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Simple Pleasures: A Real Sit-Down Breakfast
"tips and ideas will be the motivation you need to set your alarm for an earlier wake-up... when the kids were growing up: hot tea and fried green tomato sandwiches on home-baked... wonderful ideas and something to remember with all of this - get prepared the night before... Jbmummy my kids are 6 and 5 and we sit down to eat every morning. We need to be out of... to the kids about what happened in their day, supervise homework and have dinner on..."
Mike Brady Lied to Me
"had no idea who I was talking about. And I never saw Mike Brady again. I don't really... youngest of 6 kids, grew up in the 50s. One bathroom. Never thought about it. Know it's different... have 6 "kids" 25 to 3 (some grown now) and ONE bathroom, they shared two bedrooms... decorating ideas either. Thank you for 'spinning' on the Bradys. Grew up watching and... little kids love that song? I die lauhing when my 4yo sings it! I totally relate and..."
The Seduction of Reduction
"explores the ideas behind their approaches, breaking them down into simple, easy-to-emulate... never have kids. Kids are messy and reminders of human messy procreation. They are... Buatta, kids..... but. Maybe I need more coffee or something. I tried to picture people... don't have kids & dogs & the neighbour's cat who owns me & adult humans in the house that... life with kids, dogs, etc. But for adults (like me) who have the space to themselves..."
How to Create a Secret Doorway Behind a Bookcase
"love the idea good hiding fantastic idea,i shall use this idea in my under constructed... hide our kids messy study! Thanks for this article, great idea for any room really.... to be a kid's play room if you have kids. Doing otherwise would be like having a swing-set... like a kid again! Here's another great example we saw on Pinterest (wearevanity.co)... fantastic idea for our clients looking for a unique design with storage needs. It could..."
16 Ideas for a Healthy, Feel-Good Home
"Great ideas! I like the idea of using color to create an emotionally healthy home... great ideas! We're living in a temporary housing due to losing our home and our entire... these ideas. We have already implemented a few, such as removing our microwave and... other ideas in a few years when we build our forever house. I will have to keep... think the ideas are excellent... now if we all lived with these views and this kind..."
10 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Great
"great ideas will breathe new life into your compact scheme.... And good ideas in each one! All good ideas. #2 used window frames made into mirrors... Great ideas! Great ideas. I am a stickler for using space in an orgaized yet visually... of good ideas! Great ideas! I will use them in my son's small bedroom None of those... boards for kids....kids love to read in bed, whether a book, Kindle, lap top, etc. or..."
Buckle Up for a Modern Mobile Cabin in a Bus
"had no idea what his thesis project would be. One thing he did know was that he was... awesome idea!! Great job. new business. :o) Awesome!!! Great idea for a thesis! Hank... Great idea! Now that is a great thesis project. Congrats! This is the most beautiful... Great idea! It definitely is unique and an A. Cool! Brilliantly done! I'm sure if... But the idea in itself is nothing new. It's just an RV that's been made from scratch..."
Simple Pleasures: The Joy of Baking
"These ideas will hopefully get you excited to roll up your sleeves and dive into... creating this idea book. All of these kitchens look so inviting to cook in! And the chaise... Great idea book Laura. Here are a couple more reasons for baking - Bake healthy... with my kids. We had a great time! Will definitively repeat the experience. I've been... to my kids. I love to bake and hate to cook. I felt guilty about this for a long..."
Gift Wrap Ideas That Add a Personal Touch
"simple ideas to get you started.... great idea to make Santa bags for all my kids and my sister's, each depicting a special... these ideas. When kids were little, I used their children's art table paper roll... Great ideas! I especially like the elegant black and white photo idea. Cheap and... Good ideas Love this article! Great gift wrap ideas!! This is a very creative bunch... fun! Fun ideas - thanks! For me however, I like wrapping gifts in other gifts instead..."
Get Your Edge On: 11 Ideas for Style in the Fast Lane
"are some ideas to help you pull off that edgy look for your space.... these edgy ideas! Great article! I love the brick wall, old leather chair and the art... for more ideas and inspiration. Anyone got any suggestons? The Midwest town we live... I am kidding of course. It might take some tweaking to give it a livable look, but... small kids. The leather definitely has a patina, and I've continued to love the sofa..."
Could Techies Get a Floating Home Near California?
"The wild idea is that foreign-based companies and their employees can set up shop aboard... think this idea has a ton of potential: if nothing else, it will offer up delicious fodder... worst idea! I agree with above comments, the environmental impact would be huge,... a good idea but it would be cool to live and work there. Of course these ships like... Brilliant idea, what would be the domicile residence be, for income tax purposes? The..."
Strategies to Create Color Flow Throughout a Home — a Case Study
"choose the ideas that might work for you, too.... great idea book! Excellent ideas about how to flow colour through a home, I like... of the ideas here... obviously the place is beautiful. I think this strategy would... bedrooms and kids however, it would be tough to keep every single room part of the color... like the idea of running with a neutral color throughout, like the taupes or greys and... When my kids were young, I realized neutrals helped keep them calm. We had a family..."
Making a Home Away From Home
"excellent ideas Great article, saving this one! Great ideas in the article AND the comments... to your kids' teachers, telling a joke, complaining about your problems, etc.). M... taught your kids to memorize and they were the numbers that you must have repeated, written... Hollywood's idea of grim reapers and burst into terrified tears. Talk to locals about... home, my kids. We didn't have the money for most of these suggestions, but putting up..."
8 Modern Hamptons Homes Buck Convention
"with the idea of offering compact houses on small sites for around $300,000. The project... Well kids, you can change the character of the houses in the Hamptons, but you can't... fewer kids than a dozen need 6k sqft in a fake shingle Mc Mansion to be used 22 days... have an idea why the decorators don't like them: can't mark up 45 $19.99 Home Goods... community. The idea of rallying against tradition, and offering compact homes on small sites..."
10 Inventive Ideas for Kitchen Islands
"inspirational ideas. Lots of great ideas. I love it when people think outside the box. I... you had kids (& visiting unsuspecting kids) running around that they could run head-first... loads of ideas away...Actually I get WAY too many ideas...LOL I also use the "water"... a fun idea book. I don't think I would be brave enough or creative enough to think... Great ideas. Love how the timber looks with white herringbone tile! Awesome sink..."
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