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The Lowdown on High-Efficiency LED Lighting
"diodes) came on the market, people were slow to use them at home, because the lights tended... return on investment comes with lower power bills, longer-lasting bulbs and better-quality... thoughts on how to ensure water or condensation doesnt find its way into the light box... low-down on the LED options out there. I can't wait to use these on upcoming projects... reflections on any glass objects. This may be good or bad depending on your tastes, however..."
Simple Pleasures: Get Cozy on a Cold Day
"of bed on a dark, frozen winter morning, I am learning to love the cozy winter rituals... spirit on even the coldest day.... sheepskins on my favorite sofa. We know well the small joys of winter here. On our soon... charming cape on the water! Here in the North east there are many nights that are cold.... comes on during the day, though the heat does come on around 11pm some nights if... doggies, put on pots of beans, make a pone of cornbread, read and play on the laptop. My..."
The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas on Houzz
"photos on Houzz, have been added to tens (and in some cases hundreds) of thousands... wipe the water down down after they drink thus leaving water all over. Water left on... trays (two on top and two on the bottom) in my previously unusable corner cabinet that... I plan on taking the appliance bench around 3 sides and adding extra power points... spice on top of cap.... My corner pullout is a blessing, and nothing beats deep drawers..."
Brush Up on Paintable Wallpaper for a Posh Look
"stand on end (including mine — my husband and I are still undoing the handiwork of... used it on the back of bookshelves, the bottom of shelfs, inset on drawers,...the ideas... ideas go on and on! Any little area that needs a little something. I love it and you... seen it on stair risers? I have used it in my living room on 2 walls opposite each... splash on it? What kind of paint do you use on it? I've always disliked wallpaper..."
Houzz Tour: Living the Good Life on Lake Washington
"property on the west shore of Seattle's Lake Washington several years ago, they knew... more info on the water feature on the back deck? DIY? Stunning. Love this! The views... that's on the fireplace? I can't find it on an Internet search... Gorgeous...but yes... planning on incorporating rain water storage in my remodel. Having something like this... chains and water storage. I wish it caught on in other places, even California where..."
Advice on Canyon Farming From L.A.'s Vegetable Whisperer
"Rules on the backs of seed packets dictate how to grow the vegetables, but how you... to save on water a precious resource. I bought a tower garden at the Fresno home show... tomatoes on the vine, a repurposed shade cloth roof (on which I painted a shingle pattern)... more sun on my plants. I use ponds on the south side of projects to get sun into the... of deer on my four acre property. Now I have something to show my husband. Could you..."
8 Lessons on Renovating a House from Someone Who's Living It
"an RV on site while working. Our clothes are hanging on a bar we nailed along the... is spot on and should be required reading. I spent 7 years on a renovation and learned... money on taking our family on great vacations instead of roofing, windows, credit... commend you on what you have accomplished so far. Having a glass of wine on my lovely Victorian... Did it on the Thursday night and dropping the machine back on my way to work Friday..."
Get the Family to Pitch In: A Mom’s Advice on Chores
"instructions on how to wash them by hand. I left him to do it on his own. I was very pleased... article on "Get the husband to pitch in" soon appear on house too? Looking forward... Same on dryer - a mark next to the most used dryer setting on the dial you use to... waited on, he's the youngest at 12 and the last one at home. He's always asking me... dishes on the table unless asked to put them in the dishwasher. He's in for a rude..."
How to Artfully Build a House on a Hillside
"house on a sloped site, let me suggest this mantra: "No house should ever be on any... construction on a steep terrain. The goal is to sit the house within the landscape, as part... building on a site with a slope. We'll also look at a variety of completed project examples... house on slopes Drainage and water flow is always one of my concerns with homes on... years on a sloping lot and 2 years on a flat lot, I would for practical reasons choose..."
Get Your Edge On: 11 Ideas for Style in the Fast Lane
"orange-on-white chinoiserie print that I'm putting on drum shades. Thanks so much... hot the water was. I just returned from a vacation rental which had a trough sink in... magic on my 14 year old chesterfield leather furniture to give it that delightful... terrible hard water. No matter how often I cleaned or squeegeed my glass shower doors they... the the water. Sometimes it gets a little chilly not having doors but, the way I look..."
Get a Jump on Summer Prep for Home and Garden
"Read on for more timely tips on prepping your home and garden now so you can enjoy... dinners on the grill and hammock lounging, savoring each day of summer makes this sweet... shows a water spigot and shower on that porch. Be careful of that water up against... and that water will find it and you could have rot. Are outdoor string lights different... Add a water feature. The sound of burbling water is very soothing and has the added..."
Waterlox Rocks on Wood Countertops
"encounter stay on top of the surface and can be wiped off, instead of soak in. After extensive... research on the subject, it seems like a lot of folks are using a product called "Waterlox"... to use on counters are non-curing vegetable oils such as corn oil and olive oil. These... any info on how to do this safely without the water getting underneath? I have been... sanded it on one occasion, ten years ago, but on a daily basis, I just wash it with water..."
Houzz Tour: A Bark-Covered Floating Getaway on Lake Union
"lay eyes on this floating house, you may think it’s the secret lair of some fantastic... floating home on Seattle’s Lake Union.... installations on the West Coast. Wabi Sabi on steroids!!!!!!! I love this, the owners... house boat on Lake Washington ever since seeing "Sleepless in Seattle". I like this one... use in on a houseboat is the best of both worlds. Amazing house Cool place. The article... the teak on the roof level. Absolutely adore the Fusion quartzite and will consider..."
My Houzz: Rooms With a View on Whidbey Island
"cottage on Whidbey Island, in Washington state, Farrell found herself “funneled into... icing on the cake. This place is just lovely! I love the tangerine color on the... Catching up on Ideabooks while nursing a cold and couldn't help comparing the water-side... parasol on the ceiling, the cushion on the window seat looked so comfy, and the floating... rental on a modest budget! Granted, the views are exceptional. This was very nice..."
White Delights on Home Exteriors of All Styles
"looking on the bright side for a home's exterior — white exteriors like these have... success on home exteriors. What is remarkable is how white suits so many home styles... brick on the bottom and wood on the top. I really hated the brick but had a hard... even on well cleaned and prepared brick exteriors. I would like to paint my little... paint on brick? Does climate matter? I am in the midwest, with temperature extremes..."
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