using low-water plant alternatives..."
Great Garden Combo: 3 Soft-Looking Plants for a Dry Climate
"plants for tough gardens, and one of the hardest areas to plant is one with rapidly... designs for No. California gardens. Love it with grasses. Here it is with a Fescue... Karen for the compliment and comments! Yes, I'm sure most gardeners/landscape p... framework for the combination. The wispy seed heads add to its unabashedly romantic appeal... foliage and flowers of sedum 'Autumn Joy' (Sedum 'Herbstfreude') do this perfectly. This..."
Big Foliage for Small Spaces
"the norm for many of us. One way to inject unexpected interest into your small space... hoping for some more ideas. I think I am a fan of why do one when you could do 50... Lovely ideas, Jay Good ideas here. I'll have to look and see if some of these are... coming on for 4 minutes 4 times a day. Fabulous ideas here! Great book, great inspiration... article for more ideas! Love all of these, have just a couple of them. Sadly, the cost..."
Keep Your Garden on Point With Spikes of Purple
"round flower forms and make for intriguing masses in the landscape... great ideas! I love purple and I'd love to add any of these to my garden. Thanks... Thanks for the inspiration! Great article! Catmint is, in my mind, just about the best... regenerate for a second, tho less showy flush. One fall I was dividing some catmint clumps... waiting for me, so I divided it and replanted. Gotta love a plant like that! I have..."
Great Design Plant: Walker's Low Catmint
"prepare for winter dormancy. As autumn colors are, it's nice to have something to set... prolific flowering of Walker’s Low catmint’s (Nepeta x faassenii 'Walker's Low') soft... companion for me on both coasts of the country,” notes landscape designer Brian Maloney... ..bad idea, over the next 2 nights, the cats trampled every plant looking for a suitible... bumble bees for nectar from the blooms, another reason I love it in my garden! I started..."
Great Design Plant: Red Kangaroo Paw
"spring for its height, hardiness and beautiful red blooms... attractive flowers. Choose red kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos ‘Red Cross’) for added benefits... , and for good reason. It's easy to grow, versatile, and has exceptionally attractive... need some ideas for my garden.Thanks Is it deer resistant? can this plant withstand the... a wall for shadow effects, and a great cut flower.”This garden showcases all of these..."
Design Dilemmas: 5 Questions for Houzzers!
"Post Ideas for Landscaping for a Modern Home, Updating a Rental and More... small flowering vine with a soft growing habit in planters beneath each trellis.... maple, non flowering crab apple. On the outside nix the bushes (again) and include vine... a lamp for reading and one that would look great in the room. Any ideas? (PS, there's... thoughts for those of us who are renting and don't want to put too much money into a..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Kitchen Touches Anyone Can Do
"homes for at least eight hours a day, I feel your pain. The condition is something... try new ideas. My house is constantly in flux. In this series I'm going to go room... can do for little to no money in very little time. This week we'll cover the kitchen... rooms for next week. Such lovely ideas. I can't wait for your next article. One... to care for and display. Also, you gave me a great idea for the gorgeous antique red..."
Love to Bake? Try These 13 Ideas for a Better Baker's Kitchen
"bidding for a bake-off title, these kitchen ideas will boost your baking experience... together some ideas for a baking enthusiast making some tweaks to her kitchen. Some ideas... kitchen for a serious baker requires some thought, even some field research. I recently... suitable for small kitchens, while others work best in kitchens with a larger footprint... dozen ideas to consider while you wait.... bake you for being supportive. Good for you. Thanks for sharing. Charmean How does the..."
Designer Tips for Creating a Better Bedroom
"these ideas for a more comfortable bedroom... Houzz is idea central, and raises the bar for creative ideas for what can be done with... entertaining for everyone! By day, the kids would come in a put on horizontal shows for... lots of ideas and information. I would love to follow your lovely tips for my new house... pictures for this article. Thank you for sharing... In the second photo, I found it... master for a workout room. The small bedroom was big enough for a king and two bedside..."
9 Ways to Make Your Yard More Fun for Kids
"these ideas don’t even cost a dime!... are some ideas for a range of project budgets.... GREAT IDEA!!!!! I love all these ideas especially the bean teepee. Some ideas suit... use any idea you are not comfortable with. No 9 for example would be great for school... follow ideas or squash ideas and litigate just because some ideas don't suit your... Great Ideas! Love the hidden sandbox idea! Water & sand in any configuration is..."
10 Polished Looks for a Bedroom Makeover
"craving for a new year's bedroom refresh, these styling ideas can help you get there... These ideas for creating 10 different looks can refresh your bedroom — pick your... your own ideas for a dreamy bedroom in the Comments.... prime time for home makeovers, and what better place to start than the bedroom? It is... Thanks for the comment! Number 3 for me. I'd love to crawl into that bed with a good... I'd go for elemental luxe: only the essentials, but softest down, strongest linens..."
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