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15 Ways to Create Drama With Light Fixtures
"Use lights as artful decorating elements, and watch them draw attention for more... lamps and light fixtures help set the mood of a space with their light, but they do the... choosing light fixtures. Whether you are a traditionalist or a radical modernist, carve... creative lighting choices. For guidance I’ve assembled some interesting fixtures that... I used outdoor lights on a high wall for part of the room's lighting scheme---there..."
Stick to Branches for Naturally Beautiful Lighting
"your lighting is as organic as it is versatile... with a lighted duck in flight. It makes the brass lighted duck look softer and more... from the lights they wouldn't put lights on their tree. You just can't put something... on the light source, granted there are no "cool" light bulbs, they all can get pretty... With lights, Delights And other things It’s like these things Have sprouted wings... pendant light glows over the bed and creates the web patterns on the ceiling is just..."
Light Your Home With Industrial-Strength Style
"Lighting Design: How to Make the Warehouse Look Work for You... factory lighting in her own decor? That's where industrial-style lighting comes in... countertop light for outdoor kitchen area. We used the same industrial pendants over a... kitchen, the light fixtures are the perfect compliment to everything else!! LOVE Barn Light... Decorative light fittings add more value to home, office.The high bay and low bay lamps..."
Translucent Surfaces: A Canvas for Light and Shadow
"easily edge light a surface with LED lighting. For etched glass or acrylic, you can make... material. LED strip light can be placed along the edge of the panel and hidden, which... allow the light to diffuse across. http://www.environmentallights.com/LED-Strip-Lights_C372... you see light, shadow....just a hint of what is on the other side....lovely. Carole... to UV light. I really don’t care how good the resin guys tell you their UV protection..."
Look to the Sun for More of Your Home's Lighting
"even out lighting and reduce glare, getting light into the center of deep plans, borrowing... g and lighting a house is becoming extremely important. Passive daylighting — designing... artificial lighting — is one step in this direction. A number of external factors, such... borrowing light from one space into another, and filtering sunlight through fixed and... introduce light to my long dark hallway and only just stumbled upon LED Panel Lights..."
Universal Lighting Design Strategies for 4 Key Home Areas
"and task lighting that supports safety and imparts beauty... Lighting can create drama by accentuating dark areas and creating bright focal points... balanced lighting levels. All rooms — and ages — can benefit from this simple lighting... with pot-light/down-lights! That is the nightmare of good lighting design. You can... closet lighting. :) One thing that's lighting friendly at my house are the movie... natural light/daylight in your clothes closet brought in by a tube roof light, I'd..."
A Lesson In Lighting: How To Use Wall Sconces
"Make Wall Lights Work for You... Lighting is one of the most important elements in design, but it is often overlooked... great lighting plan will improve the appearance of colors and furnishings, and it... types of lighting that work together to achieve balance: ambient, task and accent.... course in lighting. Although I had heard of the 3 types of lighting, I was not familar... accent lights should be brighter than the room's ambient lighting. Also, gorgeous..."
The Glorious Benefits of Skylights
"volume with light. Within the upper region of any dome — whether it’s in the Pantheon... experience outdoors — there’s an imaginary point directly above the observer, called the... natural light. Whether you use an oculus, like at the Pantheon, or just a skylight... overhead light is a great way to add drama to a space or to highlight an architectural... suggest a light panel like the one below. The opaque glass softens the light coming..."
Let The Sunshine In: Bright Spaces For Spring
"even more lighting. Or get rid of drapes and let all the light in! Use bright colors... Since the outdoors are brimming, taking advantage of them and letting some of the light... creates more light and the feeling is airy and fresh. Wonderful lighting. It does not get... think lighting enhances both white and pink, making a big difference in the intensity... natural light gives a dreamy look to any space. In this image we have proof of that..."
Schoolhouse Electric Powers Up Timeless Lighting
"uring lighting designs from this storied home furnishings company mix practicality... Co., a lighting and home furnishings company in Portland, Oregon, is part of a growing... their lights. I have two hanging over my kitchen island. We renovated a home built... those lights. The have become the heart of our home and are worth every penny--... Browse lighting photosDesign Details: Quite the Light8 Ways to Design with Light..."
Night Light
"night lighting. In addition to providing a safe path to guide the way, night lighting... 50 new outdoor lighting designs! J'!adore fyi= www.TheOutdoorStylist.com is about... make with light. We at Night Light, Inc. focus on (no pun intended!) more practical/... newest outdoor designs in 14 product categories via free newsletters with 50 designs... exterior lighting systems designed specifically for our client's needs and tastes, and..."
Renewed Classic: Gooseneck Barn Lights
"a barn light and say "that's it." These fixtures have been, well, a fixture on farms... gooseneck barn lights with fresh eyes and consider how you might use one in an unexpected... station type lights. But I am tired of seeing articles featuring only the wildly expensive... $200+ light fixtures (those are easy to find if you are willing to spend a small... internet for outdoor fixtures on a project I am working on (this projects style leans more..."
Tell Us: How Would You Light This Room?
"has a lighting question for you. "I am just completing a loft conversion which will... put in a lighting solution which could suit both scenarios. The issue I have is it has... recommend any lighting which would fit well in this space?"... light (check velux). then the space would have a day and a night light and you get... bounce light of ceiling and/walls. This us a great, versatile LED option that can... Rope lights -- a la theater aisles, but more intense -- are good for 25,000 hrs..."
Boost Your Energy With Natural Light
"natural light saves electrical energy and can lower energy bills, but the best benefit... get more light is because of the positive effect that natural light has on well-being... natural light in a home not only saves electrical energy, but it gives you more personal... building, lighting comprises 25 to 40 percent of your energy consumption (and energy... natural light can benefit homeowners in many rooms by reducing seasonal dips in mood..."
See Your Name in Lights
"name in lights, this is your time. The desire for marquee letters (large letters lit... string lights and they are very hot and large. I am looking for led lights that fit... Marquee Lights is the best store to purchase these from!!! Anyone make an LED version... has xmas lights, led or put a dimmer on it. We have been Hand Making these custom marquee... these LED lights? If not, still interested! FosterWeld address refers to belt buckles..."
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