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Great Design Plant: Knock Out Roses
"Knock Out roses make even beginners look like garden stars... Knock Out roses. These roses were introduced in 2000 to great fanfare and popularity... newish rose has made rose gardening so much more accessible to the average gardener... to add roses to your garden. After all, they're fussy and disease prone, and require... Help! My knock-outs have been destroyed by rose rosette. The damage is very devastating... Knock Out roses due to the rose rosette. The mite travels quickly throughout the area..."
5 Sweet to Spirited Pink Roses for an Enchanting Garden
"a pink rose here to make you flush with garden pride... This rose color is perhaps the most gentle and innocent of all the rose shades,... Pink roses are so charming and endearing, softening any garden with their pastel... Pink roses signify thankfulness, happiness, admiration and joy, making them treasured... love love roses. I never met a rose I didn't love. Almost all my roses are in bloom... love the roses and have about 10 rose bushes in a rose bush garden. But the weeds,..."
How to Grow a Rose Garden in Pots
"come up roses, even without a plot of soil in sight. This step-by-step guide to growing... growing roses in containers shows you how... even for roses. While potted roses have additional watering and fertilizing requirements... growing a rose container garden easier.... keep your roses healthy during the winter? I planted a rose in a container/pot last year... Iceberg roses in Terra Cotta containers. I have had some good luck with roses in containers..."
6 Wonderfully Easy Roses for Any Gardener
"lling roses "easy" may seem like an oxymoron, but there truly are some varieties... Many roses are susceptible to black spot, aphids and fungal diseases and need a... these roses scoff at all that nonsense. Take a look at these easy-care beauties and... those roses are gorgeous! I planted a bunch of Knock out roses thinking that the... grows roses for the leaves. Not I. Hi, Jenny! Great article! Here is my rose garden..."
Great Garden Combo: Rose + Clematis for Small-Space Impact
"when a rose supports a climbing vine, the results can totally transform a small garden... pairing of a rose and a clematis. I usually allow a newly planted climbing rose two full... time. The rose will need to be tied onto its support, but the clematis has a natural... to the rose stems and leaves by means of its tendrils.... I love roses and all my climbing roses have at least one clematis next to it. They... making rose water. Prior to vanilla, rose water was the means to enhance flavor..."
5 Exotic Rose Colors for a Beautifully Different Garden
"for a rose garden that turns heads... white roses, but sometimes it's fun to step outside of the norm and go a little bolder... caramel, or roses with a hint of black? Have I gotten your attention now? Most of these... colored roses start with the more typical pink, red or white hues but have added intensity... shrub roses, but remember to look for other types, like climbers or miniatures, for... Antique Rose Emporium in San Antonio, TX. Yes -- we use the Antique Rose Emporium as..."
5 Favorite Yellow Roses for a Joyful Garden
"order your roses sunny side up... yellow roses can brighten and warm any corner of a garden. Yellow roses signify joy... isn't a rose. I love Graham Thomas since seeing the rose garden at Mottisfont Abbey... varieties of roses - the only yellow I have is Graham Thomas my husband's namesake rose... of my rose varieties. A garden of roses just wouldn't be complete without yellow... yellow roses in my garden. Here in Northern California we can grow Graham Thomas..."
Expert Pruning Secrets for Exquisite Roses
"back the roses. While gardeners may share different insights on the art of rose pruning... While roses’ winter dormancy persists, it’s time to prune, ensuring a prolific bloom... County Rose Society in California and an ardent rosarian since 1994, considers this... award-winning roses. Most of her January days are spent outside, pruning and tidying her... her 200 roses. And every May she and the neighborhood relish the bounty...."
Great Lakes Gardener's September Checklist
"rainbow of roses and asters are high priorities in Great Lakes gardens this month... See 8 knockout flowers for a fall container garden While ornamental cabbage is a... angustifolia). Roses, such as 'Carefree Beauty', and dahlias bring forth perfect blooms after..."
Take a Mini Springtime Tour of Monet's Giverny Gardens
"profusion of knockout colors, you won't find them. Come back in late summer when the roses... climbing roses that will be out in profusion later in the season. This signature green..."
Great Garden Combo: Silver Sparkles Amid Purple and Blue Foliage
"s and azaleas — what we refer to as the "builders basics." Perhaps where you live... Spring Rose Glow Barberry(Berberis thunbergii 'Rose Glow')Arching, thorned stems of..."
Pacific Northwest Gardener's August Checklist
"flowers from roses and perennials, and cutting back daylilies that have gone summer dormant... Encore Azalea, a reblooming Azalea that just keeps going. While it has the traditional... deadheading roses, Shasta daisies (Leucanthemum x superbum), dahlias and other summer-flowering... from an Azalea, it also blooms through late summer/early fall. If your garden needs... Encore Azalea could fill the bill.While August's dry heat can be worrying for gardeners..."
California Gardener's May Checklist
"brings roses and rhododendrons, even tiny tomatoes and squash, after-work swimming... camellias and azaleas after they bloom. Continue feeding roses regularly. Water. In case... flashy azaleas. It will bloom heavily even when sheared back, as shown here. Plant... camellias, azaleas or shade trees or in other dark places. Botanical name: Galium w..."
Explore Your Garden Personality: The Romantic
"through rose-colored glasses. They may, arguably, have the best view of all. Let’s... with pink roses and it looks lovely! One tip though my hubby ignored the nursery's warning... surprises, roses {white and pink - exactly: no hot colors for me] and lavender, water... of pink roses and lavender. I also have Monte Don's last few garden series saved.... pinks and rose when it would look so much better with warm shades or white. Also, a..."
New Ways to Think About All That Mulch in the Garden
"they rose halfway up the barberry shrubs and almost covered the daylily leaves.... of five knockout roses and some Boston ferns we rescued from someone's discard pile... under roses, live oaks, perennials, etc. people use it because it's cheap. If you... groundcover roses in front of that. I was unable to grow much else. Digging a hole with... shrubs and roses were so overgrown (too big for the space in which they were planted-another..."
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