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10 Tips for a Soothing French Country Nursery
"use the ideas to re-create this look for your little one.... adult bedroom was as sophisticated as some of these nurseries! I know Becky, me too... of my idea books- Lydia Rose's nursery. It turned out just like I wanted and is a... decorate kids room, so much fun and less rules. Becky your dream can come true with..."
Photos of 2013: The Most Popular Kids’ Spaces
"offer ideas for kidsbedrooms, nurseries and playrooms everywhere... Kids’ rooms are typically the most fun spaces to decorate in a home. It’s where designers... well, be kids again. Things we wouldn’t normally incorporate into the rest of the house... saved kids’ room photos on Houzz, I found that parents and designers feel strongly... their kids a space that’s well designed. Perhaps they’ve discovered what designer..."
A Mod Nursery Has Twice the Appeal
"in this bedroom designed for a toddler and a baby, with appealing graphical elements... their kids to share one room in their San Francisco home, but the kids' different... with our kids and I was surprised how well it worked (but every kid is different)! We're... and the kids STILL want to share a room - go figure. Love the gray walls! What is... for the kids."The clients like a lot of white and gray, which is evident in the rest..."
8 Tips for Peaceful Bedroom Sharing With Baby
"their bedrooms with their newborns and older babies. Sometimes it’s for peace of... spare bedroom for the new addition. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to... The two bedrooms were at opposite ends of the apartment, and since our bedroom had... of the kids they happen to have. I am pleased to see that room sharing ideas are... otherwise nice ideas! Before I had kids I figured you just placed your baby in the crib around..."
Pint-Sized Design: Charlie's Owl-tastic Nursery
"farther in kids' rooms than does smacking them over the head with explosions of firetrucks... these ideas will make it into your own Houzz ideabooks. As far as baseball-bat-a... filled with ideas and a touching but not maudlin story-line. The hand-carved names, the... for my kid's room and the etsy lead was a huge find Love the colour scheme in your... Litto Kids. The tree decal was part of a set from an Etsy vendor. There is also a..."
Nursery Essentials: What You Really Need
"with your kid's ideas and taste. Check this curator's blog for some great artwork for... love your ideas! You are so right. My only additional comment would be to decorate the... have no idea and it should be a room that relaxes, inspires, and speaks to you. You... Popular Kids Rooms of 2011 Dark window shades or blackout curtains are very important... A good idea for an accent wall is to pick a wallpaper that you can envision in an..."
Double-Duty Function and Singular Style for a California Nursery
"three bedrooms total; this needed to be a hardworking room that could double as a... nurseries and kids rooms. The glass is unbreakable. When they learn how to walk and start... so your kid might take them with him to University when he moves out of the house.... these ideas when we have a little one. Where did that big round mirror come from... one for kids' rooms. "It can take a lot of wear and tear; you can rock on it, pull..."
8 Beautiful Nursery Styles From Classic to Whimsical
"use this idea in a master bedroom. Shane ~ I think it is not a zebra rug under the crib... Love the idea of a chandelier in the nursery too. :-) Check out my son's room! It's... about my kids style and taste changing since their Daddy is a muralist ;) My favorite... todler / kid who would prefer " Pride and Predjudice" to a Disney cartoon. A baby /... parent's bedroom, however stylish it might be. They have a world of their own, where..."
Give Your Baby the Healthiest, Safest Nursery Possible
"knew a kid with allergies when I was a kid. We slept in noise, full day light and... as our kids. So much for safety with the pictured bumper pads!They will also suffocate... toxic. Kids that grow up in normal households with pets and the occasional dust bunny... past: kids played outside more and therefore were less overweight and had less allergies... some gift ideas. Thanks for sharing. I've heard people used to put their babies to sleep..."
Catch Some Zzzs in Your Baby's Nursery
"great idea. One other thing to keep in mind: if you live in a small house like I... wonderful idea to have a sofa or bed in the nursery for all those nighs you have to be... cool for kids. What do you think about putting the baby's crib in the parents' room... a big-kid bed rolls around. Many young families enjoy spending time in the baby's..."
Get This Look: Colorful, Classy Nursery
"a nice idea book. The black crib is so striking and such good value for money. Also... child's bedroom. It comes disassembled, so you can customize the colors/amount of beads... Photos of kids' spaces Home products for the nursery You'd be hard pressed to find a..."
Color and Pattern Play in a Happy New Nursery
"loved the idea of an old wooden rocker, but comfort won out.The framed portrait is a... Baby! 12 Ideas to Get a Chic Nursery Rolling..."
7 Tips to Combine a Playroom and Guest Room
"these ideas that cater to both kids and overnight guests... and your kids feel comfortable and at home.... these ideas! I'm a designer that specializes in nurseries and children's rooms so... inspired some ideas for me. Thanks so much! Totally expected to see a Murphy bed in this... room, kids grow you know). In our house it was and is for family fun and for sleepovers... excellent idea. Some additional suggestions, if built in bed is not affordable buy a..."
Kids' Spaces: From Nursery to Toddler's Room
"Design Ideas to Consider While You're Moving Out the Crib... all the ideas. I like kids' rooms that don't necessarily look like "kids" rooms. My... other kid room idea books nothing new here i wonder... was it really necessary for... at good ideas. Thanks. and one that's scaled to the size of a kid with lots of storage-what... through many idea books on kids rooms and was geting a bit tired of them. And i agree that..."
12 Steps to a Happy Teen Bedroom Makeover
"makeover ideas that don't compromise on style... has good ideas, and at the same time set clear limits that work for you (a project budget... beautiful ideas! Makes me wish I had a teen (almost ;-) The pillows are gorgeous! Great... teen's bedroom that looks like any of these examples. One can still hope. wonderful... all the ideas I recently got a new house so I get to design my room these tips have... sketch out ideas for the new floor plan.Style notes: A taller-than-average bedside table..."
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