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Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Your Own Fragrant Lavender
"also grow lavender as a houseplant. Lavender is also incredibly easy to harvest and... it’s lavender. This Mediterranean native is easy to grow even outside its preferred... Can lavender be safely transplanted? I have 2 lavender plants I planted 5 years... sized lavender plants. Harvesting~ I cut off stalks of lavender, tie them into... fall the lavender can dry within a week. I then rub the tied stalks of lavender with..."
Regal Lavender Rules Gardens Coast to Coast
"beautiful herb and show off its full beauty in the landscape... Lavender is the queen of herbs in my book: beautiful when young, astounding in maturity... 'Ballerina', lavenders hit every shade in between. Lavender flowers can be used for soaps... fact, lavender lemonade is a surprising treat on a hot summer day, while pairing... you grow lavender to harvest or simply for its beauty in your garden, it will perform..."
Easy Herbs for Every Space
"forgiving, herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary are simple to grow and look great in both... owing herbs is probably one of the easiest gardening tasks you can take on, because... Rosemary and lavender can hold their own with other landscape shrubs, while thyme and chamomile... Other herbs can fill in garden beds or fill out planters and pots. Many will even... traditional herb garden, whether a series of raised beds or a knot design, is always a..."
Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Some Beautiful, Tasty Thyme
"pink and lavender flowers attract pollinating bees, which other edibles will appreciate... . No herb garden is really complete without thyme. For many gardeners and cooks... in my herb garden it doesn't last more than a month. I think I'm drowning it! My... all my herbs in pots and they do quite well and no, I am not a gardener in any sense... fresh herbs for cooking. Try letting it dry down about an inch from the top and..."
11 Essential Herbs to Grow Right Now
"better with herbs plucked from your own backyard or windowsill pot... from an herb plant you’ve grown yourself. Herbs tie all gardeners together, whether... Whether herb gardening is a summer ritual or your first edible venture, here are 11... 11 herbs we feel no gardener should fare without this summer.... kind of lavender will work in cooking: “'Not all lavender plants are good for culinary... culinary lavender. Although all varieties of lavender are edible, not all of them are..."
4 Herb Container Gardens for Fabulous Global Cuisine
"fresh herbs in your Italian, Asian, Mexican or French fare... combining the herbs you use most often in one container or a grouping of pots. Having fresh... fresh herbs to season dishes with will make your meals even more amazing. Many varieties... varieties of herbs work perfectly in containers. These handy kitchen gardens are easily... Love herbs!!!! This year I mixed my herbs with annuals in pots - very festive..."
Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Your Own Oregano and Marjoram
"Italian herbs you can grow just as easily in pots as in the summer garden... lovely herbs around that will ensure that you get these herbs all the year long!... super easy herbs/spices to grow; rosemary, sage and tyme (sp). Parsley and lavender do... substitute herb de Provence if you do not have marjoram. Bon appetite Preheat oven 450... lots of herbs. I keep them (some in pots and some in the ground) near the veranda where..."
Herb Garden Essentials: Grow Your Own Delicious Mint
"for an herb, reaching up to about 2 feet, so it can hold its own as a landscaping... other herbs have the growing power of mint? I'd like to plant something that creeps... lot of herbs, the small leafed basil grows great, as do chives, rosemary, thyme and... planning on lavender as i have some patch of poor soil.my orchid though has gone dormant..."
Dry Your Garden Herbs for Casual Fall Decor
"Dried herbs are just as great for autumnal arrangements as they are for cooking... bounty of herbs for a beautiful indoor display that will keep on giving throughout winter... flavor, herbs can be turned into decorative bouquets that offer a homey, comforting... to grow lavender this year- I am drying the stems now & planning to use it in my bedroom... scene of herbs hanging on nails near a fireplace. Many herbs come in different varieties..."
Grow Herbs for Fresh Flavor and Good Looks in the Garden
"Herbs have been used throughout recorded history for a huge range of purposes: culinary... But most herbs are easy to grow. They’re minimally fussy and suffer from few pests and... full-blown herb garden. Here's how to get started.... and snip herbs when I'm cooking. I don't have enough sun for a vegetable garden but... tip!! Herbs are easy and make a big difference in our meals. My only problem is... ton of herbs around the yard, and share them with the local wildlife. Great idea..."
Savor Natural Scents at Home
"luscious lavender, just-mown grass ... the loveliest fragrances for the home are also... favorites. Lavender-scented sheets. Lavender is said to promote relaxation and sleep,... Potted herbs. Culinary herbs are great to have on hand for more than cooking; these... trees, lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, roses or herbs. Baking bread. Is there anything... a few lavender sachets between the sheets during the day. Real linen or other na..."
Southeast Gardener: What to Do in June
"harvest lavender from the landscape. It's a glorious month for Southern gardens... Harvest lavender blooms before it gets too hot. The lavender flowers are at their peak... memories. Herbs. Don't let your basil (Ocimum basilicum) go to seed or even flower.... days, the lavender will be ready to use...."
Evocative Plants to Awaken All the Senses
"next to Lavender. I used to pet my blue fescue and smell my lavender. I liked the... with the lavender, too. (Hidcote Blue and Elijah Blue, I think) Some of these already... flowers and herbs..."
Mid-Atlantic Gardener: What to Do in July
"pods, herbs and flowers galore take center stage in the garden this month... vegetables, herbs and even seeds. Don't be discouraged by all the heat and bugs. Just... including lavender salt, lavender oil and even play dough. Collect leafy herbs early... harvest lavender and other herbs, wait for a hot, dry day and snip a bundle of stems... fresh herbs in food or bathing preparations. To use lavender, scrape the flowers..."
10 Easy Edibles for First-Time Gardeners
"vegetables, herbs, beans and salad greens to start a home farm with little fuss... vegetables, herbs and flowers that will make all passersby stop and stare. Getting started... Some herbs spread really easily if not contained - mint and oregano come to mind... leeks and herbs also raspberries and strawberries but we struggled with cauliflower and... grapes, lavender, mint, basil, parsley, green onions, garlic, roses, carrots, beets..."
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