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My Houzz: Reviving a 1902 Row House in Toronto
After living in a family-centric neighborhood in the East End of Toronto for 25 years, Wanda Enman was eager to get closer to the action downtown. She first tested the waters by renting a condo in the Entertainment District, but she grew weary of all...
How to Research Your Home's History
"alphabetical index which lists occupation and business address as well, and finally to the... sort of index to architectural style articles on Wikipedia from all over the globe:... Buildings Index is kind of fun too, and has line drawings: http://www.greatbuildings..."
Want Gorgeous Interior Colors? Look to the Light
"rendition index. Choosing a lamp on kelvin only is a BIG mistake. Thanks Kenny for useful... rendition index of a lamp. That number needs to be 90 or higher in order to cover the... rendition index) It is separate from "cool" or "warm" which are measured by the kelvin..."
Gift Guide: 50 Flat or Foldable Finds
"animal index and Pantone tattoo. i want everything!!!!!! Great ideas - especially... animal index cards grabbed me right away! Colorful Art prints are a great option for... animals to index a personal library and keep track of each and every title.Mailing size:..."
Warm Up Your Walls With Woven Wallcovering
Lots of decorators have signature elements which appear again and again throughout their portfolios. For me, it's woven wallcovering. I find it surprising since just five years ago, I'd never use anything besides paint on walls. Now, I turn to wallcovering...
Expert Talk: 11 Desk Designs That Really Work It
"com/home/index.jsp They don't have that finish available any more, but have a similar... com/product/index.jsp?productId=11108343." These examples are all conveniently sparse...."
Get Ideas for a Model-of-Perfection Artist's Studio
"e.com/index.php/claytonlittle/project/42 Wait, by "curved section," are you referring... Avery Index at your library, if possible. The design is nice, because the lighting..."
7 Favorite Vintage Furniture Sites
"com/pc/index.html Also, Deconet is one of my favorite places to look; however, I've... o.com/index.php/ If you collect labels, fruit crate labels, wine labels , old ads..."
Alternatives to Granite Countertops, Part III
"e.com/index.cfm/id/47/lang/english/soapstonedrywax/soapstonemineraloil oops http://www... e.com/index.cfm/id/47/lang/english/soapstonedrywax/soapstonemineraloil Paul, how..."
My Houzz: Ecofriendly and Salvaged Style in a Montreal Triplex
"h.com/index.htm. Gorgeous space, and love that it is all about "you". Seriously--a... com/products/index/cu_products/58.php). And while the topic of toilets is indeed not the..."
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