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7 Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives
"no-grass lawn with clover, moss and other easy-care plants... Lawns make sense in some areas of the U.S. — those regions that receive adequate... list of lawn alternatives. I have posted this plant on another Ideabook but I think... great alternative to lawns. I have found it to be quite drought resistant and have... Another lawn alternative I've had great success with is Dymondia margaretae 'Silver... suggestion for lawn alternative that active kids can play on? We're in inland, northern California..."
Meet a Lawn Alternative That Works Wonders
"States. Lawns and I are in a relationship defined by benign neglect and occasional... wonderful alternative for almost any location. From a dry slope to shade, sun to boggy... great alternative to grass. However, I prefer the look of short, trimmed lawns -... the book Lawn Gone by Pam Penick. I want to tear out the lawn of the house we just... get my lawn mower and go over there to mow his lawn! Perfect, Ben. Way to go maverick..."
See 6 Yards Transformed by Losing Their Lawns
"a turf lawn is the best use of your outdoor space? These homeowners did, and they... rethinking the lawn in your yard and looking to do something different, these six yards featured... left the lawn behind in favor of something else. One homeowner turned his parking strip... Like my lawn: sometimes lawns are practical; in wildfire zones, a lawn, even if it... it;s hate-lawn site, but instead, lawn alternatives for some situations: - places were..."
Your Yard: Are You Ready to Lose the Lawn?
"perfectly kept lawn. Watering needs can be high, fertilizing can get costly and mowing and... a lush lawn of green is your only option for a beautiful yard. From bricks to gravel... various alternatives to the traditional grass-filled landscape. Read along to see for... a nice lawn replacement. I'm thinking of replacing my lawn with fruit trees and compost... green alternative to lawn. We will be using a noninvasive jasmine, interspersed with..."
The Case for Losing the Traditional Lawn
"that the lawn has been wounded and now it's now open to attack by pests. And as a nation... tons of lawn clippings a year into already bursting landfills — material that could... world. Lawns are a noble's ideal, literally, and since the 1800s Americans have been... deal with lawn? And how and why should we lose some of it?... regional lawn alternatives and how to deal with neighbors can be found in LAWN GONE... eyes to lawn as "ecological dead zones". I want more meadow, less lawn. hell strip..."
Garden-Friendly Native Alternatives to Overplanted Exotics
"attractive alternatives that just might enliven your landscape with new wildlife? Below... stripped my lawn and need help finding alternatives that will tolerate some foot traffic... patchy lawn at our house in the San Luis Valley of Colorado and planted blue Grama... cultivars as alternatives to all the "other" hydrangeas and also Cephalanthus occidentalis... super alternative to Pampas grass which is also invasive. I saw it climbing an entire..."
How to Prep Your Ground for a Healthy New Lawn
"nance lawn alternatives are growing in popularity, but many homeowners still love... a new lawn or start over if your existing lawn is past its prime? Is this a good... grass — lawns make great places for entertaining; kids can play and pets can run on... successful lawn starts with the right preparation.... green lawns!!! I miss having a lawn to walk on. My back yard is full of little hillocks... grass-filled lawn that is perfect for your climate and will not need fertilizer or much..."
Before and After: Front Lawn to Prairie Garden
"is our lawn conversion project, along with some alternative methods you can use for... front lawn and installing a garden. Of course we were hesitant for many reasons,... rainfall. Lawns cover over 40 million acres in the U.S., which makes them the largest... eet-a-lawn-alternative-that-works-wonders Benjamin -- I love that you are brave enough... yes, lawn. Though that lawn decreases every year. Our biggest failure was trying..."
Get Along With Less Lawn — Ideas to Save Water and Effort
"Lawns work well as active playspaces for people and pets, and as circulation corridors... texture, lawns often serve as a place for the eye to rest within an area of visual... But lawns can be a drain on water resources, and they demand regular mowing and... amount of lawn to take care of? Here are some ways to help you look at your landscape... have a lawn by design or a lawn by default?" I love removing turf unless there's a..."
15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"The lawn has enjoyed decades of popularity, and while there are still plenty of things... great lawn, that expanse of green can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth.... and easy alternatives to the traditional green.... leave our lawn cutting on the lawn as it makes for a healthier lawn and the cutting feed... mowing the lawn, but I DO mind watering it. if I had my way, we'd have ZERO lawn! (but... on the lawn and kids thing. I use to LOVE playing on our front lawn growing up, and..."
Give Your Lawn a Taste of the Wild
"meadow lawn: It’s ecofriendly, visually interesting and still good for romping... green lawns. But the days of hearing lawn mowers working hard in suburban gardens... manicured lawn is set deep within my gardening genes. Rainfall levels and temperate summers... cut the lawn? Will it, in time, revert to a wildflower meadow, or will it just become... keep the lawn tidy and usable, while allowing for the environmental benefits of letting..."
Small Gem Lawns: More Impact From Less Grass
"letting the lawn sprawl, make it a shapely design element in your yard. You’ll reap benefits... nondescript lawn. Not only can large lawns be wasteful environmentally in terms of water... kyard lawns often have been the background music in the garden, the understated foil... smart lawn is to design it as a specific visual element that interacts with, and... way, the lawn gains importance, becoming sculptural as well as practical. As the following..."
How to Plant a New Lawn From Seed
"your lawn from seed. While not the perfect solution for every lawn in all parts of the... a new lawn or fill in a patchy area of your existing one, consider planting your... but it's lawn related. I took out a small, dying ornamental tree from my front yard... of the lawn? An old walkway in the front was removed by previous owners, they didn't... Lawns are serious business, and in my experience not all that easy. Help us..."
How to Fix Bare and Yellow Lawn Spots
"mean the lawn. To many people a healthy lawn shows you’re invested in making your... your lawn can be the envy of the other lawn lovers in the neighborhood.... of your lawn, whether it’s weeds, grubs or dogs who insist on tarnishing your turf... chooses a lawn has to deal with these issues at one time or another. But if you reseed... a good alternative to straw here. In Kassel the public lawns are now planted as..."
5 Great Grasses for a New Lawn
"their lawns, some live in neighborhoods where taking out the front lawn is prohibited... to the lawn issue lies in selecting the best type of lawn for your area. It's not... Lawns have been coming under attack as of late — after all, they are high-maintenance... watering the lawn. I kind of miss a lawn now both visually and for usage. I live in North... "No Mow" lawn that allows the homeowner to either maintain as a regular lawn, or decrease..."
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