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Great Design Tree: Japanese Maple
"color make Japanese maple a welcome tree for garden or patio... adored Japanese maple (Acer palmatum). "Right now, Japanese maples are exploding... cultivars of Japanese maples, in terms of year-round seasonal color, leaf texture, height... Japanese Maples are some of my favorite ornamental trees - So beautiful any time... Love the Japanese maple! The blog says the tree can spend its entire life in a large... bonsai trees. native? To where? I love Japanese maples. My parents' home has a 30-year..."
11 Japanese Maples for Breathtaking Color and Form
"beautiful Japanese maple to suit almost any setting... well-grown Japanese maple evokes mental images of tranquility and mysticism unlike any... versatile trees are equally at home in the courtyards of a weathered Japanese temple... Cloud" Japanese Maple. Another really brilliant species of Japanese Maple are the... these trees We love Japanese Maples -- they are beautiful trees and can be used in... to as Japanese maples. Ginnala's range seems to be Japanese through parts of Europe..."
Great Design Plant: Coral Bark Japanese Maple, a Winter Standout
"coral bark Japanese maple. With fiery red stems that stand out in the winter landscape... Great Japanese Maple Charlotte! One of my Favorite!! I love these trees!! Do they do... top 3 Japanese Maples. Thanks for posting. Really like for my landscape Easy to grow... Coral Bark Maple in my front yard which I treasure year round! Happy Holidays! Great... and the tree's going fine now, though a little lopsided. Watch for narrow/tight crotches..."
5 Amazing Small Maple Trees
"more to maples than syrup. Expand your maple milieu with any of these 5 small and unusual... know big maples like sugar and red maple, as well as smaller, superpopular Japanese... Japanese maple. But there's a wealth of other small trees in the maple clan. Here are just... to as maples. You know the shape of their leaves, you know maple syrup, and if you... beloved trees, but for my money, the A+ goes to the genus Acer, more commonly referred..."
Great Design Plant: Vine Maple
"small tree a top choice for home gardens... ornamental tree, wish to add some height to a native planting area, want to inject some... native vine maple (Acer circinatum) may be the solution.... Vine Leaf Maple & Big Leaf Maples for (sap for making) maple syrup.... beautiful tree but alas, I live in Wisconsin. Harsh winters zone 4. Love this tree! What... growing maples can be difficult. The best option for here is the native Bigtooth Maple..."
Great Design Tree: The Dove Tree
"the dove tree provides a respite from the summer sun... flowering trees for spring is the dazzling and perhaps lesser known dove tree (Davidia... “The tree has a beautiful horizontal branching structure and large, elegantly shaped... the dove tree welcomes admiration and interest, begging a closer look. Shall we?... messy tree! The flowers end up everywhere, but the "fruit" are worse. They most... from the trees branches" Most of them end up all over the ground below. Fine unless..."
Great Design Tree: Australian Tea Tree
"Australian Tea Tree (Leptospermum laevigatum). Wind blown and architectural, these trees appear... no two trees are ever alike. Growing up in San Diego, I would climb these trees at... Australian Tea Trees make for beautiful landscape design features in more than just my childhood... These trees are beautiful. Tea tree oil is also a great home remedy for irritated... These trees are gorgeous. I wish I had a spot for one. While these trees are pretty..."
Lay of the Landscape: Create the Beauty of a Japanese Garden
"serene Japanese garden design. Bring the look home with some of these principles... A Japanese garden may seem bare and minimalist, but designing a true Japanese garden... a true Japanese garden is never really finished, just as nature is always changing... tranquility of Japanese gardens. Based only on assumption, I imagine Asian Feng Shui... touch of a Japanese Garden to your own personal garden landscape with a custom addition..."
7 Great Trees for Summer Shade and Fall Color
"planting a tree in your front yard that celebrates the merging of these seasons. Here... tangerine tree, and a small hybrid grapefruit tree along the edge. Irrigated trees with... favorite trees (besides the Cercis RFPansy, Bloodgood Japanese Maple) are Katsuras and... I see Japanese maple trees planted all over here and they seem to do fine. The only... insulate them tree. Thx Glenna. yw! Was always told Japanese maples were best suited as..."
Great Design Plant: Paperbark Maple
"this tree is a highlight of the landscape... paperbark maple is sure to become a favorite feature in your garden.... row of trees with cinnamon coloured, papery bark and was wondering what kind they... Paperbark mapleUSDA zones: 4 to 8 (find your zone)Water requirement: Water regularly... this maple with foliage and flowers in sunset shades of orange, gold and burgundy... obscuring the tree with evergreen plants. Its bark is one of the highlights of the winter..."
5 Best-Behaved Trees to Grace a Patio
"amiable trees mind their manners in a modest outdoor space... myrtle and Japanese maple are deciduous; the other three are evergreen and suited mainly... ideal tree for a patio or other moderate-size outdoor living area? Generally you’ll... suggestion of Japanese Maple does not help a northern gardener, since Japanese Maples need... with no trees around. I have a Japanese Maple in the front yard and probably might..."
6 Trees You'll Fall For
"planted trees, too. Different types of trees prefer different living conditions.... spring. Trees best planted in fall, such as crabapples, maples, elms and honeylocusts... species of trees. Planting conditions are near perfect: The soil is warm, the sun isn’t... every tree should be planted in fall, of course. The reason is in the roots: Trees... article! Japanese maples are wonderful small garden trees (for the right climate)...."
How to Help Your Trees Weather a Storm
"eeing trees safely through winter storms means choosing the right species, siting... winds, trees suffer. Mature trees are susceptible for any number of reasons, and when... Many trees, like silver maple (Acer saccharinum) have notoriously weak wood and... an old tree gets irreparably damaged, the loss can be profound — not to mention expensive... know, trees are the most expensive element in a planting scheme. Landscape architects..."
The Weepers and the Creepers: 10 Intriguing Trees for Your Garden
"with a tree that dives, twists or crawls... rtain trees are an acquired taste, much like fine wine. I often joke with my clients... appreciate a tree that grows straight up, but it takes a special person to grow and appreciate... these trees could talk, I feel sure that they would draw us into a conversation,... columnar Japanese white pine and 'Shaina' Japanese maple behind it, making a visual... which tree you end up with! Post a photo. I love all types of Japanese Maples, but..."
11 Trees for Brilliant Fall Color
"on the trees change color; look at the enduring popularity of day trips (or even longer... to the trees that are already planted. If you think a little more color is needed... colors in trees!! Trees trees trees love them put me in the forest so I can admire them... to the maples, so if the leaves look like maple leaves, then it's not a pear tree... for the trees:) we planted a mulberry tree in the backyard, but it will take years..."
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