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Slow Design: Today's 'Wabi-Sabi' Helps Us Savor the Moment
"Learn about the design movement that's aiming to satisfy our real needs, leaving... that. My home is not a platform for showing everyone how much money I have or how much... t. My home is simply what it should be: pleasing personal space for myself and my... in my home without careful thought. Improving the space "slowly" with an eye for... of our home and recently read another article about wabi sabi ... By George, I think..."
11 Survival Lessons From Thanksgiving
"days, you learn fast. Find out the good, the challenging and the just plain kooky... lovely old homes! @jdforney Let me guess ... Talbots? I did not inherit my mom's org... our lake home, but I find myself going nuts trying to do everything for them. I've decided... that the home not be on the rental market. It had a sign over the tv- welcome to paradise... about home to start dropping her "r's." The whale salad tongs are the best. But what..."
Bathroom Surfaces: Ceramic Tile Pros and Cons
"Learn the facts on this popular material for bathroom walls and floors, including... behind at home yesterday but did manage to cut the track guide for these LED's with my... year old home and the master shower had grout and caulk issues. We researched to find... everyone's home is different - different soaps, different water. Using full slabs on your... tract home. When he tore out the old shower he saw wasted space and was able to push..."
How to Pick a New Kitchen Faucet
"Learn all about mounting styles, handles, finishes and quality to get the kitchen... living in a home I did not build, and the kitchen sink is problematic. The porcelain sink... of the homes I have built and lived in, and there have been many, I have never had... in our home and I liked more than a couple of these styles... but who made them?... Victorian home, we'll end up going with a bridge faucet with a side-sprayer. Just another..."
Garden Overhaul: Which Plants Should Stay, Which Should Go?
"Learning how to inventory your plants is the first step in dealing with an overgrown... plants!! Learning to ID plants and trees is a great way to learn and be involved with... street of homes that need gardening 'help' letting students do an assessment and design... a new home two years ago and got many free or very low cost plants from Craigslist... "life-long learning" class at my local college where we drew our own yard and landscape..."
Design Practice: Getting Paid
"to pro: Learn how to manage contracts and set up the right fee structure for your work... and the home owner wants to move ahead on the project we charge the contractors 6%... I have learned is some jobs move quickly and some do not based on the how clients... seen & learned a lot over those years about how badly we can get taken advantage of... I'm learning. On the other side I see too many people who buy very expensive..."
What's That Smell? What to Do About Stinky Furniture
"Learn how to diagnose and treat pet and other furniture odors — and when to call... we get home. It draws out bad odors. Then a little Fabreeze and it usually smells... of our home. All natural, can use on carpet, upholstery, clothing - even ON the dogs... local home and garden show). Try this stuff! I have a dog, we love her but she knows... teenager and learned these tips. We used large T pins and drapery hooks all the time so..."
Buffet, Sideboard, Server, Credenza: What's the Difference?
"Learn the definitions and details to make shopping for dining room storage less confusing... enjoyed learning the etymology of the names. I think there are regional/national variations... priority in a home was an adequate wall for the very important family furniture piece. I... their home and needs. Very educational, too! Thanks for posting. I am currently lookin... another home. It really is the piece I'd like to sell if I could. I am currently searching..."
Your Guide to Grills and More for Great Outdoor Cooking
"Learn the pros and cons of gas versus charcoal grills, and about neat add-ons that... to our home. Had a built in gas grill on a deck under a big live oak. Lots of bugs... Lowe's and Home Depot or other outlets where price is the driving factor. Last comment... cooking at home with the versatility of a patio table. Its important to use the proper..."
What to Shop for in Cabinet Hardware and Millwork
"Learn about finishing touches for kitchen and bath cabinets to pick the options that... a 1982 home and kept the kitchen cabinetry because it is in such awesome shape...... built a home in 2000, we laid the tile floors first then the cabinetry was installed... older homes and, unfortunately, some newer homes have. If you would like a flush... of the home or can be made new. O.B. Williams Company in Seattle has an enormous..."
Kilim, Flokati, Beni Ourain, Boucherouite: What’s the Difference?
"floors by learning the origins and characteristics of rugs from around the world... their home. I had my carpet replaced with hardwood floors two years ago and have... been in a home where they had a soft feel. Is there a difference or way to know if you're... Navajo learned rug weaving from the Spanish when tyhey were taken captives and kept..."
Live in Harmony: 3 Types of Balance in Design
"Learn about symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial balance to create spaces that calm... more at home with asymmetrical designs as sometimes with the 1st photo everything seems... in my homes. Maybe it has to do with where I perceive the center line once I have... traditional homes; round rooms are difficult to link to other spaces. But the result can..."
Which Is for You — Kitchen Table or Island?
"Learn about size, storage, lighting and other details to choose the right table for... of my homes offered it. My kitchen now has plenty counter space for preparing that... at the home improvement store, for people who are building coffee tables or other... their home, smooth concrete was the ideal choice for looks while being cool on the..."
Regal Lavender Rules Gardens Coast to Coast
"Learn how to grow this fragrant, beautiful herb and show off its full beauty in the... kids come home for holidays, I take the latest version out of the freezer (keeps well... Our home is in Arkansas and the hill faces South. ebea - I wonder if rosemary might..."
Pave the Way to Landscape Style With Flagstone
"pit ... learn about flagstone's many uses, plus costs and considerations, here... purchased the home with the firepit already there. Weeds seem to be finding their way between... and most Home Depots actually have a mini skid steer they rent on a trailer with all..."
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