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When Your Tastes Clash: How to Design and Decorate as a Couple
"chuckling at other couples conflicts we were better able to work out our own. As with many... many other aspects of a marriage, if the individuals adopt a "team" concept, the whole... shopper the other is. He's the kind that will buy the outfit off the manican, I'm the type... something the other person loves and one of you "wins," but it means that there is give and... designer--others view purchases as important as breathing because they cannot stand to..."
10 Fabulously Fanciful Bedrooms
"something other than beige! LOL this is wonderful! RIFE with color and texture, the... now. In other news, wow, the combination of styles in that second-to-last picture.... respect others it gives them an invitation to respect you back. Anyway, very off-topic... at what others are doing. Thanks Digs! Most of that was actually reused materials from... how the "other side" lives..... I am surprised to see so many favorable comments about..."
Dumpster Decorating: Furnishing Your Home With Repurposed Pieces
"countless other treasures. Lovely article! This is one of my favourite things to do!... house and others as well with all my finds throughout the years and I still do. My most... along with other marks and dings. I love it and have no concerns about anything that... sells other brands of chalk/clay paints that I've used that are similar. Not sure... recycling other people's discards! Also check if there is a Freecycle group (Yahoo groups)..."
5 Finishes Pets and Kids Can’t Destroy — and 5 to Avoid
"tons of other people's kids, visiting guests, boyfriends, husband, dog and other i... than the other rugs in the house and you can just pick it up and shake it off when needed... In all other respects, we're delighted with it. @JAN MOYER I agree. Though I do put... in my other home. I disagree on hardwood floors being bad with dogs - although perhaps... or the other tries to gain traction. Oh yeah, also cabinetry where they have mis-judged..."
Updated Woodstoves Keep Home Fires Burning
"ktops-other-metro And in case you need more convincing, watch Gil Mellor cook with... fires in other peoples homes, I am one of those who found having wood a chore, though... panels in other rooms. Possible to heat water also, but ours doesn't. Burns highly... probably others). With this year's power outages, I have been considering a wood stove... it any other way - our average heating cost over this winter 2013-14 is going to be..."
A Cook’s 6 Tips for Buying Kitchen Appliances
"standard on other brands. No mention of induction stove tops. Awesome products with super... than any other kind of burner I have used. I'll never go back to gas again. Wanjess... handy. My other son has the 1/2 size condo Bosch dishwasher, it's fantastic! Holds 9... drawers in other houses to store bread so it has never been a priority. I use to pop plates... anything other than domestic appliances, make sure you can REALLY get them serviced..."
Smart Investments in Kitchen Cabinetry — a Realtor's Advice
"give up other things in other parts of the house to have my kitchen right. A great... bench. The other reason - it's a comfortable hight and I have benchspace in front of it... house the other day and wished that the bank had just left the original kitchen alone... One other comment: in base cabinets, there is 40% more usable storage as a drawer... cabinets to others in the market ... "The Designer is the least expensive cabinet to combine..."
Houzz Quiz: Which Midcentury Modern Chair Are You?
"at all! Other than maybe the "air of mystery" part ;) Maybe I should take it again... try the others..... "Eero Saarinen Tulip chair: You are productive and creative." (Creative... of the other possibilities. I've not coveted this chair although I admire it. The... see the other choices -- take the test again with different answers? Great idea!... the ones other people have mentioned, which I wouldn't actually want. Is there any way..."
Houzz Tour: A London Townhouse Lightens Up
"bathroom. Other than the wood floors, it looks like a Siberian landscape devoid of any... of all other colors which merge so into one. And being heavenly, God alone is r... scrutiny of others. So buyer beware. But Houzz would not be Houzz if not for the many... bathroom or other room they've done asking what people think. I suspect they're looking... to have other ideas. This type of comment is also so déjà vu, since whenever an..."
10 Design Tips Learned From the Worst Advice Ever
"pressure from others never work out well. Love this article! Ha! I love the last point!... really no other reason for him to have a house. He would probably be happy with a condo... address his other problem - neighbor noise. Whole wall libraries and double floors housing... (amongst many others) thinks the pantry and laundry room should get knocked through to create... about other people's choices unless they are asked to give their thoughts. I totally..."
Classification of the Design Species
"another on other projects. You may have no idea how many midnight e-mails occurred with... over the other. For example - both doctors and nurses are health professionals - but... every other occupation - an Egofest. I am a 'retired" (Fossilius Glorius) Interior... Decorator. In other words, I have to know the 'terms' of both. My husband calls me a "Maestro"... in the other. hahaaaaaahhhaaaaaaa Both hubby and I are civil and structural engineering..."
What to Do After a Hurricane or Flood
"Jomax or others like this created for this purpose should be used (ventilate and let... anything other than fox news, you'll learn that all reputable scientists agree that... and any other circumstance that damaged your home, please take note: in some states... may help others. First and foremost, my best wishes to all survivors, and my condolences... Cross and other support agencies help with the immediate needs of providing food, temporary..."
4 Good Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitos in Your Yard
"in when other options are so readily available. I'm glad others have brought up the... of the other comments above and other natural methods and didn't have much luck, but... or to other good insects that may be living near you. I can't believe a misting system... house the other day, when a fly I couldn't catch was drawn to my halogen desk lamp! He... yard. Other bugs leave also. No chemicals. Mosquito Barrier is a non-toxic natural..."
Expert Pruning Secrets for Exquisite Roses
"there are other older roses here. I think it's interesting that the article says prune... bacteria others a fungus but what stumped me t that grubs was the likely culprit. Here... earthworms and other good bugs, but deadly for grubs and beetles. Milky spore is available... turkeys and other wildlife away from her garden. Great article about how to prune roses... that in other climates would naturally drop off in the cold weather. We can grow beautiful..."
Escape to a Summer Holiday Fantasy at a Hamptons Show House
"when others criticize someone's work, but other than the cause, I can find no reason... impress other designers.....the rooms very rarely have a visual connection, the house... much that others have said so far, I wonder if this show house was intended to be taken... with the other designers. They are not homes that actually function on any realistic... well, others are garish and horrible. But the media room that supposed to be evocative..."
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