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14 Things You Need to Start Doing Now for Your Spouse’s Sake
"habits at home can be. We’re here to tell you... into our home to learn all that! Monday was a long hard day, but this morning I read... responsible at home so they don't understand at our home. SO is now responsible for his kids... are not home). They are looking for a house that looks Like folks are not home. Worried... in our home too? I actually haven't gotten to the 'close the toilet lid' stage of... in this home, but the one that drives me totally crazy is when someone (OK, kids) eats..."
Contractor Tips: What Your Contractor Really Means
"a good Home Inspector check the work as it progresses. Having built 7 homes and being... It is a learned process, and usually that learning process comes from mistakes made... Complicated homes take alot of engineering and subs and contractors don't often like to... tract home, then you can expect something on the lower scales. If your intended... Angeles home remodeling Dude 6-10 are great. 1-5 Please your just trying to lower..."
Houzz Call: Show Us the House You Grew Up In
"childhood home. Does it influence your design tastes today?... of your home; shots with people in them would be even better! Please post a photo... childhood home was like. We'd love to see the outside, but if there is a special feature... childhood homes and what they still mean to us.... parents' home wasn't. When my husband & I looked at the home we bought he commented... influence my home-buying: I learned that I don't need or want a big house. The largest..."
7 Tips to Get With a New Minimalist Mentality
"and our home was awash in toys, laundry and papers — to name the top three categories... bigger home, and so we bought a larger home nearby. I love the home, but it was well... "The Old Home Place", a historic home, built in the late 1800's, near the Gulf Coast... their own homes, but had not moved any of their things out of the old home place yet... first home, our second home was where I abandoned the fantasy after we remodeled..."
Clean Routine: Housework Strategies the Whole Family Can Share
"a tidy home, with these ideas to get all kinds of cleaning personality types in on... We learn what we see, and we learn early. If you have to pick up after a slob... do at home,despite how great it was when he was home,sharing everything. This article... "tricks" we learn as moms at home; it's work,still, someone has to come up with the ideas... in our home. I have three teen boys and a husband and I am the only one who tidies..."
How Your Landscaping Can Keep Burglars Away
"event home break-ins with strategic landscaping and good practices instead of menacing... moved to a home in a very urban — some might say gritty — neighborhood of Los Angeles... safety at home and on the streets.... not at home, it is the fear of burglary while you are at home. Far to many cases of... while I am home my security is far greater than while I am not at home. We have a 10... you stay home 24/7? Moreover, unless you have a gun safe, if you're not home, your..."
Houzz Tour: German Tradition Deep in the Heart of Texas
"award-winning home mixes history with the vernacular of today... former home. She asked me to go out to her old house and measure them,” he says. “While... led to a home that is based on a Texas tradition that dates back to the mid-1800s.... windows in homes. These windows can be left open and you can still walk around home in... sweet home that evolved from his heritage. I love it!! Nice home. Loved the way that..."
17 Things Color Consultants Want You to Know
"for your home? A color pro might be the way to go. Here's how it works... a new home in May, upgrading from a very tiny home of a very different vintage. My... very tiny home specs and won't fit with the new home (3 x the size) so I'm selling every... let the home, the light, and the trim work/detailing tell me what the home needs, then... Florida home. Our primary home, initially, will be in Evanston, IL, but we want to..."
The Perfect Houseplant for People Who Kill Houseplants
"need to learn to test the soil moisture; you'll find some stuff about that at http://www... in your home, look for them and ADMIRE them (or not, if they don't look nice),... learn some stuff about them, find some that you really like and get one of your... to your home. I have a lots of them. It grows even in water and I've got these plants... in the home to keep them alive. Mostly the ones people have in pretty clear bottles..."
7 Tips for Making Contractors Your Allies
"in your home project's success, follow these time-tested techniques from a professional... it to Home Depot to let them cut it. (The Home Depot was just 5 minutes away.) He... away. At Home Depot arrived I must learn that their policies are not allow to cut customer... Lesson learned. We bought a flipped house. I could literally write a book on all... to be learned from contractors, from the guys on their tools, and that their voices..."
How to Decorate When You're Starting Out or Starting Over
"together a home look you'll love... first home. With so many options available and so many decisions to make, it’s hard... decorating a home for the first time.... second home and this ideabook will be extremely useful. Just sold my home in another... Traditional Home, and the late (sadly) Southern Accents). I learned how to decorate, arrange... into the home office/guest room, as well as a lamp and side table. Excellent advice..."
10 Things to Do Before the Renovation Begins
"make your home remodeling project run more smoothly... of your home unusable for the duration, home remodeling projects can be extremely... to our home. I wanted to charge him for the cost of having our home re-keyed but we... complete home renovation and finally after 4 and a half months it's going to end in... in the home is to be regulated during the remodel. I had to tell one crew they could... the main home HVAC system is going to be down during a time of extremes, hot or cold..."
On Show: The Ingenuity of Ancient Architecture
"traditional homes built with materials at hand... build homes more purposefully. The houses are built to take advantage of the power... Moroccan dar home has a central courtyard that acts as an air shaft, the walls are built... we can learn from the humble village builders of the past. Great article! Here are... better homes are produced than when vanity follows dollars. NOT Batak but TORAJA... Victorian home in Utah), it is akin to set decorating. Just phony. We humans, probably..."
House Hunting? Look Carefully at the Light
"potential home, lest you end up facing down the dark... one’s home, mine would have said, “It’s complicated.” Let's start with the good... beautiful new home with a gorgeous kitchen etc.when looking at the home I did notice the... in your homes with so few windows? Our house is a 2 bedroom 1500 square foot home... selected our home and it will be for all future homes. It is the first thing I look at... enough "home stories" to write a book. I hope all stays well in your new home. LOVED..."
How to Create an Inventory, Whether You're Naturally Organized or Not
"your home items is essential, even if disaster seems unimaginable. And it may be... and my home (first home, purchased only months earlier) would be the worst of it,... of your home and contents. When dealing with an older home, make sure you have enough... to come home and unpack my stuff that night. Instead I came home to an almost empty... purchased a home inventory software program and made myself do a complete inventory with..."
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