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Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water
"serve water and make gardening much easier with the xeriscape approach’s 7 principles... Denver Water utility for a new and comprehensive approach to water conservation. The... is a landscape philosophy — not a design style — that can help you create and maintain... strict watering laws. You can only water x 2 days a week, your day is a according... mean no water at all. All living things need some water to survive and thrive. Don't..."
Have Your Garden Fountain and Be Water Wise Too
"which water features are more conscious of conservation, along with strategies for... how much water it consumes. Here are some water-wise tips for incorporating a water... splash, water features often become the focal point of a garden. And nothing brings... about water consumption? In warm climates how you locate, design and maintain your... Strategic landscaping: water plants in the pond also, will cool the water and help minimise..."
8 Unthirsty Plants Help You Save Water in Style
"on your landscape with drought-tolerant and native plants that liven up your yard... supplemental water each year. In contrast, the use of water-efficient designs and plantings... beautiful landscapes that require minimal maintenance and water.... Water is one of our most precious resources, yet each year many households use more... more water outdoors than for all other purposes. Of this, the majority is used for..."
Dry Riverbeds Solve Water Runoff
"redirect water runoff and add beauty to your landscape... mismanaged water is not just inconvenient; in some areas it is truly dangerous. In my... too much water can lead to slope destabilization, slides and ocean pollution as runoff... manage the water on a property, whether you expect flash floods or simply hope to ensure... direct the water that enters your site as productively as possible.... with rain water collecting in our side yard due to a swale (our neighbors landscaped..."
Gardens Tap Into Rill Water Features
"this water feature is popular again as a way to help contemporary landscapes flow... all the water features we use in our gardens, the rill perhaps has the most interesting... moving water. The earliest style of rill was found in ancient Persian gardens, but... popular water feature of Edwardian garden design and often used by Gertrude Jeckyll... Does the water recycle underneath? Or is water stationary? Thanks for these great ideas..."
A Family-Friendly California Yard Wises Up About Water
"Menlo Park landscape for a family of 4... dynamic and water conscious, but didn’t want to lose the yard’s function as her kids’... space. Landscape architect Brennan Cox was hired to revive the space. He’s a veteran... had no water in the first place. So whatever water there is gets diverted for use... enhance the water saving qualities of the project, a water bladder built in under the decking... appreciate the water conservation aspect. It is also a lovely modern design with beautiful..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"lower your water bill while creating a feast for the eyes with diverse plantings and gathering... through landscapes. Thanks to their uniform color and texture, lawns often serve as... drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and fertilizing, not to mention... Most home landscapes offer plenty of opportunities to create colorful, engaging and more... at your landscape with fresh eyes and move beyond the lawn...."
Great Plants for Lush, Low-Water Gardens
"Water restrictions making your garden look washed out? Give it living color with... dealing with water restrictions, have a lackluster irrigation system or simply want to conserve... The more water they get, the larger and more beautiful the blooms will be. Are all safe... in your landscape, please check first that it is not an invasive species in your area... to be watered twice a month, has better leaf density than the Bermuda grass so prevalent..."
Water-Saving Landscaping Ideas for Traditional Homes
"beautiful landscaping even for traditional styles, and they won't suck your water system... required water-efficient plants and trees. But what if you own a more traditional-style... other water-hungry plants. The good news is that there are plenty of options for... had to water my lawn except very rarely. If you don't water regularly, the grass... without water. Sigrid is right, mow grass at the highest setting and don't water...."
See a Lush Australian Garden That Needs Little Water
"award-winning landscape designer Arthur Lathouris for 15 years. The cool climate and high... winning landscape ARTIST! Spectacular! Looks so inviting. Love the way it was "... gardening/landscaping ideas that I've seen on Houzz to date. Marvelously beautiful! Ok... soil's water-holding capacity. Lathouris composts all of the garden's green waste... use a watering system; the garden is extremely self-sufficient and sustainable. Here..."
Patio of the Week: Water and Fire Mingle in a Canadian Front Yard
"moving water. What a glorious setting they've created! A true idyll - no small wonder... their landscaping, given the vagaries our climate, wondering how they managed the... fire and water. Our pool has a waterfall with a firepit built to the side of it so... fire and water at night, just in the backyard! I've been a proud Oakville resident for... moving water/fountain drowning out city sounds right over the concrete walls. Fantastic..."
Water in the Landscape: Fabulous Fountains
"is that landscape architecture professors hate the term "water feature" (they also... better. Water in the landscape is peaceful and cooling, and modern fountain design... asterisk on a landscape plan. Whatever. People love fountains. For me, I just love the..."
Tranquil Water Gardens
"beautiful water features to your garden... tranquil water feature to your garden landscape. Water features can be as simple as... century landscape painting. The serene waters provide a reflection of the mature trees... beautiful water elements. This landscape architect borrows many Moorish fountain elements... This landscaped pool creates a stunning natural yet dramatic statement. A cascading... Lush water lillies add landing pads for frogs and other wildlife while providing..."
Just Add Water: Rain Barrel Magic
"collect the water that would otherwise drain off your roof and use it to water your garden... adherents as water issues affect more and more of us. It's a practical approach — you collect... overall landscape, a consideration that was made even more obvious by the fact that... conserve water & stop using municipal drinking water to water our plants. I admit I... used the water for laundry and wash water, and hauled up their drinking water out of..."
Edible Gardening Essentials: Watering Tips Worth Soaking Up
"need, get water-wise with these guidelines for how, when and how much... Watering is essential for any landscape, but it’s at the top of the to-do list if... regular watering. If you live where summer rainstorms are common, Mother Nature might... dealing with water shortages, making the most of every drop becomes even more urgent. But... can be water hogs, peppers, squash, Swiss chard and tomatoes, especially ‘Early Girl’..."
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