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Houzz Tour: Recalling the Pilgrims in a 350-Year-Old Home
"Towle was no stranger to old houses; the colonial he grew up in was built around 1810... bed, “no matter how many cocktails I’d had,” he says. “I don’t have any children... ll be NO BUTTER IN HELL!" I went to a Calvinist school (founded 1552) and... It's no fun gathering dirty cutlery in buckets ("Piggens"), I can tell... it's sad no one lives in it. Wow! Such loving details. This is a gift for generations..."
DIY Project: Reinvented Party Table
"is by no means obsessive or in need of intervention, it's got potential to morph... fish tank No. 17 and two more cats, a brother-sister-combo named Jezebel and Pajamas... as you! No need to remove the clip from the curtain ring--simply clip the place tag... outdoors? No one really, but if you get resourceful, you may find it hidden in the pantry... laid out, no one would ever know this textural beauty was once just a few steps away..."
DIY: See How to Make a Rolling Vintage Storage Crate
"bathroom: no medicine cabinet or vanity space. Essentially, no built-in storage. And... 'problem' of no built-in storage and tile walls (of course!) This is a great solution with... Then I drilled pilot holes to keep the wood from splitting. Screw in the casters and... Keep the Towels?How to Create a Makeshift MudroomStash Your Stuff in Vintage Wood Crate..."
A Designer Shares Her Master-Bathroom Wish List
"list, in no particular order, of my master bathroom features — knowing full well that... fireplace - no vent, no gas line, and no odor/smoke. Mount them anywhere and enjoy them... spotless. No scum, no nasty smell, no back pain!! I could see clearly now...la la la... heated towel rack. Nothing like warm towels after a bath. The touch less faucets... and the no no of bleach with ammonia) but still there is scum. Then one day, wandering..."
A Contractor's Secrets to Hanging Holiday Decor
"vinyl. No drilling, no nails, no screws, NO holes. It hooks under the seam in your... (clear) 3M hooks. Place the hook toward the back to the mantle with the hook part facing... light to a hook then glue the hook to the brick. So you are actually gluing the hook... says to drill into the mortar you need a hammer drill, instead of a regular drill.... Henne, No, you don't need a hammer drill to drill into mortar. Last summer I hung..."
15 Doggone-Good Tips for a Pet Washing Station
"there's no denying their popularity. If you're thinking about adding one, here are... height (no backache bending!), let dog shake, dry with their towels and dryer - walk... in with no bending...easy clean up too! Like Dirt Digger, we wash our tiny Maltese... apron, towels, dryer, combs, brushes....& for $10 to $15 depending on the size... with no trimming required. One important thing that should be included in the design..."
Set the Scene for a Stress-Free Holiday Visit
"But no worries. Here's how you can design a space that keeps guests and the host... sure bath towels were hanging in the bathroom...I no longer do this... I simply say towels... over-the-door hooks and a coat rack with several useful hooks for hanging. There's also a... she put towels all over the floor......we all want to stay some where were we are under... under no pressure.....hotel anyone? Several comments: 1. Probably one should spend..."
A New Drop Zone Keeps the Clutter at Bay
"There was no place for the family to set things down as they entered their house from... simple hook on the opposite wall and everyone uses the hook. At least they're in one... a key hook there. Small little 4 hook set up, and I'm the only one who uses it.... helped! No more searching for keys, wallets, etc. and no more shoes and jackets all... happen. The NO (naturally organized) person, will deal with every scrap of whatever is..."
The Absolute Right Way to Hang Toilet Paper. Maybe
"over. No, I didn’t drink too much alcohol last night. What I mean is, my toilet paper... that's a no brainer. No, no, no, no, no! Paper towel goes over! :-D (Love the &q... paper towel dispenser. We do not have pretty little soaps and tiny guest towels that... filthy. No offense unders and no holders. Some highly entertaining comments here.... small hand towel in a drawer and the towel changed frequently. Not to mention those who..."
Where to Put the Laundry Room
"rooms have no standard size. That’s why many laundry rooms end up in awkward places or... homes, no matter the location, no matter how efficient, no matter how many machines... It had no windows, 2 closets and a built in cupboard. It was all doors and no light... a few towels up and down stairs that's all the clothes and linens. My laundry... garden, no one has to traipse through the house in muddy shoes! It's not especially..."
Easy Green: 10 Small Kitchen Changes to Make Today
"habit you no longer have to think about. Here are 10 ideas for where to begin.... paper towels with washable towels. I keep the clean ones in a bag hanging from a... a 3M hook inside a closet, and the dirty ones hanging (same kind of hook) off the... paper towels, use recycled paper towels! This not only ensures that trees weren't... cloth towels, but still be clean and out of sight. http://www.houzz.com/photos/..."
Decorating Secrets: Picture-Perfect Way to Hang Art
"hanging art: no patience and lots of expletives. At first, sticking art up on the wall seems... MonkeyHook (http://www.monkeyhook.com). With MonkeyHooks, you don't need to find... MonkeyHook is removed is tiny. I was skeptical when I saw them in my local Ace Hardware... there is no stud. The anchor spreads out behind the drywall; if there is a stud behind... use a drill and the proper drill bit for the size screw needed for your art. Once..."
Decorate with Intention: Clutter Clearing 101
"years — no easy task. Let's begin by setting an intention to fearlessly face the decisions... simply have no closets, no draws, no space to store anything. I'm working with less than... Still no closets & no shelves that can be hidden. Very aesthetic, however, the best... Limit the towels!!! No more that two per person per week. Hang clothes unless actually... their towels much more easily. Our house (two adults, no kids, one cat) is neat and..."
The Cure for Houzz Envy: Closet Touches Anyone Can Do
"stuff you no longer use, donating it to those who need it and giving the things you need... idea of towel rods with s-hooks (or even shower curtain hooks which are prettier) and... I find no redeeming value in having 100s of pairs of shoes, rather than something... you are no longer wearing...and you can have a much smaller closet and a streamlined... there is no door on it - but painting it might make it look cuter. Love the closet i..."
Kitchen Workbook: 8 Steps to Surviving a Remodel
"There's no escaping the inconvenience, but with some smart planning, it doesn't have... They got hooked up to the utility sink. We put our small kitchen electrics to good use... stained dish towels, expired spices, anything gooey and mostly gone/used up.. OUT! Make... paper towels, paper plates, plasticware, some real flatware, cooking utensils, etc... days, and no one complained of the inconvenience. What an adventure! As a designer..."
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