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Kitchen of the Week: Into the Blue in Melbourne
"Australian kitchen live up to its potential... 64-square-foot kitchen in Melbourne might not be terribly small, but it certainly felt that... bright kitchen. Watt and his team tore through a claustrophobic brick wall and... bold blue cabinetry, and a new extended countertop serves as an impromptu dinner... table. Kitchen at a Glance Location: Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne Size: 64 square... cozy kitchen over a huge kitchen. Cooking at my best friend's house, whose kitchen..."
Kitchen of the Week: Brilliant Blue Cabinets in a Modern Setting
"Austin kitchen a cheerful look without compromising the clean lines... warm the kitchen's clean lines. Piper and Kanton Labaj wanted a modern, hard-wearing... hard-wearing kitchen, but they weren't sure what it should look like. Thanks to the help of... brilliant blue cabinetry — they came up with a spacious and modern design that doesn't... up." Kitchen at a Glance Who lives here: Piper and Kanton Labaj and their 3 children..."
Cooking With Color: When to Use Blue in the Kitchen
"using blue in the kitchen: We humans have evolved to see blue as an appetite suppressant... into your kitchen with blue. Whether you opt for a fun watery turquoise or a more formal... for your kitchen, check out these blue paint suggestions and ideas on how to incorporate... sources are blue and the many toxic things that sport the hue. Depending on just how much... had a blue kitchen in my last home and I loved it. The kitchen grew to be twelve..."
Color Splash: Cool Blue Kitchens
"Blue hues from azure to navy give your kitchen a glamorous touch... never use blue in rooms such as kitchens or dining rooms where food is being presented... broken and blue kitchens are looking cool and current for me.... is that blue tones are unnatural and make food look unappetizing. I'm not sure how... these blue kitchens. I especially like the ice blue and light aqua cabinets paired... them navy blue first just for fun! Great post! We had a blue kitchen for two years but..."
Kitchen Color: 15 Beautiful Blue Backsplashes
"Blue is the new cool kid on the backsplash block, showing up in shades from pale... turn to blue. Blue kitchens are, er, red hot right now. After years of our being advised... not use blue in a kitchen (it’s thought to be appetite suppressing), cool shades of... more in kitchen tools, accessories and, yes, backsplash materials. Here’s a small glimpse... the many blue backsplash options, along with a few tips for working the color into your..."
Kitchen of the Week: Beautiful Blue in Martha's Vineyard
"cottage-style kitchen supports a laid-back lifestyle... stunning kitchen. This Scandinavian-inspired kitchen is set on Lake Tashmoo, on the... Coloured kitchen Check out these bold and blue kitchens! http://www.houzz.com/phot... love this kitchen in general. It is so bright and airy. Choice of the blue finish nice... Though blue is one of my favorites I'd prefer some contrast; love blue and yellow... those blue-blue cabinets, but color is a deeply personal preference.) Wonderful...."
2012 Color Trends: Blues for the Kitchen and Bath
"into your kitchen and bath in a way that makes sense for your taste and your home. Blue... Blue will be a strong color in 2012. Sherwin-Williams envisions indigo, water and... watery blue-green. Behr and Yolo are trending aqua tones. All of these hues can work... in your kitchen and baths with the most popular cabinet, flooring and countertop choices... going blue with sensible style. More 2012 Color Trend Ideas: Orange | Red | Green..."
Color Guide: How to Use Light Blue
"or baby blue, this ultratraditional color lends fresh-faced appeal... Today's light blue goes by many names: baby blue, powder blue, angel blue. Whatever... traditional light blues are true blues without the obvious yellows and greens in turquoise... Light blue, in its many variations, is one of the most classic decorating colors... call it, light blue is calming and easy on the eye. It's the color of a spring sky and..."
8 Creative Lighting Solutions for Food Prep
"Lighting can be a real doozy when you’re assembling your dream kitchen. Not only... from can lights, fluorescents and LEDs. Here are eight creative ideas for lighting your... softer light sources you desire. They key to finding this balance often lies in choosing... fluorescent light in my kitchen when we first moved in... it was terrible! It was one of... first light fixtures to be changed! My dream kitchen [houzz=http://www.houzz.com..."
Kitchen of the Week: Pushing Boundaries in a San Francisco Victorian
"in, the blue cabinets and oversize molding will: This kitchen is no ordinary Victorian... design a kitchen for their San Francisco Victorian using limited funds, family ties... ntury kitchen,” he says. “I wanted to push the boundaries.” By applying color, mod... them a kitchen whose form suggests Queen Victoria at her most proper, but whose details... Love this kitchen, from the vintage stove to the blue cabinets. The blue looks like it..."
Hot Color Combo: Cool Blues and Warm Brass
"royal blue with brass or gold just also might become a new classic pairing... Deep blues are classic. Think pea coats, blue jeans and the late-evening sky. Brass... work with blues and brass, from the kitchen to the living room and everywhere in between... royal blues paired with warm metals like brass, copper and gold. You've probably... brass light fixtures or cheap, too-shiny brass door hardware, you may be harboring..."
How to Light a Kitchen for Older Eyes and Better Beauty
"kinds of light in your kitchen's universal design plan to make it more workable and... on of light, so that more light is often needed to see. This changes how we perceive... amount of light, location of the light source and color temperature will improve your... a few lighting solutions, starting with the kitchen.... and our lighting requirements change. The ability to focus on near objects decreases... different lighting solutions. These solutions won't benefit just them; they will also..."
Guest Picks: 20 Blue and White Fabrics Perfect for a Cottage
"Blue and white make for one of those classic color combinations that never go out... farmhouse kitchen, a beachy bathroom, a traditional dining room. My favorite way to use... is in a light and laid-back cottage look. It's easy: Just mix and match a variety of... pretty blue and white fabrics in simple florals, dots, checks and stripes. Don't forget... Love the blue and white fabric! I've been making a series of indigo abstract paintings..."
The Wonder of the Blue Hour
"stunning “blue hour” photos. Have you heard of the blue hour? The term, blue hour,... you the blue hour than to tell you about it. There are many, many blue hour pics posted... before the light of day, and again in the evening, shortly before darkness blankets the... The blue hour is a special time of day for several reasons: 1. The quality of the... the light is truly amazing, making it a popular time for outdoor photography with..."
Kitchen of the Week: Aqua Knockout in Austin
"vivid blue and green colors and clever storage gave a one-two punch to a kitchen... remodeled the kitchen in her Austin, Texas, home. Ott and her husband didn't use the huge... small kitchen, so they knocked down the walls to create a contemporary, open space... hanging light!! Wide walkway room for cooking!!! Great kitchen! I also saw an article... Super fun Kitchen! Love the exterior and that door is fantastic. Modern Furniture The..."
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