125 keyboards Stories

Dream Spaces: Home Offices You’d Be Delighted to Work In
"ARE THE KEYBOARD TRAYS? Incredibly challenging to find a beautiful desk that has a... a keyboard tray (ergonomically speaking, it's really important to prevent neck aches... have the keyboard at natural arm height level, not desktop level). I ended up buying... drawer to a keyboard tray... or fail miserably (but I hope not). But I found it pretty... is the keyboard tray. I *NEED* the extra legroom & height. Trays are typically flimsy..."
Yes, You Have Room For a Piano
"medium-size keyboard, but it still isn't enough. If you're in the same boat, do what... piano, keyboard and music books. Not ideal, but it seems to work. hmmmm...playing..."
How Bluetooth 4.0 Will Change Remote Control
"wireless keyboard or mouse with your computer, you're using Bluetooth. Both Wi-Fi... mouse or keyboard, you know that the batteries have to be changed or recharged every... wireless keyboard users. I'll tell you why in a minute. Where Bluetooth 4.0 comes from..."
Turn 'Obsolete' Tech Into Fun Home Help
"have a keyboard or monitor. The computer was originally purchased in 1976 for $700... high keyboard and boxy mouse, the first Mac is still a goofy pleasure to use. You..."
12 Cleaning Projects That Go a Little Deeper — Naturally
"Most keyboards can be put in the dishwasher. grkpossum, you can't be serious? Are... confusing keyboards with cutting boards? Vinegar and water is such a great cleaner,... com/Clean-a-Keyboard-in-a-Dishwasher As long as it's not powered while there's any water... clean the keyboard afterwards with a cotton bud squeezed out in the bleach & water solution... office keyboard. The keyboard is a vital part of your computer, but it’s notorious..."
7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Home Office
"full-size keyboard, etc. I changed my mind. A laptop works just fine. I'll always... half the keyboard on a laptop. So, I'm switching to a laptop micro mouse combo... hold your keyboard and mouse. Mine looks very much like a tall breakfast tray, and it... and a keyboard directly in front of it is unworkable in my opinion. 3. Control the... electronic keyboard in here too, but we have to be careful about music and radio transmissions..."
Stand-Up Desks Rise to Health Challenges
"monitor & keyboard, while I AutoCAD said dream. A few notes for the interested: -I usually... around for keyboard lifts/stands; with an monitor-arm, it could work. -The 3 most important... keeping the keyboard & mouse close to you, your chest up & out, and the monitor tilted... above my keyboard-area, like an oversized laptop, farther away. -The sit-stand height... stand-alone keyboard places the screen very low, just above your hands, which is uncomfortable..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Home Office Touches Anyone Can Do
"and my keyboard and mouse are wireless (and easily stashed) but the backs of the monitors... files, a keyboard and a mouse. Then there are manuals and more files of instructions... at my keyboard. My computer is a laptop. At my desk, I keep it docked and closed... closed. My keyboard and mouse are wireless. I have two large monitors on my desk. No..."
Let's Bang Out New Ways With Vintage Typewriters
"their keyboarding skills (no hunt and peck allowed), they experience life as I knew... learned to keyboard on these relics!) THANKS to mdillOn for the tip about DD 40; I am... only to keyboard taking turns on a minimal amount with none in classrooms, and even..."
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