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Easy Sparkle: String Lights for Christmas and All Year
"parade of string lights aglow everywhere you look. String lights are certainly festive... glow of string lights. And in some cases, strings lights work in a space even after... where string lights simply add a pretty, decorative glow that doesn't have to spell... prefer LED rope lighting over string lights. Strings lights scream "shabby" whereas... whereas the LED rope lights are clean and neat. We found an excellent source for LED rope..."
Make Outdoor Magic With String Lighting
"evening, string lights may help your patio or porch put a sparkle in someone's eyes... stars for string lights that whimsically resemble ... well, lucky stars. The simple,... power LED lights are fresh and exciting. They are especially great for low ceilings... another "string lights" idea for outdoors, but can't remember where from - I had just... patio with string lights. This is such an easy thing to do and there is nothing more festive..."
The Lowdown on High-Efficiency LED Lighting
"about LED tapes, ropes, pucks and more to create a flexible and energy-efficient... When LEDs (light-emitting diodes) came on the market, people were slow to use them... mean that LEDs can produce that warm, yellow light many homeowners prefer in their living... light. LEDs can last up to 25,000 hours and use 75 percent less energy than traditional... versatility. LEDs cover the range of light, from soft and warm to crisp and cool, and come..."
Spring Patio Fix-Ups: 6 Ways to Light Your Outdoor Room
"evening with string lights, sconces, pendants and more to illuminate your patio or deck... lighting and string lights that cast a soft glow to sconces, pendants and more, these ideas... added string lights around our patio. I used string lights that used Christmas tree... plugged in a string of lights that i ran around the eaves of our patio. On our old light... candles with led lights that work with a remote control are great in a garden chandelier..."
Guest Picks: Outdoor Lighting for Summer Nights
"lanterns, string lights, fire pits and more... light strings have black or green wires. I wanted to hang some in my kitchen window... extra strings on sale at Target for that. My great hack has been running them through... has a LED umbrella light that's similar to the one shown and it is under $20.00.... outdoor string lights. Hope it helps! http://www.lightsforalloccasions.com/p-287... globe string lights! I have two sets of these; one is hung along the fence, and the..."
Mike Brady Lied to Me
"pull some strings to get me started in the program over the summer instead of waiting... shoulder and led me to the door. I think he called me "sport." I started architecture school... however life led me into engineering, and it's a little late in the game to go back now..."
12 Ways to Beat the Home Decor Blahs
"wered LED string lights on a bookshelf or niche), swap out an area rug or add an... clear string I had from making a bracelet. It just changed it up enough to look new..."
Houzz Tour: An Indian High-Rise Trips the Light Fantastic
"orary LED-packed apartment for two local textile merchants and their two teenagers... night LEDs flood each room with colored light that can change on a whim. “It’s how... changing LED lights are a nice touch and is probably a great novelty to have, but I'd... with the LEDs and light play. Huge pictures of kids in their own rooms is odd. Do they... Wonders of LED created this sleek elegance in this contemporary decorated abode in Mumbai..."
11 New Uses for Old-School Christmas Ornaments
"white led lights, string lights, treetopia hanukkah bush with blue led lights and... playful cat led me to hang a garland of faux "pine needles", with a mini-light-strand twined... hooks to string pieces from the bead garland as well. For those who live in warmer climates..."
Kitchen Remodel Costs: 3 Budgets, 3 Kitchens
"piece of string?" You see, there are just too many things that will influence a project's... like the string analogy, too, however, watch out, because the ball of string fell to... piece of string analogy! Perfect! We just finished a kitchen remodel. We did not rework... long a string is, great analogy! This is a great guideline to go off of and the price... piece of string?" I love this quote from the author. I think that this author nailed..."
Guest Picks: A Farmhouse Party With Modern Style
"solar-powered string lights, and an oversize paper lantern. Make the event special for... ecofriendly, LED, solar-powered fairy lights. With no extension cords to limit your distance..."
Secondhand Accessories Bring First-Class Style
"purse strings get tightened and the budget is a daily conversation topic, home décor... finds led to a fun alternative. This classic bentwood chair was ready to go to the..."
Modern Icons: The Random Light
"attitude led to the creation of the Random Light. It was originally created by wrapping... used kite string and white glue, and dried flowers. We were making big Easter egg decorations..."
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