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Roots of Style: Prairie Architecture Ushers In Modern Design
"dered homes inspired by the landscape and modern times. Learn the details here... first modern residential architecture predating the West Coast–born Craftsman style... Prairie architecture or a derivation. Consider the era. At the turn of the 20th century... European modernism. Third, its original era briefly lasted until around World War I... that my home drew from mid-century modern design). Beautiful architectural homes..."
Modern Garden Designs for Modern Homes
"to your home’s clean-lined architecture in a most interesting way... sm in design — wrote, “The modern house requires modern surroundings, and in most... current architectural ideas. With a lot of modern house design mirroring the International... garden designer and the author of Gardens in the Modern Landscape, who was a strong... garden design, whether they suit the houses they surround or not. Some modern trends..."
Iconic Architecture: 10 Must-Know Modern Homes
"es of modern architecture are still influencing home design today — see if any elements... seems that modern architecture has 10 times as many detractors as proponents, even though... trace modern architecture from 19th-century neoclassicism and the Industrial Revolution... views of modern architecture are oversimplified, and even the significant houses of... "Must-Know Modern" series, which will take in-depth looks at 10 icons of modern residential..."
Design Workshop: 10 Reasons to Put Craft Into Modern Architecture
"of our homes — there’s still room for craft in architecture.... beautifully designed, highly machined piece of technology — like the one you’re using now... movement in architecture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries had its roots in a very... us as designers and makers to utilize technology in our unique designs, not as a... remodel by designing and building the countertop from salvaged timber. I designed the..."
Modern Architecture Brings Fall Color Home
"these modern home exteriors and interior designs show autumn color year-round... criteria for homes. Here is a view of the modern portion of the house, showing the way the... This design shows the way the autumn colors of an exterior can extend into other... is a modern box with a burnt-orange exterior wrapping around a gray box. An outdoor... of the design, providing an area in which to bask in the view. This last example takes..."
Design Icons: Le Corbusier, Pioneer of Modern Architecture
"Museum of Modern Art in New York City (Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes, June... a New Architecture. With the exception of Behrens influence, many of these ideas... Must-Know Modern Homes The neoclassical design departed from the traditional architecture... tackling the design of cities. His influence stems from his architecture, ideas and ambitions... of his architecture from International-style modernism in the 1920s and '30s to e..."
Regional Modern: Northern California Architecture
"contemporary home design from the Monterey Bay to San Francisco and wine country... house's design. More regional modern architecture: Chicago | Boston | Austin | NYC... been the home to some of the best and most influential residential architecture since... residential architecture should be designed to frame the best aspects of its surroundings... modernist architecture in the United States continues down the West Coast into northern..."
Modern or Contemporary Architecture? The Interiors Edition
"interior architecture. Do you agree with his choices?... between modern and contemporary architecture by looking at the exteriors of 10 homes... my view modern architecture is rooted in the early- and mid-20th-century architecture... interior architecture rather than interior design. This means I'll focus on the spaces... interior design can work with or against the architecture, depending on the client's... traditional architecture by "embodying the ideals of the machine age: an absence of ornament..."
Prefab Homes Expand Modern Design's Reach
"affordable modern houses. Modern Modular, a new book from Princeton Architectural Press... Resolution: 4 Architecture (RES:4 for short). The architects design prefabricated dwellings... their modern modular design works and see what the book offers.... call "modern modular," influenced by the interior renovations they carried out on... their home turf but also by a strong belief in prefab's ability to provide affordable..."
Hope for the Future: Lessons From Midcentury Modern Design
"of our homes shrank. The term "toxic asset" (an oxymoron if there ever was one) entered... wonderful homes now, or maybe it's that we're all reacting to the recent past, but for... mid-century modernism. With true lightness and joy, these houses express a genuine optimism... mid-century modern spirit and combine it with today's more sustainable and efficient processes... these homes. So here are some of the lessons that I've learned. What about you..."
Rounded Forms Smooth Modern Architecture’s Edges
"residential architecture. But in many cases, it takes just one flowing line or ingenious... rounded architectural elements. Could you bend it like Beckham, too?... through architectural space with the practice of acupuncture. Stagnation in health... More: Design School: Embrace the CurveSculptural Modern Homes Throw Architecture... reflection. A modern bush house. The arched roof on this rural home creates a silhouette..."
Landmark Status Honors a Historic Modern Landscape
"ounds designed by Lawrence Halprin, including a play garden and a meditative garden... Walker to design a modern home for them, and it was one of the first in the city. Due... first modern home decor store in Spokane, called Joel, and they practiced what they... with the design of the headquarters of Washington Water Power, as was modernist landscape... Halprin to design the landscape for the Ferris property. Thanks to the efforts of the..."
Sunlight Used Right: Modern Home Designs That Harness Solar Power
"their architecture, siting and more, these homes save energy without skimping on... side of designing a house for living without air conditioning. Designs for passive... ways to design for the benefit of each.... Some top designs too. No doubt all homes could and should be so designed that the natural... individual home designed to be self sufficient in energy and water supply needs is surely... great designs! We love taking advantage of natural light in our designs - to bad..."
Sculptural Modern Homes Throw Architecture Some Curves
"these modern Australian homes straight-up stunning... Jones-Evans Architecture produces "'multivalent architecture' — architecture which integrates... sustainable architecture. Yet what stands out most are the sculptural aspects of the designs... and the modernity, but the homes seem dark and heavy, which are attributes I don't... associate with modernism. All the dark wood and shadows feel depressing or almost scary,..."
What’s Fueling Austin’s Edgy Modern Architecture?
"blossoming design scene in Texas’ capital city — and what’s behind all the experimentation... nking modern homes? One of-the-moment city from which we can pluck a formula to... progressive architecture bubble up in one city and fizzle in another? What factors produce... called home. Whether you agree on the aesthetic and quality of the residential ar... look of modern homes from a design aspect but much rather live in the comfort of my..."
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