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10 Low-Cost Tweaks to Help Your Home Sell
"rails, toilet roll holder and soap holder 95% off as display items, really helped... fixture, toilet/lid/surrounding area, and under every sink. Empty every junk drawer... bring a low-flying jetliner screaming over the McMansion’s backyard deck every five... all the toilet seats were left up, and there were signs of 'I don't care' in every... in your toilet bowl will make people think that the room is freshly cleaned (of course..."
How Low Should Your Drapes Go?
"problem is low baseboard heaters (not radiators or vents) that run the entire length of... never say toilet…it's always bathroom, powder room,,,…..!!! in the UK and Australia it's... not a low-maintenance solution; you need to arrange the excess fabric to sit just..."
Houzz Tour: High-Low Mix in a Colorful Victorian
"indoor toilets or bathrooms when they were built. They did not have electricity... oppressing low ceiling. Love the bathroom restoration. spooner68, we absolutely don't..."
Vintage Style: High-Tank Toilets
"pull-chain toilet — are far less. But for some people, the era-accurate look of a high-tank... high-tank toilet outweighs its lack of fancy amenities, such as a heated seat, no-touch... than the "low flush" toilets of the USA, My high tank toilet does flush with no problem... All the toilets I've ever set on during my life, except that high-tank toilet, have... high tank toilets. They function exactly the same as 90% of the toilets sold today...."
Meet the New Super Toilets
"these toilets may make it hard to go back to standard commodes... high-tech toilets, which the Japanese call super toilets, can be found in more than 72... chrome toilets that grace most bathrooms in the industrialized world work fine. While... of the toilets use electricity to provide warming, automation and bidet functions... wall-hung toilet toilet to it. This makes it less deep than a standard 29-30" toilet... in the toilet ( ground toilet - porcelain toilets like that are called "a la turca"..."
Now Featuring ... the Toilet!
"off your toilet with styles and shapes that carry through your décor... hide the toilet behind counters, half-walls and privacy glass, and even close it up... minimal toilet lets the mosaic get all the attention. A toilet is a toilet, ugly, it... those toilets that hang on the wall anywhere! The square toilets LOOK great, but... mounted toilets are quite sturdy. I'm having a Toto Aquia wall mounted toilet installed..."
White Toilet, Black Lid: Trending in a Bathroom Near You
"white toilet with a black seat and lid — it added such a sharp vintage-y touch. I... black toilet seat” on my home to-do list for about seven years now (this is about... white toilets wearing black lids in all sorts of chic bathrooms.... aid in toilet success. Brass is back? White toilet, black lid - looks like a cheap... black toilet seats and it looks great! I got tired of the typical white toilet seat... matching toilet seat". I have a brown oak wooden seat on a white toilet---the only kind..."
How to Install a Toilet in an Hour
"install a toilet. He was gracious enough to let me photograph him while he installed... installed a toilet recently, and he shared a few secrets that can make the job a snap.... cut the toilet tank bolts if you need to disassemble the old toilet. or remove a tank... replaced two toilets in our Florida home. The "how to ..." guides at HD and Lowes were helpful... to the toilet. STEP 1.3 - : Flush the toilet a couple of times to empty the tank..."
The Absolute Right Way to Hang Toilet Paper. Maybe
"is, my toilet paper hangs over the front of the roll, rather than under (or behind)... using the toilet paper and get poop on their finger(s). When the toilet paper is hung... how the toilet paper is hung as long as there is toilet paper available. "Over like... of the toilet to install the hanger. Hotel standards dictate; toilet tissue rolls... flushing the toilet and ended up with a toilet plugged with the spring end of the holder..."
When You Need Real Housekeeping Help
"behind the toilet? If the toilet wins, you'll need these tips... disgusting toilets. Childrens' bathrooms are the worst. Most people do a quick swish... pre-clean toilets. I like the list telling what doesn't need to be done on a given visit... supplies I am low on or out of. Thank you, Carolyn and Beth! I've had housecleaners in the... (wages are low). These ladies clean anywhere from 15-25 rooms a day! $5 or $10 per day..."
5 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid
"blunders in toilet placement, shower type and more... had the toilet room and the toilet half-wall, and I can't say I loved them the way... of the toilet mentioned or visable. A toilet that is higher that the standard toilet... shower/toilet room, we like to place the toilet in a room all it's own within the... separate toilet room is incorporating a sink over the toilet tank. I believe there is... flushes the toilet. It is unsanitary to have a toilet room without a sink so if you have..."
Design an Easy-Clean Bathroom
"shower and toilet help your bathroom practically clean itself... hanging toilet brush right next to the toilet. Yuck! Do you really want it more visual... about the toilets! I have often wondered who thought that making toilets with crazy curves... skirted toilets. I really liked the wall mounted toilet brush, I would add the plunger... down? Toilets and grout: my top 2 hates, too! I'm planning calacatta marble walls..."
Automation Meets Innovation in the Newest Kitchen and Bath Products
"closets to toilets are going touchless, remote controlled and more accessible than ever... saw the toilet paper holder next to the fold down wooden bench! I'd like to see average... for the toilet. it's not so hospital-ish. The pop out outlets are very cool! Support... on or toilets to flush or whatever. Faucets in public lavs have them, and apparently... flush the toilet. Hmmmm. This was better than the last article from the show about kitchens..."
Budget Bathrooms Brim With Style
"bathroom at low-end prices by splurging in a few small ways... brand new toilet that was not what someone wanted and it was all free. I also aquired... over the toilet storage unit. Once it was dusted and cleaned off it looked great, a..."
How to Add Toe Kick Drawers for More Storage
"Install low-lying drawers in your kitchen or bath to hold step stools, pet bowls, linens... all her toilet paper rolls which is a fantastic use of space. What a great spot!... particularly low (which is great for petite me) but husband is quite tall and refuses to... toe on a low drawer pull, it's not too complicated. I put on my highest steel-toed work... is too low for the ones sold in stores so I'm going to have some made with a latched..."
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