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How to Protect (Even Enhance!) Your Relationship While Renovating
"heart. Keep your togetherness during a remodel with this wise advice... difficult to keep my sanity and go on living while renovating an entire house but I keep... the one keeping track of expenditures-he tends to have the big picture vision. When... smiling. Keep a sense of humor. And a home is made of the people within, not the materials... need to keep your spirits up and go to the restaurant as much as you can to relax..."
10 Ideas for Making Screen-Free Play a Reality
"creativity and keep them away from the TV... have to keep worrying about them spilling paint on the dining room table. Check out... ways to keep them away from the TV and games systems are no longer a problem. I always... hard to keep this rule as weekdays and weedend days are indistinguishable... So we... project--from organizing drawers or sewing something fun--based on those childhood jobs,... painting or organizing, and a way to earn extra money by tackling household projects. Be..."
12 Tips for Happily Combining Households
"about keeping it :). When my husband and I got married two years ago, we both had... right, be organized, look nice & clean.... section! 11. Keep an open mind. Sometimes context makes all the difference. That neon sign... set on keeping something that is not your style, agree to at least try it in the new... doorways or keep slim boxes under the bed. 7. Take time before the move to plan room schemes... worth keeping. If a piece of furniture is not your style or feels a bit fusty and..."
Inside Houzz: Setting a Midcentury Mood in Portland
"ng to keep their home’s 1950s vibe but lose the outdated functionality, a couple... impossible to keep clean, particularly with these.... Love this house. I think these new... d and keeping true to the MCM spirit. lots of thought given to how they use their... us and keeping track of the construction process but we often used Houzz on my iPad... and why keep the skirting at all? @safronpixi ...why not have it, it's such a little..."
Guest Picks: 18 Modern Laundry Conveniences With Farmhouse Style
"that will keep you from dragging out the washboard... I can keep an eye out for something similar. I have a triple laundry sorter and love... sale. Keeps them from wandering off and from getting broken. This would make a... to get organised! My laundry room is definitely the next room to glam up! The 'Retro..."
Lose It: How to Get Rid of a Mattress
"— and keep it out of the landfill... support organization, they are helping women who need to set up new households and... larger organizations — such as Salvation Army — have policies against accepting used... (Some organizations will even pick it up!). Freecycle, Craigslist, and Donationtown..."
My Houzz: A ‘Whimsical Museum Gallery’ in Texas
"humor keep the look lively in a 1940s rambler... looks so organised. Even with so many different varieties of collectibles, the look..."
My Houzz: Connecting Work and Play in South Australia
"a shop-keeping family’s love of diverse styles... tidy and organised here in Oz! This is so we can see the drop bears before they get..."
Easy Green: Modern Homesteaders Stake a Claim
"edibles and keeping bees than ever, suburban and city folk are rediscovering a lost art... never keep out the predators...you would need cement slabs all around it to keep... cloth to keep the critters out. I have had chickens since my daughter was in the 2nd... chicken keeping. I am wondering if this is directly related to chicken feed and people... chicken keeping is, yes, the rodents do follow. I do not know the exact reason...likely..."
Common Myths That May Be Hurting Your Garden
"more to keep your plants healthy and happy... mulch keeps the riding mowers from driving over the adventitious roots that actually... trimmed to keep out of the mulch, and mulch can be raked back into place if washed out... flare. 3) Keep the mulch 2" away from the trunk to minimize rot at the ground level.... other than keep the mower away from the bark, and has all the issues I've listed above... It also keeps plants from developing rot. a4naught I'd agree with you if I hadn't..."
Natural Swimming Pools: More Beauty, No Chemicals
"Keep your skin and the environment healthy with a pool that cleans itself, naturally... filters to keep the water clean and clear without chemicals. They were developed in Austria... how to keep the snakes out, or should we go for a conventional pool instead? @lynetterm... that will keep the cottonmouths/water moccasins away. And please share what you learn... possible to keep koi or other fish in the pool or water filtration zone? Great article..."
Be a Butterfly Savior — Garden for the Monarchs
"Keep hope, beauty and kindness alive in the landscape by providing a refuge for these... paddock, to keep it out of the pastures. It is like whack-a-mole but at least it keeps... not? keep up the great work! Love the concept. For more about monarchs and what's... article. Keep spreading the word. ciscomom~ Here is an interesting article about thistles... So i keep some of those in pots for the cats, and overwinter the pots in my cool..."
Pacific Northwest Gardener's August Checklist
"harvest keeps Northwest gardeners busy in August... them. Keep up the great articles! Thank you Genevieve! Mine are about 3 years... year with organic Gardner and Bloome fertilizer. That's the extent of my tricks for a... use some organic fert and poss. more water). I love how good they are for wildlife!... dose of organic fertilizer can help keep them going strong. Choose one labeled for... helpful in keeping your plants from flopping or even breaking under the weight of summer..."
Porch Life: Banish the Bugs
"will help keep bugs at bay on the porch... ways to keep the bugs away than the insect equivalent of the electric chair. I poked... solutions for keeping your porch pest free, ranging from the very effective to the potential... way to keep flies away is to hang crystals around .it confuses them and them keep... Porches I keep my ceiling fans running and use the coils and candles. I try to keep the... I keep citronella plants in pots around my patios...run our fingers over the leaves..."
10 Ways to Fight Pollen at Home
"Keep sneezing and stuffiness to a minimum by making your house as pollen free as... best to keep the yellow stuff out. Here are some simple tips to keep your house a... does it keep out up to 100% of pollen, but it keeps dust at bay as well. I am looking... ;) I keep kleenex boxes hidden in every room of the house. That way I'm not wandering... makes keeping my property tidy a simpler affair for me. Everybody deal with it. If..."
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