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How to Convert Your Wood-Burning Fireplace
"about inserts and other options for switching your fireplace from wood to gas or... burning insert. These are similar to a wood burning stove but fit into the fireplace... manufacturer. Inserts are not as efficient as a well designed masonry fireplace. We would... burning insert in a well made fireplace can be a very efficient energy source. If you... woodburning insert, It's one of the newer more efficient less polluting kinds - Montpelier..."
Hot Ideas and Tips for Coffee and Tea Stations
"drawer inserts and built-in coffeemakers percolate now, so your hot-drinks station... drawer inserts from Dura Supreme - I will own those someday, yes I will. Gorgeous... drawer inserts beside the coffee maker??? @ Luciana.....you like white cups, and... drawer inserts as an example. All of these images are great examples! For those not... Drawer inserts. Though this drawer insert is filled with utensils, it would work..."
Easy Fixes for Kitchen Storage
"smaller insert shelf can double your storage efficiency for all those small containers... drawer insert, which can be used to retrofit old cabinetry. In this case spices have... partitions, inserts, holders and more..."
Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Glass
"cabinet inserts represent an ideal compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving... glass inserts — the market is loaded with interesting textures and techniques. Here... cabinet inserts which way does the texture go, facing inside or outside the cabinet... glass insert is totally up to you. We, however, recommend to put it with the textured... glass and inserts... Solid colored glass that conceals your stored items and accents..."
8 Reasons to Nix Your Fireplace (Yes, for Real)
"burning insert and have blocked up the fireplace. The insert by the way was not attached... fireplace. Gas insert, whatever the low emission thing that Michelle W is talking about, etc... fireplace insert or a nice wood stove (we have 2, one in the house the other in my shop)... accommodate an insert or a stove, they're just too inefficient to satisfy our sensibilities... fireplace insert or a wood stove. Check out hearth.com. Great site, full of wicked..."
Design Surprises Amaze in an Eye-Popping Manhattan Penthouse
"Hotson, who inserted four floors into the previously unoccupied hipped roof space starting... Viñas, who inserted colorful furnishings, floral accents, and playful fixtures into the... playful inserted into an old building. As we'll see, it's a spatially complex and rich... slide inserted into New York's New Museum in 2011. As executed, the slide is as much..."
Pillow Talk: Learn the Lingo of Cushions
"a 24" insert; For a 22" lightweight silk, a 23" insert. - An insert the same size... feather inserts, the amount of fluffing needed depends upon how densely filled an insert... insert is used. While feathers add resistance and weight, a lightly filled down... feather insert may require more fluffing than and adequately filled all down insert... Size of insert needed depends a lot upon the weight of the cover fabric, as well as..."
Nesting Boxes: Houses With Homes of Their Own
"spaces are inserted within larger ones. Nesting creates interstitial zones that may or... the cube inserted into the garage conversion that you referred to. Boxes inserted in... partially inserted into a larger rectangle. Both are off the main social areas and have... either inserted into a gable-framed enclosure or capped by it. According to the architects... that is inserted into the larger house. Covered in glass on the side facing the front..."
Furniture Clinic: End the Curse of Slouchy Couch Cushions
"cushion and inserted bed two pillows in each. Yes, it actually worked. But honestly,... remove the inserts to attached cushions on most pieces--the zipper is hidden away on the... remove the inserts. At that point, you can fluff, restuff, add stuffing and do whatever... rotate the inserts on a regular basis because they slouch. Do you think it would improve... tufted the insert? The leather pillow is attached, so I can't include it in the tufting..."
Updated Woodstoves Keep Home Fires Burning
"a gas insert. Our gas insert was super easy to install and we use it instead of the... wood-burning insert, and have learned so much this first winter. First, patience. Our chimney... to be inserted in the chimney which adds considerably to the cost. My consultant... burning insert installed in our fireplace about 6 years ago. Still love it – there's... stove insert, just opening the door to re-fuel lets ash out into the air. We run..."
How to Remodel Your Fireplace
"a gas insert, a wood insert or a traditional hearth (not sure what the terms are)... fireplace insert that we use. does anyone have any thoughts on how painting the brick... stove insert instead of the gas start wood burning fireplace. Should I do this before... fireplace and insert. The toughest part was cutting the brick to make a flat surface to... For the insert I used a high heat paint from lowes. At Liston Construction, we have..."
8 Popular Cabinet Door Styles for Kitchens of All Kinds
"panel inserts Nice metal inserts...would have never thought of that. That's why... glass inserts for the very top, maybe even add some custom inserts as our home is... Rattan Inserts to add ventilation. This is another great cabinet door style when needing... those inserts! Do I want to even know how much the custom metal cabinet panel inserts... faux-beadboard insert panels too. I sanded very, very gently and then primed with an oil-based..."
Your Patio: The Beauty of a Firepit, Without The Smoke
"GEL FUEL INSERT? Be careful with the gel products. Many of them were recalled after... gel fuel insert...."
Bringing Symbols of Luck into Home Design
"things are inserted into the home in small ways (hung as artwork, placed as statues) but..."
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