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13 Versatile Furniture Pieces That Grow With You
"to my kids and grand kids after I am gone. And when I was 16 I bought a BRAND NEW... do my friends homes over and i am constantly changing mine. I am sick of dusting... encourage your kids or other family members to keep some good quality pieces of furniture... move. A friend of mine has wayyyyy too many house plants in her living room. It is... now my Den storing all my Christmas decorations! (can be taken apart to move) When..."
Simple Pleasures: 10 Ideas for a Buy-Less Month
"first the kids groaned, now they are ok with it as they know they get luscious fresh... family and friends just to hang out or watch movies at our place, read, played with the... young kids, but at the end of the month it's really nice to see some money in the... we were kids.- very Martha of her lol I use my debit card most of the time so I can... meals at Friendlys. I don't like spending my money in dinners or gambling. I will spend..."
15 Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Better
"brought friends and neighbors down to watch and join in. All our neighbors say the... hear the kids having fun" LOVE this. Great article, Mitchell. I've been working on... for my kids and me. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration. Each year on Mother's... families, kids and dogs meanders along its plentiful sidewalks. Governors Village sense... family and friends -- I think I will revive some version of the drop-in meal idea -- thanks..."
The Wisdom of Kenny Rogers, for Declutterers
"do with kid stuff? With 4 kids (ages 4-7), each year that's four birthdays, Christmas... with a friend to declutter. I have a good friend who I trade projects with every... look so friendly and kind? But we know the truth! Good luck with your garage! Michelle... annual Friends of the Library book sale. 'I don't need anything' is my mantra. I buy... When my kids were younger we belonged to the zoo, the Children's museum, the city museum..."
Life Lessons From 10 Years of Living in 84 Square Feet
"elderly friend. Although, she doesn't pay rent, she helps her friend with chores and... uses a friend's shower, she probably helps out the friend a lot. Now I risk being... three kids though so I would need at least an 85 square foot home! You know I was... Her friend's house is only a few feet away. I very much in favour of the motto-... the 9 kids, 2 parents). At the moment. But I still couldn't imagine a negative..."
The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas on Houzz
"@olldroo My kid I can trust. His friends who are staying overnight, maybe maybe not. He... I knew kids in high school who were by all accounts 'good kids' who would completely... trouble when kids got into alcohol that they had in their home and the kids ended up doing... every kid to come in. (And at a friend's house, I am trusting my son. He can control... husband or kid don't stack things and they pile up in the bin. I also limit the amount..."
A Quick-Start Guide to Bird-Watching for Fun and Learning
"it, but kids point out interesting birds to me and my husband will take pictures.... birds? My friend makes beautiful stained glass bird houses and bird feeders: http://... all bird-friendly. Having trees and open areas with some shrubs attracts a lot of different... of bird-friendly plants. Be prepared for the hawks and other predators. We have a... more bird-friendly. Plant bushes that give them food and shelter, plant grasses that..."
10 Best Ways to Get Organized for a Big Move
"help - friends or perhaps grown children. Make 4 piles - things to keep, throw out... Your best friend through the entire process is a dumpster and trash bags. You must comb... Den/office paperback books unless you can't live without them... another friend do a pack out for a move from USA to Japan (military) and we did cleaning... for the kids to keep occupied with. Another treat for them is to throw a few coins..."
12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better
"please your friends, only yourself. But, from what I hear, what your friends are saying... (reminds me a friend who asked in the store in Chili where normal size clothes, to her everything... to your friend’s house, or a visit to that newly opened restaurant, a picture in a... that dens, and sun rooms, etc don't really need bigger rugs. They are small rooms... (Having 3 kids this is not entirely true) Just a totally different aesthetic. :) I hear..."
Decorating With Antiques: Armoires, the Versatile Beauties
"my best friend and I were in. My friend asked the owner how much he wanted and he... (my best friends daughter) for a wedding present. She used it as an media center until... closet. No kidding, you open the door to find 4 triangular-shaped white vinyl-coated wire... a dear friend, a necklace i purchased in a Florida boutique (and never wore), a chandelier... in our den. A carpenter stained and reconfigured the interior into my office with..."
10 Ways to Honor and Remember a Departed Loved One at Home
"to my kids and grand kids who did NOT know people like MY grand parents. Just because... wall. The kids love it too! If you're going to mark your kids' growth, I recommend doing... member and friends whom have passed away. I will take lead from the 'tree astrology'... uncles, friends and myself would live forever. Now I know that they live forever only... my best friend lost her mother, some of her mom's everyday printed blouses were what..."
When Does a House Become a Home?
"by, no friends, and the community pretty cold and not very friendly, the house by... me her friend along with her kids, a beaver that was shockingly huge spending every... family and friends visit. I downsized from a large home and my kids are off in college... of the kids growing up. 8yrs. old to 4 mos. of age--4 kids when we moved in.). There... not so friendly experiences, made us rethink the move. We finally moved to the East..."
Houzz Call: What Has Mom Taught You About Making a Home?
"childrens friends not to touch the walls. My kids have already learned the lesson.... I have friends that I've made from work or through other friends. They are all different... my own kids. I'm very grateful for those lessons. But she also was apt to grab your... I had kids. Sometimes, as krissyb92603 pointed out above, you really do learn what... with her kids! For me that means hiring someone to clean for the same reason! I think..."
Houzz Tour: Farmhouse Style With an Unusual Inspiration
"with four kids I don't know how you keep it so clean A hell of rich farmer!!! I like... family-friendly kitchen. Would like to see some photos of the 2000 sq ft basement;... Four kids means LOTS of storage...where did you hide it?! @chasingelena - I asked... upstairs den so you could lean against the side, with your legs up, and enjoy the fireplace... story den: sitting on a couch 1.5' off the floor, watching a plasma screen mounted..."
My Houzz: Twister Damage Sparks a Whole Ranch Remodel
"family-friendly -- this proves it can be done! Thank you for letting me be part of... live with kids ! Very nice ! Such a fabulous job. Looks like your silver lining was... Beautiful teen friendly home. Long live the music of Bob Marley! Nice feel about it! Next... family-friendly and easy to live in. I love your shag rugs but am surprised if you... especially kids rooms. looking on them my daughter was asking me whether she can get design..."
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