8 novelty candle Stories

Halloween Glam: Dress Your Home in Bewitching Style
"challenge. Novelty seems to take the reigns rather tightly, and the idea of bringing in... Black candles are easy and decorative too http://brightboldbeautiful.blogspot.co... with tall candles to get the vibe you're going for. Shelley over at The House of Smiths..."
Improve Your Style Fortune With Lucky Bamboo
"not all novelty. It's a wonderful, versatile species that's able to thrive in many... bamboo, a novelty that has aided in the plant's popularity. Straight stalks can be m... hold both candles and lucky bamboo, with great results. Tall stalks of curled lucky bamboo..."
5 Ways to Pare Down Your Stuff — Before It Gets in the Door
"was a candle-holder, so I was able to say that it was in the bedside table because... used the candle in there. I have a ready answer for the day when someone might ask... soap, candles, cocktail napkins or incense. Also food or wine, if you know your... problem with novelty gift giving, or as I like to call most of it, "junk." I'm a bit older... getting novelty gifts and home decor items that I really dislike and don't want to..."
Light Up Your Night With an Easy Outdoor Table Lamp
"setting. Candles can be, too, but with candles you also have to worry about them guttering... Lots of novelty choices with pelicans or pineapples. Or cheaply made thin metal choices... (Safer than candles) Your idea is a big improvement ....thanks. What a cute idea! I have... pillar candle in a hurricane is far more reliable. Great idea leonoz-I appreciate... hurricane candle is great for everyday use, but a chic solar lamp for special occasions..."
7 Quick and Easy Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas
"outgrew the novelty of it! STILL we have them, sometimes we get it together the night... leaves, and candles if you like. (Don't leave candles unattended, and be sure to keep wicks... Light the candle, dim the lights and pull out your copy of "The Raven."Design and styling..."
Raise Your Glass to Home Bars in All Shapes and Sizes
"altar candle and tea bar or a toolbench/work area. Salud! Fun! Michele Interiors:... from the novelty aspect, the bar itself is up to the minute with quality appliances..."
50 Gifts for the Design-Loving Mom
"Sometimes a candle can seem like an easy go-to gift, but Diptyque Paris candles are so... for its novelty. And why not include a cake along with the pan? Mom can never have..."
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