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My Houzz: Creative Open-Concept Home in Toronto
"bright and open space chock-full of creativity, ingenuity and personality. Houzz... summer showers. The bedroom opens onto a comfortable and covered rear deck, the perfect... generous open shelving. The bathroom is open to the south-facing bedroom and receives... doorless opening, is the apartment's only bedroom. Sunlight beams in through the double... couple can open the doors wide and bask in the morning glow from the comfort of their..."
Doorless Showers Open a World of Possibilities
"and an open bathroom feel are just two benefits of doorless showers. Here's how to... with an open shower. On a French-class trip to Paris at the innocent age of 14, I arrived... pushed open the bathroom door and looked around, flummoxed. Where on earth was the... in the shower, which was just a handheld faucet and a grate in the floor — no tub... Doorless showers have become a design darling in recent years. Not only do they create..."
My Houzz: Open-Concept Living Above a Salon
"stairs open up the room. Great tip. Lovely!! Good job!!! Nicely done! What a wonderful... love the open and spacious feel to this apartment, which is enhanced by the terrific... bright and open downtown apartment..."
My Houzz: Warm Walnut Rules in an Open-Concept Canadian Home
"modern, open-concept space. The couple ditched their new-construction plans, sold their... loves open-concept spaces, clean lines and lots of natural light, so the walls were... wanted the open tread staircase but my builder tells me it's extremely expensive. Why... and the open area next to them? We are thinking something similar and are contemplating... is now open concept, with a central kitchen sandwiched by two living rooms. During..."
Dream Spaces: Spa-Worthy Showers to Refresh the Senses
"baths, open designs let in natural light and views, and intriguing materials create... term “shower stall” often conjures a utilitarian, single-person spot meant for one... fantastic showers are a different animal — in many of them, solid walls and opaque barriers... examples of open showers! We installed an open shower in our vacation rental three years... including an open shower for the past year by showering with the curtain 75% open and have..."
Get Cleaner Indoor Air Without Opening a Window
"itive concepts in green building is that of the airtight building envelope, the idea... manually opening the windows has long been a simple way of introducing fresh air into... can't open the windows when you want outside air. I encourage you to open your mind... able to open their doors and windows to get some natural ventilation and enjoy the... NEVER open my windows. I've had the blower door testing done, and any identified..."
Houzz Tour: A Creekside Cabin Opens to the Views
"cabin opens its arms wider to its Northern California woodland setting... wanted an open space that would take full advantage of the creek and forest views. The... in the shower swing out to become a bench as the shower also has a steam feature.... lower shower long wall and is there a countertip with a faucet above the wood co... in the shower. To answer the question from Sterling Homes, the cantilever was achieved..."
3-Season Rooms: An Open and Shut Kitchen Case
"minute and open to the outdoors the next, this California kitchen is decidedly versatile... to an open pavilion with the lift of a few doors. An important element of this family... Love the open kitchen! I live in GA, and I miss being able to open my windows as much... LOVE this concept, such a smart design..... I am not envious of the kitchen (lovely as... outdoor shower where everyone can rinse the chlorine off after a swim. This area also..."
My Houzz: Open-Air Living in the Mountains of Bali
"loves the openness of his house, it's the total opposite of living in an apartment in... is as open as your home. Live long and prosper. ;) Thank you so much for sharing... ability to open your house to the outdoors you do not need to "fill" it with furniture... completely open with no walls is startling to those of us who have to be concerned about... take a shower in a bathroom with 2 windows". It is great that you still have electric..."
An Indoor-Outdoor Serving Bar Opens the Possibilities
"doors open concept! I would be concerned with bugs if they were wide open As our... windows open. We leave our sliding doors open most of the summer. I have moths decorating... utility shower would be a great combo. Living in Southern California and having a view... them and open them all the way often due to great weather. Great article! Three of the... This open system is perfect! Plus, I like the fact that there is minimal threshold..."
Houzz Tour: Design Moves Open Up a Melbourne Cottage
"too much open shelving and open storage. It looks cluttered. Who wants to dust all... This open-shelving fad is just a way to screw people out of quality cabinetry and... storage. Open shelving is CHEAP. I love the comment in the article, "We don't want to... appreciate the concept being put into form. I live in a climate with long dry summers so open... open shelves would mean a lot of dusting and would be a hard sell. But in this beachy..."
Expert Talk: Designers Open Up About Closet Doors
"in our open concept hallway that were reflecting our living room with folding doors... now that open to hanging space for jewellery. A cost-conscious option for those 'stuck'... homeowner to open only the central 2 panels of the closet, or easily access to the entire... space when opened.... Very happy with it. I only have a mirror above a small chest of... has an open doorway, so it's even worse (can't keep any dust out). I guess I could..."
Houzz Tour: Openness Meets Intimacy in Wisconsin
"of the shower? Is it slate? Any particular kind? how much it cost it Great use of... house concept and design would work far better in a more temperate West coast ne... theme of openness meets intimacy. Spaces open to the outdoors, but architectural gestures... intimate but open concept Hoke and Maniaci were hoping for. To develop the latter, Bruns... without opening up windows directly onto views into the neighbors’ homes and vice versa..."
My Houzz: Raw Meets Refined in an Open Brooklyn Loft
"materials and open layout in his Brooklyn loft before putting pen to paper to design any... feels open. I think a lot of open concept designs will return to defined spaces... condo open concept, and I like it. But I also like having an eat-in kitchen, or a separate... Looks open and airy for a loft, yet warm and cozy. LOVE the nod to 'Hair' in the... bedroom be open to the dining room "does honor" to the space that you discovered. ENJOY..."
Design Workshop: 9 Ways to Open a House to the Outdoors
"photos. Opening my sunroom to my patio, while aesthetically pleasing, would result... how to open a house to the outdoor. A very important point, to connect the indoor... take on opening up to the outdoors, we used salvaged Chinese Qing Dynasty bricks and... completely open to the inside entertainment area of the home via a set of 4 folding glass... which open into the walls on either side. Three photo's of the garden area, and..."
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