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10 Top Plants to Grow Indoors
"welcoming. Indoor plants also help purify the air, creating a healthier home. If you feel... It’s a plant. The humble houseplant is well and truly back on trend, and for good... snake plants as great indoor plants. I have them in my country cottage, which obviously... umbrella plant and the snake plant. My umbrella plant is overgrown and my snake plant... larger plants. Consider lighting the plants will get year round, not just in spring..."
Air Plants Go Easy on Indoor Gardeners
"easy air plants to bring a living garden to your home... Air plants, a category of plants formally known as epiphytes, get their name from... food, air plants actually gather their nutrients and moisture from the atmosphere around... center, air plants can be found at specialty nurseries and are increasingly easy to find... thumbs, air plants require practically no care. Just be sure that they receive ample sunlight..."
Indoor Gardens: Duplicate Nature Inside
"garden indoors and enjoy the calming beauty of plants all year long... where your plants can get enough light and get creative; there are many ways to exhibit... garden indoors. Plants are not only visually pleasing and soothing, they also refresh... number of plants inside this indoor garden allow an uninterrupted view to other parts... short plants in the bottom. Antique woodwork surrounds it, creating an eclectic feel..."
Indoor Winter Gardens for Cheerier Days
"Bring plants inside for drab-days mood boosting — not to mention cleaner indoor air... bringing plants indoors for winter and picking new plants to add to your winter garden... to an indoor garden? You can move in some outdoor potted plants that wouldn’t make... the air indoors, and it will surely lift your spirits. Here are some tips for bringing... wintering plants indoors. Queenopearls, your flying pests are most likely fungus gnats..."
Play Up Some Fiddle Leaf Figs for a Lively Indoor Tune
"leaf fig plants harmonize with any style... year for plants in very high light, to once a year for plants in low light. Also when... indirect light. Have trouble remembering to water your plants? Link your plant care... ficus plants are, but I find this to be one of the lowest maintenance plants I've... LOVE fig plants! I'm a fan of them & rubber plants, I think they're so stately & handsome... rid the plant of these scales. We'll try the fungicide - the plant is beautiful and..."
Easy Green: Indoor Trees
"Great Plant Inside for a Hit of Joyful Color... verdant plant. No matter the room, a little foliage looks good. So a lot of foliage... have some indoor plants and one of my many DIY ideas that's been on the back-burner is... to give plants a try!! This ideabook might actually inspire me to water my plants more... favorite indoor plants because they give great height without eating up all the floor... about 10 plants inside and all are thriving as I rotate between spaces with light, spaces..."
Herb Gardens for Indoors and Out
"Plant a Plot or Steal Some Counterspace for a Fresh Addition to Mealtime... a few planted herbs you can clip what you need when you need it, and the rest can... herbs indoors is best done in front of a bright window or with a good grow light... recycled plant stand and pots with chalkboard paint! My best friend had a huge rosemary... reach the plants from all angles. Get creative: This plant stand was made out of reclaimed..."
A Surefire Way to Prevent Sun Damage Indoors
"y let light ruin your furniture, floors and artwork, when the solution could be as... says UV light does not reflect. Visible light reflects. Just google for an explanation... lot of plants and just wondering if they would get the light they need if that film... color of light coming in to the rooms? that would be a disaster for paint color, furniture... interior plants have always done well in places where I had film on the windows, ka..."
Great Design Plant: Sea Grape, a Hardy Coastal Delight
"or even indoors, sea grape draws smiles for its looks and cheers for its tenacity... It’s the plant’s bubbly appearance and happy-go-lucky attitude that make my heart melt... Cool plant...and now with the Zombie Craze people are growing the ZOMBIE PLANT at home... wonderful plant , i use it to make jewerly, UVitA PLAYerA is my company name :) Cool... tolerant plant. When we have hurricanes in the Keys, these semi-woody shrubs take a..."
Bring On the Green: Decorating with Indoor Plants
"ation/Plants/non_poisonous_plants.aspx I love decorating with plants too! I just... I love indoor plants, especially simplistic orchids, like in the 3rd pic! They add... that the plants you get aren't toxic to dogs or cats. Here is a link to a very long... non-toxic plants put together by the animal poison control center . http://www.petf... any real plants in my house (my cats would eat them and all my free time would be spent..."
Great Design Plant: Paddle Plant
"addle plant offers high impact even for a succulent. There are more than 125 species... paddle plant for its easy disposition or eccentric coloring and shape, you're sure... to most plants we can't grow (northern Europe), so I love this one. A real stunner... unusual plants she has!! A favorite of snails and slugs.....at least in my garden.... paddle plant grow here? Thunder1, Most succulents do not like harsh desert climates..."
Great Design Plant: Helianthus Maximiliani Attracts Beneficial Insects
"flowers light up the fall landscape and attract pollinators and beneficial insects... insects. Plant this tall sunflower in informal prairie plantings, butterfly or pollinator... the plants were thicker and still tall. The 3rd year the plants were noticeably shorter... where you plant these. It's best used on the out skirts of your land as they spread... control. I planted 2 stems in my garden and have a lot of trouble keeping them at a minimum..."
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden
"healthy plants boost the spirit like nothing else. Whether you consider yourself to... only low light plants (snake plant, ZZ, aspidistra, corn plant.) Low and medium light... spider plant, a prayer plant, and a dragon tree. This type of plant grouping is often... natural light for sun-loving plants? @koleng - I think a a low to medium light plant... a tube light. Tube lights are generally indirect light, like partial shade if you..."
Baby Tears Mimics Moss for a Green Accent Indoors
"oving plants; it's also used as a general ground cover. Fortunately for the indoor... degrees F. Plants are intolerant of frost. Love the plant, hate it on the wall. It looks... spikey plants called in the outdoor picture with the chair? Those spiked plants are... fabulous plant thats very hardy in bright light and shade, have one myself that even... beautiful indoors. I like the idea if a living wall, but I'm afraid of it getting dirty..."
Cascading Succulents Bring Fun Shapes to Your Indoor Garden
"hanging plant or as a "spiller" that adds textural interest to mixed planters. Like... small grow lights/directional spots just in front of the plant on the ceiling to suppliment... disorder with plants. Any and ALL of them! Let me tell you, it is extremely hard to find... find plants that are non-toxic to cats, let alone ones that hang beautifully from a ceiling... of my indoor succulents. String of Pearls, which I call lady's tears, are pretty..."
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