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Gardens Tap Into Rill Water Features
"this water feature is popular again as a way to help contemporary landscapes flow... all the water features we use in our gardens, the rill perhaps has the most interesting... popular water feature of Edwardian garden design and often used by Gertrude Jeckyll... moving water. The earliest style of rill was found in ancient Persian gardens, but... shwa--landscape-portland I have had no problem with rills freezing with low winter..."
Xeriscape Gardens: How to Get a Beautiful Landscape With Less Water
"serve water and make gardening much easier with the xeriscape approach’s 7 principles... Denver Water utility for a new and comprehensive approach to water conservation. The... is a landscape philosophy — not a design style — that can help you create and maintain... everybody With a yard has huge in ground rain water cisterns over here. Cause water is... Along with no water wise landscaping. This in the state of CO where xeriscape was..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"lower your water bill while creating a feast for the eyes with diverse plantings and gathering... at your landscape with fresh eyes and move beyond the lawn.... through landscapes. Thanks to their uniform color and texture, lawns often serve as... drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and fertilizing, not to mention... Most home landscapes offer plenty of opportunities to create colorful, engaging and more..."
Homes Score Above Par With Golf Features
"spirit with a home by the fairway, a putting green in the backyard or a golf simulator... contend with as they slice their way through another round. But golf communities are... interact with the places we live. * Tiger Woods tanked, and Jim Furyk choked on the... field with a 1-over-par 281, meaning the real winner that day was the Olympic Club... issue, with choosing grass, cutting, watering, fertilizing and so forth. Here is easily..."
Polish Your Garden's Look With Metal
"metal water features to give a landscape a decorative edge... etc) in a water feature with fish or plants that it will slowly poison them if it isn't... with time. very inspiring article Great article! As someone who works with steel... Louis area with experience with this? I think its a beautiful look. I would love some... contact with the water over time. Awesome post! This is what I make out of steel: www... trial-landscape-philadelphia] Wow, that is gorgeous, and will only get prettier with..."
Have Your Garden Fountain and Be Water Wise Too
"which water features are more conscious of conservation, along with strategies for... With their delicate movement and melodious splash, water features often become the... how much water it consumes. Here are some water-wise tips for incorporating a water... about water consumption? In warm climates how you locate, design and maintain your... front yard with a vertical water feature. We planted 2 manzanita trees, 2 manzanita bushes..."
8 Pool Water Features That Venture Into Fantasy
"so far. Water features can offer another welcome reprieve from hot, hazy days. From... moving water. Did you know the sound of moving water has been proven to lower the... incorporate a water feature in your next outdoor design.... custom water feature with a water screen-What a great concept! Definitely very well... Awesome pool features - thanks for sharing with us Katherine. I hope that someday we can... fabulous featured pools ..... until then we'll just have to suffer along with our..."
Protect a Precious Resource With a Rain Garden
"pure water and a beautiful landscape with a garden design that makes the most of... beautiful landscapes while protecting one of our most precious resources. They are water... water features that celebrate natural processes, and they're constantly changing —... recharge the water table while a storage tank keeps the water from recharging the water... capture the water that drips out and water my trees with that. We cant do everything but..."
Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Water and Red
"New Year with photos featuring the legendary dragon's power and the color of luck... dragon features both the color red and the element water: Red because it is the color... accordance with the 12-year cycle, this will be a year of the dragon. Traditional Chinese... spirits. And water, whether as rain, flood or fountain, because it is the element the legendary... house with just a touch of green. I have black background drapes in dining and library..."
Pile On Style With a Dry-Laid Stone Retaining Wall
"this landscape feature is an art form unto itself... right. Water can accumulated behind these walls and push it forward. They should... wall and landscape fabric from the wall into the earth behind the wall. We have 50... check with your local building department at what height the wall must be engineered... consult with a professional ... an engineered concrete retaining wall can always be... dressed with loose stones. The Andy Goldsworthy Stone Wall sculpture at Storm King..."
Pacific Northwest Gardener's November Checklist
"festive mood with a container garden while preserving and protecting your landscape and... spring with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.... volume of water cascading through them that the entire body of water will not freeze... Protect your water features. Some of us are procrastinators, and some of us are just plain... simple drip watering system for all our containers as well as for our vegetable garden... winter.Landscape irrigation companies usually offer a winter service to drain the..."
How to Replace Your Lawn With a Garden
"well-designed, water-efficient landscape can often look more at home and more beautiful than... than a landscape dominated by plants whose water needs exceed what nature provides... lot of water. I am agree with Sigrid, lawn don't need watering or fertilizing in many... can't win with the water bill but a big win with the family. Thanks for all the info... working with an ecological landscape designer to come up with a plan adding persicaria..."
Tranquil Water Gardens
"beautiful water features to your garden... tranquil water feature to your garden landscape. Water features can be as simple as... elaborate pond with a waterfall. Depending upon your property and budget, there's plenty of... those with modern tastes, this unusual tranquile water feature provides a stunning... century landscape painting. The serene waters provide a reflection of the mature trees... beautiful water elements. This landscape architect borrows many Moorish fountain elements..."
Design Your Landscape for Peace and Quiet
"noise with plantings, barriers and water features for a more soothing outdoor experience... planning a water feature here are 2 suggestions for a tile mural wall http://www.Ali... major water features, fences as high as code will allow, and a huge "hedge" of mature... berms with plant material along the crest, mainly for looks. The soil berm absorbed... has aged with us. That said I felt sorry for our elderly neighbours when we had teenage..."
8 Modern-Day Moats That Float Our Boats
"simple water barrier with ancient roots can make for an eye-catching contemporary... these water features have their roots in our medieval past.... Water in the garden is magical; even more so when it's adjacent to the house, requiring... crossed with a simple raised drawbridge, while modern moats are generally spanned by... Using water close to our houses can give us some of the historical benefits of medieval... close to water. You might think that many of these examples aren't moats in the literal..."
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