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Houzz Tour: Comfy and Cozy in 630 Square Feet
"For legal reasons, the developer does not release floorplans, but the website has... released for legal reasons, but it is a railroad design~ 3 seasons porch (with the wicker... it's a legal thing with the developer. I will copy and paste a note I sent off that... , for legal resasons. Here is Seaglass Village in Wells, Maine: www.seaglassvillage..."
The Top 5 Ways to Save Water at Home
"perfectly legal in W. WA. I live here. I have a rain barrel which I received free from... rain is legal in W. WA. I live here too. The county offers free courses in making your... org/2011/07/14/legalizing-it-your-rain-barrel/ Chris Diehl......thanks for the clarification... it is legal in your area be sure to treat the rain standing rain water container..."
What to Consider Before Starting Construction
"and the legal portions of the contracts. Make sure that you have all the legal protections... had an legally binding agreement in writing. Fourth warning: He insisted that all... only a legal document but a useful tool to help everyone involved understand the project..."
How to Hire the Right Architect
"involved in legalize minutiae tended to kind of run counter to the whole personal relationship... bunch of legal mumbo jumbo getting in the way. I would encourage other architects to... for easy legal separation. Hourly rates also mean that you may end up pay them for their... (by a legally binding contract), my clients know I am looking out for their interests..."
Finish Your Remodel Right: 10 Tasks to Check Off
"financial and legal details right or risk a real headache. Just finished a 1920 bungalow... get it legal. FMS - we've been paying ahead, extra here and there and trusting the... of the legal stuff" ... This is horrible advice, because if you get to the end of... of the legal stuff. Have forms that need to be filed with the city? Even if your..."
Contractor's Tips: 10 Things Your Contractor Might Not Tell You
"won't legally belong to the contractor finding the valuable, but either the original... has no legal right! @Maplestone – The failure is more that the common usage has taken... partial legal right/ownership over items in a client's home. Hearing that from a contractor..."
Togetherness Take 2: Is a Cohousing Community for You?
"these legally classified as condos or co-ops, or something else? What are monthly... US are legally structured on a condo model, yes. However, rather than being governed... had a legal means of holding people responsible for their misuse of property. I live..."
When You Need Real Housekeeping Help
"proof of legal residency. An employee is not left to worked independently until our... to stay legal and true to these employees. These workers are not robots or superma... threaten legal recourse. When my Father had heart surgery his room mate had staph...."
12 House-Hunting Tips to Help You Make the Right Choice
"they can legally hold your earnest money, once you back out of a deal. Around here,... to be legally noticed about the application .. so they could attend the hearing,... up in a legal battle if it came to that but you'd have a general timeline. I'd also..."
Unleash Your Guerilla Gardener
"LAND BY LEGAL OWNERSHIP, DON'T THROW SEEDS ON IT. Unbelievable. The County road... does this legally. Lady Bird Johnson established a native flower program and in Texas... Probably not legal, but I have transplanted pieces of native waterlily I found floating..."
What to Look for in a Contractor's Contract
"and all legal remedies in a court of law if you have run into problems with your contractor... away all legal recourse; you, literally, have no rights whatsoever; and don't assume... of our legal system and puts the homeowner at a severe disadvantage from the very..."
Learn the Lingo of Construction Project Costs
"- not legal advise. If you hired the sander how come it shows up in his bills? Do... Check the legal aspect regarding a holdback. Have the trades been covered by Workman's... It is a legal binding commitment from the contractor to provide specific construction..."
Go Beyond the Basics When Interviewing Architects
"code, legal, and environmentally ok). Again this might have you paying double? US... in it. Legally - residential design is not considered architecture - you do not need... could not legally design a deck or a dog house for my parents in another state if I was..."
5 Qualities of a Happy Designer-Client Relationship
"ethically but legally. That said I see my clients as partners and involve them in the big... getting legal advice at a party). Most times they assume it is unnoticed and no big... (separated for legal reasons) who work cooperatively together. Under those circumstances,..."
10 Things to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts
"have no legal recourse. Get receipts for every payment! DO NOT... details and legalities which vary from project to project and what should be included in... just the legal fees to defend against such an action might be financially crippling..."
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