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How to Install a Tile Backsplash
"you can install a tile backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom... penetration. Installers often apply sealer prior to installation to make it easier to clean... its off install the tiles level and a larger grout line between the counter top and... variables to installation...especially wavy unsquare walls, unlevel surfaces and outlets... these pre-installed tile backsplash murals. For thin grout lines, use unsanded grout..."
Contractor Tips: How to Install Tile Flawlessly
"separate good installs from great installs. Remember, tile is for the long haul. These tips... that your installation looks great and stands the test of time. Lingo to know: Thinset:... glass tile install. The tiles were paper faced and the installer did not know how to install... tile to install, It's not excuse for a poor installation as shown but realize that... DIY tile installation: Spacers. They are small, flexible and "+" shaped and are used..."
How to Install a Drip Irrigation System
"easier to install and more flexible than an inground sprinkler system and, once it’s... patience to install drip irrigation, though not as much as an inground system. Plan on... day for installation — or two, if you have a lot of ground to cover. Drip systems also... plan to install it in our new landscape beds as soon as they're planted. Drip irrigation... easier to install drip irrigation before we planted. That way we weren't trampling the..."
DIY: How to Install a Door
"Installing a door used to be a very challenging project, attempted by only the most... casing is installed and in most cases the doorknob hole has already been drilled. Essentially... the door installation for you. If you follow these steps, a homeowner who's good with... gun) can install a new door in less time than you'd think. Time: Around 2 hours for... overall if installed properly. also note to all the split jam installers, make sure to..."
Install Your Kitchen Sink for How You Like to Cook and Clean
"kind of installation to do. There are four basic categories of sink mounting types:... sinks are installed on top of or over the countertop. *Integral sinks are made from the... easily install them yourself in an affordable laminate countertop. Undermount and... professional installation and can only be mounted to a sturdy and non-porous countertop... when I installed a Rohl in my own kitchen many years ago. The shallower depth doesn't..."
How to Install a Toilet in an Hour
"way to install a toilet. He was gracious enough to let me photograph him while he... he installed a toilet recently, and he shared a few secrets that can make the job a... actually installing one. Hello I did not install this tile, but we are doing a job now... post on installing a wall-hung toilet, please? on a tile floor which is bound to cause... happen to install one in the future Thanks Clark. I think I'll let Mike do mine. :)..."
How to Install a Wood Fence
"about to install a fence - probably professionally and probably PVC or the bamboo faux... process of installing the fence. 1. Run a builders (string) line along the run to ensure... company to install a "fence wall" (not enclosed) to shield us from the property that backs... contractor install some in a tan color at our last house. Neighbors loved it but it just... initial installation. Part of it had the rails on my side and part facing my neighbor..."
Ready to Install a Chandelier? Here's How to Get It Done
"addition to installation instructions. WARNING! Not all assembly instructions and in... you must install an appropriate support system." Whadya mean by "you" and "appropriate"... finished installation: Some very good advice here . I hired a General Contractor for... pot and installed 4" inch pots 5 of them without my permission and tried to charge... roadblock to installing a chandelier. @chriscap17: 2 story rooms are great for reflectors..."
How to Install a Green Roof
"insights on installing living roofs, from both a designer’s and a homeowner’s point of... landscapers installed drainage, they waterproofed the top, put a funny squishy membrane... garden installation, Coulson believes it can be a relatively easy DIY project. Cost... square foot installed.Typical project length: A few days up to a week, depending on size... you’re installing and whether you’re making changes to the existing structure.Project..."
How to Install Energy-Efficient Windows
"forget to install a good flashing as well. If your installer says that foam is enough... incorrect installation of one or more components (incorrectly installed flashing and/or... "How to install" article, this is a "how to find an installer" article. My Dad called... properly installed. The Pella guy came out and said the windows were fine, they just... to be installed properly. I have been astounded at how much quieter the house is..."
Should You Install a Urinal at Home?
"urinal installed as well as a toilet in the main bathroom when she and her husband... grab bar installed above the urinal as well for safety. In the photo above the towel... We installed a urinal in our basement bathroom last year and don't regret it one... urinal installed. It was his one request- and it got me lots of bargaining room. :)... poorly installed skylights. The approach was up a narrow road with quite a drop-off..."
How to Install a Dimmer Switch
"want to install LED downlights you need to be sure you buy ones that can be dimmed... owner installed no less than 14 pot lights in the living room, about 8 more than... recently installed new 4" Halo LED cans, with new Lutron LED dimmers, but the buzzing... when I installed a new light fixture with an existing dimmer switch. I discovered... accidentally install a bathroom fan timer, as in the photo, above, thinking it's a dimmer..."
Contractor Tips: How to Choose and Install Windows
"Proper installation cannot be stressed enough. Be sure that your architect has all... window installation, including head, sill, and jamb details that accurately depict... should be installed. To take it a step further, or back, window placement should always... windows are installed at the same height from the ceiling! Didn't catch this when we built... values. 5. Installation. A good window without a good installation won't last, so consider..."
Spring Patio Fix-Ups: Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit
"about installing an outdoor fire pit in your backyard for several reasons. Check... Metro to install a fireplace or fire pit on a new or existing patio, we would be happy... freestanding. Installing an outdoor fireplace is a big project, no matter how you look at... Also, installing a wood-burning fireplace is a simpler (and often less expensive)... pros to install a custom version, it is important to know how to make your outdoor..."
Walk Through a Granite Countertop Installation — Showroom to Finish
"granite installation and how to maximize your investment... Installing granite in your kitchen or bathroom is one of the best investments you... choosing and installing granite can be very confusing and misleading. I've done a lot of... granite installations and have learned how the process should work. Follow along here... granite be installed. The installers showed up unannounced a few days later with new... it was installed. It was not on it when we approved it. So the installers came back..."
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