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How to Help Your Town’s Beneficial Birds and Bugs
"the city landscape since 2009. In addition to raising public awareness of and creating... importance of native plants in their gardens and are leaving plants up over winter, most... species of native bees in the Bay Area,” says Lisa Lee Benjamin, founder of Urban Hedgerow... importance of the beneficial bugs and wildlife in our built environments, the group is... the word of our silent allies through the dwellings they inhabit. Though more people..."
Mistletoe Is Coming to Town
"sight of this mistletoe may not always bring about festive feelings, but for U.S... Southwest gardeners, it’s not all bad... visions of holiday celebrations — maybe a stolen kiss or two. When it’s not being... branches of trees for water and nutrients. In winter mistletoe is particularly striking... branches of deciduous trees. In the desert Southwest, seeing mistletoe in trees isn’t... is part of the desert ecosystem. As a horticulturist and certified arborist, I am often..."
Great Design Plant: Cape Rush
"Your garden serves as an outdoor sanctuary — your personal refuge from the distractions... pressures of daily life. If your current plantings aren’t taking you to that special... consider cape rush (Chondropetalum tectorum), the perfect exotic and ornamental grass... Browse landscape designs | More great design plants... big pot of Cape Rush every summer in fact it survives through our west coast winters... definitely one of my favourite landscaping accent plants and I usually try to incorporate..."
Capes Across America
"Cape Cod design — and its dream of a relaxed seaside lifestyle — finds a home across... top, the Cape Cod house used an economy of materials to achieve a maximum of interior... examples of Capes all across the country. Initially a modest house, the Cape expanded... portion of the house in order to maintain the scale and charm of a Cape.... because the Cape is, in its soul, the one house style that conjures for us dreams of seaside..."
Great Design Plant: Retreat to the Shade of Hardy Catalpa
"silhouette of heavy branches. Best of all, this native tree is a problem solver, tolerant... commitment of space and energy to maintain, but the payoff is worth it. Large, fragrant... tolerant of air pollution, flood and drought.... In most of my gardening books it is classified as a nuisance. Maeder2348: Thank you... let two of them grow and cut the others. We have never had the worms you speak of... because of their size although I will say there are a lot of them. I use them to mulch..."
Tour a Pioneering Beach Town That Fosters Community
"character of communities." In the massive book Visions of Seaside (Rizzoli, September... observations of his stay; he thoroughly recounts the history and evolution of the pioneering... many of the place's distinctive buildings and presents a wealth of unbuilt proposals... population of Seaside, Florida, is well below 5,000, more than 1 million people have lived... Urbanist town since its inception in 1981. This fact comes from Dhiru Thadani, a Washington..."
4 Elements of a Stunning Fall Garden
"autumn landscape that draws the eye and stirs the soul... As a gardener I’ve let fall be my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so to speak... musks of a spongy ground beneath me and the speckled, shifting rays of light punching... sense of seasons in Minnesota. In essence fall became my favorite time of year precisely... watch your landscape, as some plants will already begin turning or thinning out. In addition..."
Houzz Tour: Mid-century Modern on Cape Cod
"This town and the larger area around it on the tip of Cape Cod (also known as "the... architecture of the home, located on property that was originally an extended part of architect... outer Cape") have a long tradition of regional mid-century modernism. Hammer has... example of how to preserve the original architecture, make it work for a modern family... a fan of the style also and have worked on some of the same vintage in Wellfleet..."
Great Design Plant: Wild Bergamot, Friend of Foragers
"flowers of Monarda fistulosa, a pretty pink native... variety of situations, including butterfly and pollinator gardens, perennial borders... in your garden and watch the constant flurry of winged friends visiting wild bergamot... is one of the most resilient North American native plants and is a delight for bumble... is part of my butterfly garden and was a smashing success with a wide variety of b... in the garden? It's the decisive factor for many people when planning a garden. See..."
My Houzz: Cape Cod Style in California
"family of four transforms their Pacific Coast home with warm, beachy accents and plenty... worthy of its dreamy location. Native landscaping and a luxurious backyard pool helped... the help of Todd Custom Homes, Tuvalu Home and R.J. Imports, they were able to remodel... renew of a great home!Great Ideas and smart. Love the use of the entry with the... see no cape cod style, I have to disagree. I've lived in the Cape Cod area for over..."
Lay of the Landscape: French Garden Style
"decorous landscape style, appropriate for both grand gardens and intimate spaces... natural of settings. Although we often think of French landscaping in terms of large... heart of French landscape design. The gardens are also meant to be viewed from a... French landscape is also a formal landscape, and therein lies its appeal. Think... elements of both. What we think of as traditional French style does have its roots in..."
How to Decide on a New Town
"change of scenery — following the steps below can provide you with a clear way to... a list of all of the things that were important to us. Lot of space, good climate... For a town of 3,500, it has two of the best restaurants in Canada, fabulous independent... and tons of culture. Why? Because of the presence of Acadia University. That is what... have lots of visitors from home. Please tour all the gardens of Scotland for me. @Pamela..."
Meet the Mighty Saguaro of the Desert Landscape
"of the desert. Saguaros are archetypes of the Wild West, symbols of strength and... in the landscape, out yonder or sometimes in town, and then it was usually plopped... miles of remarkable vistas spreading across the lower half of Arizona, a smidgen... front of the saloon. They’re an iconic image, these giant, multiarmed sentinels of... curator of botany at the acclaimed Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, outside Tucson, says..."
Great Design Plant: Euphorbia
"needs of this tropical plant make it a favorite for injecting life into tired landscapes... at some of the more colorful species of the genus per the recommendations of landscape... darling of low-water landscapes everywhere, Euphorbia is a plant for every season and... ties to landscape history and human consumption. It was named in honor of the Greek... studies of the plant span millennia. And whether or not we realize, most of us spend..."
Great Design Plant: Pride of Madeira
"Pride of Madeira's features as anything other than stunning doesn’t do the plant... the list of attributes before — purple flower spikes, mounding habit, low water use... Pride of Madeira and all its charms, you’ll never forget it. Like the island it hails... Pride of Madeira allures from both near and far.... coast town in California. Couldn't believe the color of the Pride of Madeira plants... Pride of Madeira. It grows nicely in many zones of California but in zone 14 (Sunset..."
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