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Simplicity vs. Simpleness in Architecture — and Why You Should Care
"refined its products over the years to such a beautiful simplicity that the products have... only in architecture but also in other forms of design. Apple, for example, has refined... paintings or architecture, shares this quality. Let's explore the characteristics of... beautiful architecture with simplicity, an essential ingredient to beautiful design.... Enright Architecture. The simplicity of it is serene...almost magical, with the single..."
Architecture and the Art of the Wall
"modern architecture is that expression is often relegated to manufacturers’ products... that this architecture does not poke the neighbors in the eye. I feel sorry for the... modern architecture is not the problem, what is being built across the country (and..."
Architectural Images: Truth or Fiction?
"realm of architectural practice, renderings are used to convey a strong understanding... final product in the best possible way. The images that follow straddle the increasingly... trained in architecture, sketches say a lot more about the design and designer than renderings... about architectural photography as it has evolved since the prevalent use of Photoshop... be an Architectural Photographer 30 years ago, I learned on film. And I learned..."
Efficient Architecture Suggests a New Future for Design
"" as "productive without waste." Apple's senior vice president of design, Jonathan... prefab products. Hopefully, the more the market sees prefab products, the cost will... finished product; bamboo is a sustainable wood product as far as it is not endangered... resource, productivity? Many European countries choose more clustered compact living... Meaningful architecture and efficiency is typical design practice of many Eichler remodels..."
Modern or Contemporary Architecture? The Interiors Edition
"interior architecture. Do you agree with his choices?... ntury architecture that broke with traditional architecture by "embodying the ideals... contemporary architecture by looking at the exteriors of 10 homes. In my view modern ar... contemporary architecture is what is being produced now, but that which does not follow... interior architecture rather than interior design. This means I'll focus on the spaces... against the architecture, depending on the client's wishes, therefore complicating matters..."
Why Authenticity in Architecture Matters
"world by Architectural Digest. Between us, sitting proudly on the table, was a model... work of architecture of the last 50 years. Mr. Johnson listened quietly while he... piece of architecture suffered from multiple personalities — there was no single idea... wonderful architecture? Let's look at six examples of authentic interiors and exteriors... a mass production architecture home in a suburb. 70s design flaws haunt the home...."
Iconic Architecture: 10 Must-Know Modern Homes
"modern architecture are still influencing home design today — see if any elements... residential architecture, presenting their architecture and the stories behind them. The... modern architecture has 10 times as many detractors as proponents, even though the... residential architecture — from open floor plans to means of construction. Some of the... modern architecture from 19th-century neoclassicism and the Industrial Revolution..."
Design Practice: How to Start Your Architecture Business
"Get your architecture or design practice out of your daydreams and into reality with... opening an architecture or design practice is more accessible than ever. It takes surprisingly... my own architecture business actually meant that I would leave architecture and start... go into architecture as business. Do you see anyone investing in an architectural practice... world of architecture and design. Architecture and design - two different things unless..."
8 Wonders of Imagination in Architecture
"soaring architectural vision has a chance to fly... added to architecture, an ordinary design idea becomes Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, frozen... eight architectural projects and one landscape exhibit great imagination in space... (create architecture) is with four walls and a flat ceiling: a box. Through applied... on to Architectural Digest because of its lack of imagination. Everything I see in... of the architecture show is not in the budget for most people. This is especially..."
Modern Architecture Carves Out Room for Interest
"patios architecturally carved into the corner of a home, you'll enjoy the view... traditional architectural styles as well. They are an affordable way to create a sheltered... contemporary architecture. I personally like the 'Carved Corners' they just add so much... this a product I could look into for my home? Cool..."
On Show: The Ingenuity of Ancient Architecture
"ty of architecture-how the environment forces architects to create architectural... Sumatran architecture - more specifically Minangkabau architecture. The picture mentioned... indigenous architecture but it is Toraja Rice Barn, not Batak. Toraja is located at the... developed architectural and construction methods that withstood earthquakes for centuries... ancient architecture! This article addresses something I frequently ponder, which is..."
What Could You Imagine With Lego's New Architecture Kit?
"something architecture nerds can finally geek out on. Lego has launched its Architecture... popular Architecture series. Unlike other kits in the series, which let users build... their own architecture. It's geared toward ages 16 and up, and the hope is that young... studying architecture or design can use it for creating design prototypes and models... on this product! As a teenager I would take old architecture magazines my dad would..."
How to Hire an Architectural Photographer
"when an architectural photographer can help. But how do you find one? What will it... a few architectural photographers across the United States for guidance.... The best architectural photographers are very knowledgeable in architecture and interior... in pre-production we ad to post production, hence the charges stated. This may sound... a good architectural photographer you must know architecture and interior design...."
Discover Modern Architecture's Appeal
"modern architecture, as they do regarding the wide variety of other architectural... residential architecture. Some people might imagine wonderful homes of steel and glass... residential architecture is such a divisive style.....we are products of our environment... beautiful architecture. Personally, I'll put "modern" architecture in with cubism, the... traditional architecture and own a Victorian bungalow. The exterior is a simple rectangle;..."
Roots of Style: Prairie Architecture Ushers In Modern Design
"Prairie architecture or a derivation. Consider the era. At the turn of the 20th century... residential architecture predating the West Coast–born Craftsman style and the birth of... its own architecture…" ignoring the indigenous architecture and the extremely well-adapted... various architectural styles much more accessible to the general reader and homeowner... Beautiful architectural homes.Great article. Ah ... the Balch house of the ever-leaking..."
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