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9 Low-Growing Hedges That Make Good Neighbors
"there are other kinds of low hedges — such as "step over" hedges. Step-over hedges are... within other plantings or as a feature against walls or fencing. It can give a sculptural... close to other shrubs *Disease resistant I think you can see in the following examples... options other than boxwood for the zones below 6? What? There are no hedges that are... ball Other than the boxwood, I don't personally know of evergreen deciduous northern..."
8 Fabulous Prefab Homes Around the World
"and other buildings.” He and many others would like to see that statistic change... country and others around the world are used … to heat, cool, and ventilate our homes and... to the other door is? Is it decorative,for security or is there another opening behind... and some other prefabricated houses. My interest still runs in this direction although... house and other buildings. Another neighbor had a two story house trucked in---from..."
Houzz interview: Cindy's Elegant Romantic Home
"Valley! Other than those great qualities it didn't have the charm I really wanted.... than any other part of our apartment. It will be black and white with bright green.... things that other companies give me to give away. It's my way of giving something back... talents with others... Congratulations, Cindy, on being featured here! Cindy is such an... looking at other blogs...I love her bolg! She decorates much like I do, only I use pink..."
Top Design Trends From the Winter 2015 Las Vegas Market
"from other countries, some are twists on existing trends, and others are fun surprises... notes with other designers and reporting them back to us. Some have made their way to... metallics other than oiled rubbed bronze and polished nickel are on the scene. I like... Russia and other Slavic countries as well as Germany and Austria. A different take would... mixed with other metals...chrome...brushed nickel....especially with strong decor palettes..."
10 Things to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts
"furniture or other belongings to move. Here are a few of the most important things to... manager, and other key people will be replaced at no further costs to you. The builder/project... anyway. In other words, the more you care, the more they shall as well. As to co... START 3 OTHER JOBS AFTER YOU BEGAN AND GOT MY DEPOSIT FOR THIS JOB? 1. Do not give... generally many other people around and -once it's gone, it's gone. . I'd also add - know..."
My Houzz: Comfortable Country Style in Cincinnati
"sharing with others as it is made for the owners themselves. Houzz at a Glance Who lives... family & other visitors comment on. We look forward to seeing other features done by... experiences of others, never to store wood in the house! @constancewiles-- same with spices... dirty than others. For example, a beech with a tight bark is cleaner to handle than a... ellielascari & others who might be interested - We have some older pictures posted on HGTV's..."
Contractor Fees, Demystified
"included in other costs, it is in there somewhere, because if it isn’t, your contractor... etc.) In other words, the door doesn't simply drop from the sky into place. So... cost; other companies may consider them overhead. In Seattle, where we work, architects... On the other hand, I've never been able to get a clear answer on what kind of... managers or other subs like grading/loggers for consultations where there are not hard..."
So You're Moving In Together: 3 Things to Do First
"about each other will test your relationship to the core (yes, she did eat your last... significant other). I have heard, "Do whatever you want I'm open," so many times it's crazy... to the other roughly ninety percent. If you "love" someone enough to join homes, you... to the other person for yes / no. The final choice is with the "owner". Luckily we... significant other didn't need or want. We had three bank accounts and even kept that concept..."
How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink
"And what other home item performs as many different tasks? It could be argued that the... versatile than other base cabinets, and not all of us have ginormous kitchens that can easily... caused by other traditional sinks. Just drop your arms down and go to town. For my personal... this (other than buying a new sink, which is not in the cards right now)? Fantastic... on the other a terry hand towel. Vintage sinks typically have a sloping front that..."
My Houzz: Turning a Netherlands Barn Into a Country Home
"renovating the other. The couple spent two years planning the remodel and getting the necessary... little, other than the attic, reminds one of a barn or a historical house. I do love... part (other than the windows with the original colored glass), it could almost be... On the other hand, they have revitalized an old building that might otherwise have... from each other and to inspire one another. I just fell in love with the bathtub :) What..."
House Rule: Off With Your Shoes
"on the other hand, guests should be made to feel as comfortable as possible — and... treat others the way I would like to be treated. I don't like the idea of walking... there's other things on the pavement eg mud, dirt, chewing gum. The thought of someone... surface and other people walking barefooted can be a hygiene issue. I would never by choice... painful. Other may have balance problems, or toe problems or foot odor problems . ...."
Incredible Home Catwalks Make for Purr-fectly Happy Felines
"and the other was hit by a car. This prompted Cohen to keep the surviving cat indoors... all the other cats now looking at this with envy on Cats Houzz. (We need Houzz for... letting others pass! Sounds like our beloved Rudy, a stray who became part of our... home let others do what they feel like doing ! If they don't like it the hell with... whole other meaning to the term "cat house". ;-) Amazing!! Love it. Wish..."
Simple Pleasures: Get a Book Club Going
"plenty of other ways to form your group, from an armchair travel club to a design book... Ruby.) Other times, I've made an app/meal or brought a bottle of wine or cocktail... with some other friends. We meet once a month in the evening either at a member's house... books for other months. I prefer the reading! This time we're being very casual.... repel others who want some warmth and spontaneity. So what we need here on the HOUZZ..."
A Fine Mess: How to Have a Clean-Enough Home Over Summer Break
"1:00 the other morning to my niece Grace's soft voice informing me my daughter Eden... every other surface in the apartment, I apologize. This is Sam (how does she manage... all the other furniture. Sometimes you just have to put up with it, and we would all... making the other clutter a bit more tolerable! Oh, Allison ! You made me giggle and sometimes... or some other article of clothing, insinuating that I've "put it somewhere" until I..."
Houzz Tour: Baroque Minimalism in New Jersey
"fireplaces and other architectural details. A light and airy style and a two-story addition... I say other than I want to live here! Gorgeous! Especially the bedrooms! It is... houses and other people's houses, but about anything where 'I want' goes beyond 'I need... because others were jealous of what you have. At least, here in America, you have a... to tell other people how to live. Rich/not so rich, big/small, modern/traditional..."
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