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Houzz Tour: Making Midcentury Modern Work for Modern Times
"midcentury modern with modern times,” Potter says. Houzz at a Glance Who lives here:... midcentury modern. The rooms were cut off from one another, making the home feel dark... midcentury modern and contemporary elements, designing an open floor plan and a small... midcentury modern flair, floods the main floor with natural light and creates a much-needed... ntury-Modern-midcentury--atlanta Great facelift - form follows function, plus! Interior..."
Modern Icons: Alvar Aalto's Warm, Modern Furnishings
"Style modern architect, later finding his own niche where he incorporated more organic... More: More Modern Icons Modern Icons: Marimekko Textiles Reinventing Stockholm's 1930s... other modern vases. The Savoy vase is my standard wedding gift for anyone I know... resembles a modern flashlight, although it was designed in 1952. The light shines out in... bringing modern furniture into mass production. It's also stackable and can be used..."
Modern or Contemporary Architecture? The Interiors Edition
"between modern and contemporary architecture by looking at the exteriors of 10 homes... my view modern architecture is rooted in the early- and mid-20th-century architecture... strain of modernism. Therefore contemporary is pluralistic but generally forward-looking... between modern and contemporary when the stylistic cues of exterior form aren't present... project is modern, and vice versa. Any mismatch between my definition and the architect's..."
Discover Modern Architecture's Appeal
"Do modernism's 'cold' expanses make you hot under the collar? This reasoning may... word "modern" provokes such strong reactions in the world of residential architecture... about modern architecture, as they do regarding the wide variety of other architectural... mixing up Modern and modern? There is the capitalized "Modern", as in the Midcentury... century modern architecture since it is far more modern than most being done today..."
Modern or Contemporary: What's the Difference?
"essence of modern and contemporary home design styles... between modern and contemporary architecture? Why the distinction? At their most literal... moment. "Modern" architecture breaks with the past — specifically the traditional styles... And "modern" recalls the early- and mid-20th-century architecture embodying the... in the modern, even if it does not resemble it stylistically. The photos that follow... question, "modern or contemporary?" I hope the answers will elucidate the similarities..."
Why We Love Midcentury Modern Design
"midcentury modern design that has so many of us in a decorating tizzy? In this digital... midcentury modern tastes. Everyone knows someone with a story about an unbelievable find... midcentury modern furnishings. With so much inventory being available, everyone from the... Century Modern which was probably Danish Modern. To this day, I remember her as "Judy... midcentury modernism has become the latest 'traditional style', providing comfort and..."
Houzz Tour: 800-Year-Old Walls, Modern Interiors in Provence
"distinctly modern additions; old and new are distinguished in what is now a luxurious... decor is modern (we live in a modern world don't we?) It's perhaps more modern than... additions modern for a wonderful juxtaposition of old and new. Well done!! Thanks for... details, modern with rustic elements. I can certainly appreciate that much thought... with more modern furnishings. But something here doesn't sit quite right and I can't..."
Iconic Architecture: 10 Must-Know Modern Homes
"es of modern architecture are still influencing home design today — see if any elements... "Must-Know Modern" series, which will take in-depth looks at 10 icons of modern residential... seems that modern architecture has 10 times as many detractors as proponents, even though... dislike for modernism can be attributed to the way it broke with the classical tradition... trace modern architecture from 19th-century neoclassicism and the Industrial Revolution..."
'Soft Modern' Style Offers Best of Both Worlds
"ornamentation, modern style can split a crowd in two. Some embrace the style and can't imagine... it. A modern aesthetic can even define a lifestyle, with its strict no-clutter policy... "soft modern," and it works with many different styles of architecture. See how Houzz... rustic modern, rather than soft modern. Regardless I find that modern needs an additional... liveable modern style. Hard modern just isn't practical for me but soft modern (a great..."
The Truth About 'Simple' Modern Details
"create, but modern reveals, slab doors and more require an exacting hand... 1970s modern house in a North Shore suburb of Chicago. This house has all of the... the modern architectural design features: large walls of glass, reveals, a low-slope... how a modern house is detailed. One of the things that's become obvious, though... that a modern houses likely cost more to build than a comparably sized more traditional..."
Kitchen Workbook: 8 Elements of a Modern Kitchen
"between modern and contemporary, and for good reason. Many spaces are both modern and... now. "Modern" refers to a specific design style from the early to mid 20th century... Revolution. "Modern" can be a tricky term because sometimes it's used to describe something... dresses was modern at the time, but today those clothes are antiques. When I think of... of modern kitchen designs, I think of frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware..."
Houzz Tour: A Modern Addition Joins a Historic California Home
"with the modern addition.The design/material configuration of the modern addition was... like modern but I also think that modern tends to be stereotyped as "green".I was... ruined by modern additions. Although this is done by an architect, and although I like... like the modern addition. However, why buy a traditional bungalow if that is not your... the new modern addition allows in surely wouldn't have been achieved by keeping it..."
Houzz Tour: Visit a Modern Update in Oakland
"something more modern that spoke to the eclectic warehouse edginess of the surrounding ne... TOGETHER MODERN. I get the feeling the architect needed to DO modern...don't! Save... beautiful modern transformation. Instead of a simple outdoor table, one can add a teak... other modern stucco box now. The arch gave it some character. And I agree with the... ion. Modern, yet not sterile. Loving the boxy guess bed/day bed number. Wood beamed..."
How To Make Your Modern Style Timeless
"current and modern look can be achieved without setting a home up for looking immediately... Going for modern can seem problematic. As my husband and I are looking to freshen our... if the modern pieces we are looking at will be "so 2011" in years to come. Creating... timeless modern style in a home requires a strict aesthetic vision, while allowing for... timeless modern. Go with what will age, and allow small edits through the process. Here..."
Houzz Tour: Modern Plays Nice in a Historic Houston Neighborhood
"ubtle modern details make this new home stand out from its elderly neighbors without... unmistakably modern that could still pass the litmus test with the historic association... can do a modern home that plays nice with the neighbors but is unapologetic about being... being a modern home,” he says. He succeeded with a house that embraces Arts and... subtle modern nuances that play with materials and irregular patterns. The plan worked:..."
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