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Home Tech: Pets Need Gadgets, Too
"had his lock settings on all the doors so that I was constantly getting locked out... a key lock so, if the gardener is in the back yard, we can lock it temporarily. It... sliding door lock on one side and then the door locks into them in the Dr's Foster & Smith... but a locked door for everyone else. These special collars are unique — like door..."
You Showed Us: 20 Nutty Home Fixes
"that the lock broke on, the inside mechanism part of the lock, which kept it from closing... hold the lock up while you close it has worked for years. Even helped catch a nosy... Australia as a lock! Oh. My. Goodness. In our first home, 20 years ago, we also used our... was kept locked in the manager’s desk. You would not believe some of the things these... for door locks that don't work on cars and farm trucks. Living in farm country gives..."
11 Tips to Get the Creative Space You Crave
"I lock up. There are window locks as well as door lock, and I close all the blinds... Now at lock up stage it is up to the family to fit out the inside diy on the weekends... don't lock their doors when they go out! However, when we go away for the night,... materials in a locked cabinet. 8. Stay mobile with a rolling cart. Whether you have a spacious..."
Deep Pockets: Doors with Panache
"pocket door lock that locks with a key from either side. Thanks Johnson Hardware makes... clasp/lock mechanism which was relatively easily replaced, but the door is holding... handle and lock set. Thanks for sharing. This door is on a smaller scale than the ones... how this lock set and pocket door hardware was installed here http://www.terrylove...."
Gravel Driveways: Crunching the Pros and Cons
"limestone locks together pretty well. It's everything smaller then 3/4 inch. The un... but help lock the stones in place. I do not have a gravel drive nor even a house of... fines lock in the rock will spin under their tires on the grades. Once in it's been... up); it locks together very well; great for handling cars. We also have pea gravel... doesn't lock together. We have found that preparing the site for whatever material..."
Will Cork Float for Your Bathroom Floor?
"'click/lock'. Each has advantages and disadvantages. 'Click/lock' is faster to install... accidentally locked in the room overnight and she attempted to dig her way out; there were... 'click/lock' planks so they could dry. End result -- no damaged at all. I do admit... 'Click/lock' can be installed with a good t-square, circular saw, rubber mallet and..."
7-Day Plan: Get a Spotless, Beautifully Organized Home Office
"securely be locked, closets that can be locked with hanging rods replaced with shelves... and are locked away when not in use. The back of this wonderful closet now also holds... I can lock. Since I provide a home for my elderly mother and sometimes have caregivers... MUST be locked up. They limit their exposure to suits by placing the burden for security..."
How to Childproof Your Kitchen
"safety locks and put all the Tupperware in there. That way they had *something* i... outlets and locking cabinets that have chemicals and/or fragile glassware-- but how about... advocate locking them out of the kitchen. No wonder so many people never learn to cook... lid is locked down with a latch (that I still can't figure out how to open) and the... everything, so lock the lower door when they’re older. Latch everything. Install range knob..."
Epoxy vs. Cement Grout — What's the Difference?
"Spectra Lock Pro and for this particular install chose to skip the required silicone... Spectra Lock Pro Grout I'm recommending when tooled (fine tuning the look) leaves a... Spectra Lock with our marble tile - we had never tackled a tile job before and despite... Spectra Lock Pro Epoxy Grout in this bathroom. Notice how the designer choose a lighter... Spectra Lock Pro, which comes with two cleaning packages to make washing before and..."
Improve Your Love Life With a Romance-Ready Bedroom
"door locks as part of my bedroom design! Family photos, television and clutter,... bedroom, lock the door, light the candles, dim the lamps and you have set the stage... with a lock on the door but when you have an 11 year old boy who just took sex-ed... sturdy lock for the door :) hmmm.............. I soon learned that a man's stomach... put a lock on the door.Next: What Might Our Bedrooms Say About Us?..."
Guest Picks: Indispensable Tools for DIYers
"bend is locked in place by two locks on the outside that two people have to push s... by two locks. Even though a single leg can be adjusted by one person because the leg... leg locks can be twisted to permanently disengage, a second person is still required..."
Modern Manners: Smooth Moves for Kids' Visits
"knobs locked and cabinets also. But I do not take decorations off the wall or tables... around. I locked our old guy away. They broke my daughters toys with no apology and then... cupboard locks, clearing out cleaning supplies under sinks, baby gate for the stairs... enjoy Put/lock away your meds. Kids can get into drawers and handbags. @chookchook2...."
Solstice Daydream Break: 10 Breathtaking Swimming Pools
"compliant locks, so I'm guessing, they all would be compliant with the law in Australia... and door locks up to the individual (at least for now). While I adore these pools,... extra high lock on the sliding door and went outside to the pool on their own. I am... from land-locked countries or have never seen the ocean till they come here. Obviously..."
How to Add Toe Kick Drawers for More Storage
"keyed lock and the owner kept jewelry locked in that secret area. Love the idea.... get a lock for it, its harder for people to steal stuff. Perhaps you could store... magnetic locks, you can keep them incognito and they serve as a perfect spot for storing..."
Natural Swimming Pools: More Beauty, No Chemicals
"land-locked systems that are not a part of the greater watershed. @ashleydwils,... have a locked gated fence around the pool area, but it didn't keep out a smart 3 year... with a locking automatic cover. It keep the heat in and the leaves and debris out... automatic locking cover, as i had tried the fence route with the old pool (my son promptly..."
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