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Great Design Plant: Yellow Bells, a Screening Queen
"you. Masses of trumpet-shaped flowers cover yellow bells nonstop from spring through... name of a plant with red flowers, "yellow bells" is not going to leap to mind. Deer... Great plant, commonly called esperanza here in Texas. Mine has gone through several... attractive plants. Love them. State Flower of the US Virgin Islands, called Ginger Thomas... these plants. In Texas and they are very popular. They are often referred to as..."
Great Design Plant: Encelia Californica
"exuberant mass of large daisy-like flowers in spring and fall. Its long, bountiful bloom... of your plants, laying eggs, and doing their ladybug predator thing all year for you... on the plant; eggs or larva or beetles. I choose a time when it's hotter than usual... so the plant isn't producing as many flowers. It seems like a good time to cut is... near the plant. I don't know if that helps the ladybugs or not, but it seems like it..."
Great Design Plant: Apache Plume
"dizzy mass of fine-textured branches, ever-blooming white flowers and showy plumed... unusual plant. My pleasure, Annie — it's one of my favorites! It's one of my favorites... three plants in my front yard, which was the first on my street to be xeriscaped... buy this plant because they were struggling to keep their lawns from dying, yet my Apache... must. Plants may be pruned if necessary in spring. Water the plants moderately until..."
Great Design Plant: Bald Cypress
"used in mass or as a single specimen. Highly adaptable, they tolerate both extremely... unforgettable planting. Before you plant. Don’t let the fact that you may not live in a wet... only to plant young trees, but also to enjoy the seasonal interest that bald cypress..."
Great Design Plant: Columbine Grows Happily in Shade and Sun
"leaves. Planted in masses, the colorful blooms are a standout in shade or sun. The... series of plants developed by breeders for their superior coloration and flower forms... non-toxic plants, and has tons of obscure plants, bizarrely doesn't mention columbine... sample plants, then, this could be a poisonous plant for them (or cats), in case one... finished and plant foliage turns yellow as if plant is dying, I prune all dead foliage...."
Great Design Plant: Mardi Gras Sneezeweed Throws a Color Party
"palette. Planted en masse to create a meadow effect or in smaller numbers as an accent... easy-care plants to be the mainstay of my designs. Sneezeweed is often overlooked in... "default plants", which are the ones you plant when you don't know what else to plant... tolerant plants. I have a bed of yellow, orange and rust colored plants and this will... neighbors are planting, so why not join the crowd. I assume deer eat this? Given the name..."
Great Design Plant: Feathery Cassia for Fragrance in Arid Gardens
"landscape. Masses of fragrant yellow flowers cover this Australian native, which thrives... larger-leaved plants and succulents. Feathery cassia is drought tolerant and performs well... favorite plant at my childhood home, and I would love to plant some in my yard now.... great plant -if you live in Australia-, in the U.S.A. this plant is an invasive exotic... I just planted a California native garden in my side yard and even though these are..."
Great Design Plant: Snowdrops Offer a Spring Peek
"white mass in the woodland, bursting forth like white froth — and then they go dormant... should plant snowdrops "in the green" meaning plants, right after blooming (and therefore... flowers). Planted some last year... I love these. I put new snowdrop bulbs in each year... year. I plant Crocus every Fall and the squirrels dig them up, bury them in other locations... springWhen to plant: Fall Distinguishing traits. Each bulb produces thin, narrow leaves and..."
Great Design Plant: California Buckwheat Pleases Pollinators
"erant plant’s summer flowers, while seed heads feed critters foraging in the cold... all the plants you could put in a native garden, buckwheat is a must. There are many... reliable; plant it and it will bloom — often in its first year. This buckwheat has a... front of a planting bed. If you’re not planting it in a mass or drift, give the plant... winterWhen to plant: It’s best to plant California natives in the fall, so they can put down..."
Great Design Plant: Wild Geranium Puts on a Color Show
"woodland plant a welcome addition to a shady garden... woodland plants in a shade garden. Versatile, because it can grow in a wide variety... if this plant is growing in deep shade or partial sun on the edge of your shade or... love this plant in my central Md yard. I brought some seedlings with me from my city... dainty plant. Great article and fantastic photos. I love the photo of the Green sweat... other plants in our area. Perhaps it behaves quite differently where you live? It..."
Great Design Plant: Annual Phacelias
"worth planting now for their prolific blue to purple spring blooms... flowering plants, if you deadhead them they will continue to bloom, extending the bloom... out the plants when they are small so they aren't so tight. Remember, a single plant... out the plants that are obviously done, leaving those that are still blooming. This... few dead plants so they can reseed in their own time. I'm currently experimenting with..."
Native Plants Inspire and Educate at NYC's Botanical Garden
"Native Plant Garden with us to get great ideas for plant choices and sustainability... Native Plant Garden, which opened earlier this year at the New York Botanical Garden... open sky, plants that love sun sprawl in wispy cascades that catch the wind or offer... native plants showcased in NYBG. I use many of these in my designs. Where is a good... native plants like these in the NJ area? New Moon Nursery in Bridgeton NJ is a wholesale..."
Great Design Plant: Golden Currant
"native plant a delightful addition to a home garden... on this plant. It has similarities to a native California plant we learned but it was... propagate my plant I just cut off the tops and shove into the ground about a foot. It's... companion plants for golden currant. Planting notes. Plant golden currant in full sun... effective in a mass planting as a hedge or screen, thanks to its dense foliage and branch... en to plant: Spring or fallSeasonal interest: Spring and fall Distinguishing traits..."
Great Design Plant: Culver's Root
"native plant worth featuring in the garden... design plant. Leave it up through winter to give your garden a unique look; it also... These plants are best suited to be left in the back roads. Why do you say that, Richard... sustains masses of wildlife. Its value to the environment is massive. I've grown mine... like a plant I have that has to be regularly pulled up to avoid choking out other... prairie plants that can be "aggressive" (just like many more which are nonnative) because..."
Great Design Plant: Blue Vervain for Beauty and Bees
"pollinator plant for an unusual back-of-the-border look... native plants to choose from of all stripes — many of which most of us don’t grow... native plants). Blue vervain is a great example. From a distance it doesn’t seem all... for this plant. I have a bunch of babies - got them from a native plants propagation... beautiful plants. I would love to plant them in my small garden. My daughters favorite... favorite plant, this is how it mixes in our native habitat..."
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