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What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor
"cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring... to get hardwood floors. Easy enough, right? Pick a wood and be done with it. Not... kind of hardwood floor your home can accommodate, and what will look best with your... of as a hardwood floor: thick, solid planks of wood. Engineered wood is made of a veneer... choosing a hardwood floor for your home.... of the floor you're working with pretty much will dictate what kind of wood you can..."
How to Install a Tile Backsplash
"you can install a tile backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom... penetration. Installers often apply sealer prior to installation to make it easier to clean... without glue or paste and doesn't require grouting. A glossy, water-based sealant... its off install the tiles level and a larger grout line between the counter top and... so the glue lines run horizontally, it helps them from sagging. I agree that the detail..."
How to Install a Toilet in an Hour
"way to install a toilet. He was gracious enough to let me photograph him while he... he installed a toilet recently, and he shared a few secrets that can make the job a... post on installing a wall-hung toilet, please? on a tile floor which is bound to cause... protect my hardwood floors from the bottom side of the toilet. JW We have a "Ten Flush... actually installing one. Hello I did not install this tile, but we are doing a job now..."
DIY: How to Install a Door
"Installing a door used to be a very challenging project, attempted by only the most... casing is installed and in most cases the doorknob hole has already been drilled. Essentially... the door installation for you. If you follow these steps, a homeowner who's good with... gun) can install a new door in less time than you'd think. Time: Around 2 hours for... overall if installed properly. also note to all the split jam installers, make sure to..."
Contractor Tips: Smooth Moves for Hardwood Floors
"natural wood floors? Consider these professional pointers before you lay the first plank... doesn't have hardwood floors, you probably wish it did. Wood makes great flooring. It's... '80s. But hardwood floors have almost always been in style for the last couple hundred... planning on installing or refinishing your existing floors, read on for some insight from... the same floors people are now refinishing), and I seem to remember wall-to-wall carpeting..."
Transition Time: How to Connect Tile and Hardwood Floors
"between floor surfaces. Here's what you need to know... tile floor to the hardwood of another room is often given little forethought. However... or a floor assembly that's destined to fail. Most of the floor framing in North... carpet and hardwood to be used on floors. But these days most of my clients want large... product down and not raise the height of the floor tile. Did the floor installer not... iene) installed between our hardwood and tile floors. Hi John, as always great..."
Ranch House Remodel: Installing the Interior Finishes
"bamboo flooring is laid, the bathroom tiles are set and more... the last installment of our Florida ranch house renovation diary, the interior construction... walls, installing new electrical devices, relocating plumbing lines for the new fixture... in, we installed all-new drywall throughout. Once the drywall was up and primed,... repeatedly see floors installed very early in the finish construction on TV and in web sites..."
How to Paint Your Hardwood Floors
"paint hardwood floors, but if you know how to apply nail polish, you already know... solid wood floors can give them new life without the expense and mess of refinishing them... make your floors a beautiful design element in their own right, particularly with interesting... near the floor. Even then years down the road when the floor is sanded down to bare... cry, hardwood floor lovers - it is the porch floor. It's always been painted :)..."
Beadboard Panels Offer a Shortcut to a Classic Style
"beaded hardwood planks and trim you can install yourself... chore to install, but you can get a similar look with beaded hardboard planks, and the... practice to glue your wood with carpenters glue before you nail or screw it together.... not to glue the beadboard to the tiles... just be sure to get the right glue, ask... where floor tile meets baseboard, leave it, or use tile grout? what color paint is... advisable to glue the beadboard to the wall? Would just nailing it be sufficient? The paint..."
Keeping Cabinet Color on the Down Low
"on the floor to tie the colors from the backsplash down to the floor? A Kilim in nice... together, the flooring would need to change. Wood would be nice, but glue-down cork tiles... change the floor. Could there be some salvageable old hardwood under it? The desire for... change the floor - there are paints out there for vinyl floors - do a whitewash and kill... checked floor if you take the uppers down there are tons of options for more storage..."
How to Match Tile Heights for a Perfect Installation
"When installing two tiles from two different suppliers, often the thickness of each... how you install tile. I'm noticing many installers using less thin-set to install... great install - but if the installer does not get the required coverage under the... perimeter your install might fail. I have been seeing many pictures online of installers... tiles installed WITH an offset needs more time for installing. First, you have to..."
Contractor Tips: Countertop Installation from Start to Finish
"countertop installation is preparation — and installing a countertop involves a lot more... Before your installer shows up to template, all cabinets must be permanently installed... Counter installation is one of the last things to happen in your kitchen or bath renovation... template and install. Below you'll find information you'll need to be prepared with on... counters are installed. More: How to Remodel Your Kitchen..."
What to Know Before You Tear Down That Wall
"kitchen down to the studs, floor and ceiling joists. He installed a new sub-floor... wall came down. The total floor cost for the flooring was about $1700 and no one can... Regarding the hardwood floors; you may be able to have a flooring person route out the old... quality, installed flooring without a moisture barrier, made the doorway smaller and... exposed floor is the only tricky part, the rest is simple. Matching the floors......."
Is It Time to Take Down That Wallpaper?
"to come down. And we’re here to hold your hand while you do it. Now let’s get on with... left the glue. We sprayed the glue coating again, and that came off equally as smoothly... wet it down. Go down the wall wetting the whole piece, then go back to the top and... sink in down the glue layer. You may have to do this two or three times on the same... taking down wallpaper in our office building about a year ago. It's not an easy task..."
How to Tear Down That Concrete Patio
"others are installing concrete floors and concrete kitchen counters inside their homes... concrete slab floor in good condition. We removed glued down indoor/outdoor carpet.....yikes... epoxy to glue aggregate to it -- or use it as a base for something else if you have... percolate down through the soil than to create more run off). Something a little larger... You can glue your border pieces directly to the slab and simply lay sand and pavers..."
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