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6 Ways to Rethink Your Patio Floor
"Porous Pavers and regular pavers. I have the same concern as Janet regarding "too... bedded pavers or bricks. In our old house I hand-laid local slate pavers--actually... permeable pavers this is even more critical. For standard pavers, we specify 8" of crushed... beneath the pavers. The concept of permeable pavers is to permit infiltration of rain... through the pavers, store the storm water beneath the pavers to encourage infiltration..."
How to Tear Down That Concrete Patio
"about pavers? Newly laid bluestone or brick (real) in a patio or walkway is wonderful... height. Pavers are never going to look like anything other what they are .. I would... think pavers can look very attractive. I find it comical that the professional quote... like my pavers. Just this year I had my concrete patios removed. Because I have red... square pavers on the patio. Yes, I would have preferred to have extended the quarry..."
How Brick Fits Into Today’s Gardens
"prized for pavers -- and that pavers were normally fired longer. Many bricks for houses... brick pavers as a focal point on her walkway. Lovely pavers by the lake... It's great... are "pavers", not the same "face brick" used for vertical surfaces. CLAY... ground. Pavers or cement bricks are not permeable and can withstand freezing Winton... com/category/Pavers to see for yourself. mixing it up can be fun! This is another gr eat..."
Brick Floors: Could This Durable Material Work for Your House?
"brick pavers. They can be made with any colors, textures, size etc. and is the only... sidewalk pavers. I love it. In answer to cslwood's question, I have found a very easy... brick pavers on a wood subfloor, over a crawlspace? Bricks can be cold under foot... brick pavers at Old Carolina Brick Co. in 12 standard colors. Thicknesses in pavers... put the pavers over the existing ceramic floor with ECB and special primers and adhesives..."
Get an Edge: The Best Border Material for Your Garden
"plastic, pavers, blocks, rocks, bamboo and more. All have their pros and cons. The... border of pavers between my lawn and flowerbeds in the front of the house so that I could... of the pavers to soften the look. It isn't perfect--the moles disrupt them and you..."
Easy Ways to Manage Stormwater for Lower Bills and a Healthier Earth
"permeable pavers are than concrete or stone/non-permeable pavers? Living in an area with... not the pavers that are permeable (although there is such a thing as permeable concrete... cking pavers, looks better and last longer than other surface options: http://bit... stone pavers have thicknesses of at least 3" and are set on a natural compacted base... Pervious pavers are a great way to allow water infiltration into the soil while having..."
10 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Front Entry
"confusing paver layouts. I am an able bodied person and I often struggle with random... random paver walkways. If you have to concentrate, look down, or change the length of your... I use pavers in the walkway I obsess about the placement and always opt for large... large pavers with small gaps that are filled flush with small compact pebbles or DG that... of the pavers. In the project above, my clients decided to remove the wooden walkway..."
Small Gem Lawns: More Impact From Less Grass
"move from paver to paver. Might be okay in a seldom used area, but not leading to an... between pavers: the sun really heats up the cement and the grass will need lots of... raised pavers. Seems like a tripping nightmare, and also one is forced to watch one's... muscle. Paver and rock aren't terribly expensive. I don't see a project here that I... cover over pavers and such very quickly. It's a pain to edge around them all the time..."
Lay of the Landscape: Mediterranean Garden Style
"large pavers, gravel and materials like decomposed granite are often used. Plant... complement the pavers below. Look for patio pavers with a Mediterranean feel and specialty... expanse of pavers, tiles that mimic a Moroccan rug add definition. A Spanish-style bungalow... adobe-color pavers edged with dymondia, a low-growing ground cover. Grasses and soft-color... and the pavers tie the space together. Look at your options. All the elements of a..."
Create a Landscape That Really Squares Up
"hardscaping: pavers and raised beds. But if we look more closely, we can see how squares... square pavers create a serviceable pathway and also make this area seem larger. The... uniform pavers can make a space feel larger. In contrast, wide squares of grass can... square pavers have been laid in regular lines, the eyes are tricked at certain viewpoints... buff-colored pavers separated by strips of turf make a practical yet stunning statement..."
Precast Concrete
"stairways, pavers and modular boxes such as garden planters.... The pavers and planter box caps of these patio steps are made of precast concrete... these pavers are. These steps around the boulder look looked like they were poured... but the pavers are actually precast concrete. Fabricating precast concrete in a controlled..."
15 Great Ideas for a Lawn-Free Yard
"pecan pavers and I planted seeds in between the pavers to hopefully have nice ground... gravel and pavers. My dog rips up ground cover (and ground, for that matter, if he can... interlocking pavers, or stepping stones of some sort imbedded in the grass to form a path... stones, and pavers. I'm in the process of meeting with contractors to remove the existing... stone pavers with thyme in between. Also drought tolerant perennials and dwarf boxwood..."
6 Driveway Looks Take Landscapes Along for the Ride
"tile pavers are a great option for a semi circular driveway. They are easy to cut... with the pavers. Sadly, I also keep thinking of trying to dig them out of the snow... stone/paver companies say that their product works well in cold snowy climates. I... feet in pavers so it looks like a patio. There would still be room for a plow to push... between pavers. It's the one thing I regret doing in my yard. It does look absolutely..."
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