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Get a Perfectly Built Home the First Time Around
"Consider learning about yourself a bonus... "custom" home 14 years ago (modest 2700 sq ft), and although it is a great home that... sold our home, bought a new home, and were totally moved by April first. All of the... for the home owner or with the home owner. I have my own style, but do not impose this... built his home using the same builder he had chosen a much larger home with a lot of... http://pacific-homes.com/post/4871 Plans to get you started: http://pacific-homes.com/designs..."
For Home Pros: Using Custom Domains With Site Designer
"Learn how to publish your Site Designer website to your own custom web address... subdomain.To learn more about changing your A record, visit your domain registrar’s website..."
How to Add a Backyard Shed for Storage or Living
"eed a home office, a playspace or extra room for your stuff? Learn about off-the-shelf... existing home can be time consuming and costly. That’s why many homeowners are turning... patience can learn to build a shed. How to books, on line videos, and experienced friends... for a home show we did a few years back. Won best in show! I love this one. We are... Parade of Homes for an Association, they wanted to use it for a ticket booth. When the..."
Update Your Windows for Good Looks, Efficiency and a Better View
"Great home project: Replace your windows for enhanced style and function. Learn the... our last home where we lived for twenty years, I went from loving the frames to hating... enter the home despite the window being closed. Your heating (or cooling) energy is lost... of a home. This will help a lot of people understand the basics. From an architects... of the home! I might be doing some renovations to a circa 1960s brick ranch soon..."
How to Get the Front Door You’ve Always Wanted
"Learn about material and style choices, how to get a front door installed and how... see on a home. It’s something most homeowners use multiple times every day, coming to... fraction of a home’s exterior surface, the front door makes a great design impact. If you’re... to your home to hang it up. Here’s everything you’ll want to consider.... making the home look fabulous from the initial visit to a home. You can transform the..."
What to Know About Adding a Deck
"more? Learn the requirements, costs and other considerations for building a deck... if your home lacks an enticing outdoor living space, there’s little incentive to venture... requested home projects today, and demand is steadily rising. In a recent Houzz landscaping... and had homes that already came with them. Here's what I've learned: it's best to have... this our home moving towards retirement. No oiling ..hooray! Still about, working..."
What to Know Before Refinishing Your Floors
"Learn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the... If your home has heat registers in the floor, remove a grille and take a sidelong look... Millstead, Home Depot's house brand only to find out that's what they're finished with... designed into home in the past 20 years and filled with very glossy pre finished floors... antebellum home in Louisiana that was built in 1845. While the floors are in decent shape..."
How to Install Energy-Efficient Windows
"Learn what Energy Star ratings mean, what special license your contractor should... to your home, old, single-pane windows can be a major energy suck.... Our home was built in 1984 with Pella windows. When we remodeled three years ago... because a home is most often your most valuable asset. Nicky36, hungs, double hungs... of his home (it was like a bursting at the joint rather than a leak) causing him to... in his home. I've never had a pipe leak on me. No one is going to take as much pride..."
What to Know Before You Tear Down That Wall
"room? Learn who to hire, what it’ll cost and how long it will take... looking at homes & pondering a home's potential. Many of us have already learned that... structure of a home, but it is not uncommon (in my 1930's home for example) for the original... for a home owner as it pretty much sums it up... Very interesting Patch the floor... older homes). Costs in this ideabook seem a tad high, but are certainly on the right..."
Hope for the Future: Lessons From Midcentury Modern Design
"we can learn from the built-in optimism of midcentury modern homes... is to learn from these homes. So here are some of the lessons that I've learned... of our homes shrank. The term "toxic asset" (an oxymoron if there ever was one) entered... wonderful homes now, or maybe it's that we're all reacting to the recent past, but for... style homes | Find an architect... wonder MCM homes are still as popular as they are - Makes you wonder why developers ever..."
Get Glowing With Gilded Decor
"Learn the history and modern uses of gilt furnishings to set your home agleam with... to our homes since ancient times. In this craft, fine gold, silver, copper or aluminum... of age. Learn more about the evolution of this fine craft below — maybe gilded decor... in your home...."
Insulation Basics: Heat, R-Value and the Building Envelope
"Learn how heat moves through a home and the materials that can stop it, to make sure... to your home’s building envelope (the walls, slab and roof that protect your home from... reducing the home’s energy consumption. However, because no two buildings are the same... efficient homes. Also, shouldn't our homes be free of pollutants = mechanical ventilation... a new home and used a combination of 2x6 construction, "pink" insulation, foam insulation..."
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